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xxhash.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <limits.h>
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Data Structures

struct  XXH32_canonical_t
 Canonical (big endian) representation of XXH32_hash_t. More...
struct  XXH64_canonical_t
struct  XXH128_hash_t
 The return value from 128-bit hashes. More...
struct  XXH128_canonical_t


#define XXHASH_H_5627135585666179   1
#define XXH_PUBLIC_API   /* do nothing */
#define XXH3_SECRET_SIZE_MIN   136


typedef struct XXH32_state_s XXH32_state_t
 The opaque state struct for the XXH32 streaming API. More...
typedef struct XXH64_state_s XXH64_state_t
 The opaque state struct for the XXH64 streaming API. More...
typedef struct XXH3_state_s XXH3_state_t
 The state struct for the XXH3 streaming API. More...
typedef unsigned long long XXH64_hash_t


enum  XXH_errorcode { XXH_OK =0 , XXH_ERROR }


unsigned XXH_versionNumber (void)
 Obtains the xxHash version. More...
XXH32_hash_t XXH32 (const void *input, size_t length, XXH32_hash_t seed)
 Calculates the 32-bit hash of input using xxHash32. More...
XXH32_state_tXXH32_createState (void)
 Allocates an XXH32_state_t. More...
XXH_errorcode XXH32_freeState (XXH32_state_t *statePtr)
 Frees an XXH32_state_t. More...
void XXH32_copyState (XXH32_state_t *dst_state, const XXH32_state_t *src_state)
 Copies one XXH32_state_t to another. More...
XXH_errorcode XXH32_reset (XXH32_state_t *statePtr, XXH32_hash_t seed)
 Resets an XXH32_state_t to begin a new hash. More...
XXH_errorcode XXH32_update (XXH32_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
 Consumes a block of input to an XXH32_state_t. More...
XXH32_hash_t XXH32_digest (const XXH32_state_t *statePtr)
 Returns the calculated hash value from an XXH32_state_t. More...
void XXH32_canonicalFromHash (XXH32_canonical_t *dst, XXH32_hash_t hash)
 Converts an XXH32_hash_t to a big endian XXH32_canonical_t. More...
XXH32_hash_t XXH32_hashFromCanonical (const XXH32_canonical_t *src)
 Converts an XXH32_canonical_t to a native XXH32_hash_t. More...
XXH64_hash_t XXH64 (const void *input, size_t length, XXH64_hash_t seed)
 Calculates the 64-bit hash of input using xxHash64. More...
XXH64_state_tXXH64_createState (void)
XXH_errorcode XXH64_freeState (XXH64_state_t *statePtr)
void XXH64_copyState (XXH64_state_t *dst_state, const XXH64_state_t *src_state)
XXH_errorcode XXH64_reset (XXH64_state_t *statePtr, XXH64_hash_t seed)
XXH_errorcode XXH64_update (XXH64_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
XXH64_hash_t XXH64_digest (const XXH64_state_t *statePtr)
void XXH64_canonicalFromHash (XXH64_canonical_t *dst, XXH64_hash_t hash)
XXH64_hash_t XXH64_hashFromCanonical (const XXH64_canonical_t *src)
XXH64_hash_t XXH3_64bits (const void *data, size_t len)
XXH64_hash_t XXH3_64bits_withSeed (const void *data, size_t len, XXH64_hash_t seed)
XXH64_hash_t XXH3_64bits_withSecret (const void *data, size_t len, const void *secret, size_t secretSize)
XXH3_state_tXXH3_createState (void)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_freeState (XXH3_state_t *statePtr)
void XXH3_copyState (XXH3_state_t *dst_state, const XXH3_state_t *src_state)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_64bits_reset (XXH3_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_64bits_reset_withSeed (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, XXH64_hash_t seed)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_64bits_reset_withSecret (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, const void *secret, size_t secretSize)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_64bits_update (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
XXH64_hash_t XXH3_64bits_digest (const XXH3_state_t *statePtr)
XXH128_hash_t XXH3_128bits (const void *data, size_t len)
XXH128_hash_t XXH3_128bits_withSeed (const void *data, size_t len, XXH64_hash_t seed)
XXH128_hash_t XXH3_128bits_withSecret (const void *data, size_t len, const void *secret, size_t secretSize)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_128bits_reset (XXH3_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_128bits_reset_withSeed (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, XXH64_hash_t seed)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_128bits_reset_withSecret (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, const void *secret, size_t secretSize)
XXH_errorcode XXH3_128bits_update (XXH3_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
XXH128_hash_t XXH3_128bits_digest (const XXH3_state_t *statePtr)
int XXH128_isEqual (XXH128_hash_t h1, XXH128_hash_t h2)
int XXH128_cmp (const void *h128_1, const void *h128_2)
void XXH128_canonicalFromHash (XXH128_canonical_t *dst, XXH128_hash_t hash)
XXH128_hash_t XXH128_hashFromCanonical (const XXH128_canonical_t *src)

Detailed Description

@ mainpage xxHash

xxHash prototypes and implementation

Definition in file xxhash.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ XXHASH_H_5627135585666179

#define XXHASH_H_5627135585666179   1

XXH_INLINE_ALL (and XXH_PRIVATE_API) Use these build macros to inline xxhash into the target unit. Inlining improves performance on small inputs, especially when the length is expressed as a compile-time constant:

It also keeps xxHash symbols private to the unit, so they are not exported.

Usage: #define XXH_INLINE_ALL #include "xxhash.h"

Do not compile and link xxhash.o as a separate object, as it is not useful.

Definition at line 171 of file xxhash.h.