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About: memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but originally intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.
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crc32c.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
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typedef uint32_t(* crc_func) (uint32_t crc, const void *buf, size_t len)


void crc32c_init (void)
uint32_t crc32c_sw (uint32_t crc, void const *buf, size_t len)


crc_func crc32c

Typedef Documentation

◆ crc_func

typedef uint32_t(* crc_func) (uint32_t crc, const void *buf, size_t len)

Definition at line 15 of file crc32c.h.

Function Documentation

◆ crc32c_init()

void crc32c_init ( void  )

Definition at line 346 of file crc32c.c.

References crc32c, and crc32c_sw().

Referenced by main().

◆ crc32c_sw()

uint32_t crc32c_sw ( uint32_t  crc,
void const *  buf,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 493 of file crc32c.c.

References crc32c_sw_big(), and crc32c_sw_little().

Referenced by crc32c_init(), and test_crc32c().

Variable Documentation

◆ crc32c

crc_func crc32c

Definition at line 46 of file crc32c.c.

Referenced by crc32c_init(), and test_crc32c().