mariadb  10.5.9
About: MariaDB is a relational database management system (a drop-in replacement for MySQL). Stable (GA) release (10.5 series).
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MariaDB: The open source relational database

MariaDB was designed as a drop-in replacement of MySQL(R) with more features, new storage engines, fewer bugs, and better performance.

MariaDB is brought to you by the MariaDB Foundation and the MariaDB Corporation. Please read the CREDITS file for details about the MariaDB Foundation, and who is developing MariaDB.

MariaDB is developed by many of the original developers of MySQL who now work for the MariaDB Corporation, the MariaDB Foundation and by many people in the community.

MySQL, which is the base of MariaDB, is a product and trademark of Oracle Corporation, Inc. For a list of developers and other contributors, see the Credits appendix. You can also run 'SHOW authors' to get a list of active contributors.

A description of the MariaDB project and a manual can be found at:


More help is available from the Maria Discuss mailing list, MariaDB's Zulip instance, and the #maria IRC channel on Freenode.

Live QA for beginner contributors

MariaDB has a dedicated time each week when we answer new contributor questions live on Zulip and IRC. From 8:00 to 10:00 UTC on Mondays, and 10:00 to 12:00 UTC on Thursdays, anyone can ask any questions they’d like, and a live developer will be available to assist.

New contributors can ask questions any time, but we will provide immediate feedback during that interval.



MariaDB is specifically available only under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). (I.e. Without the "any later version" clause.) This is inherited from MySQL. Please see the README file in the MySQL distribution for more information.

License information can be found in the COPYING file. Third party license information can be found in the THIRDPARTY file.

Bug Reports

Bug and/or error reports regarding MariaDB should be submitted at:

For reporting security vulnerabilities see:

The code for MariaDB, including all revision history, can be found at: