lsof  4.93.2
About: LSOF (LiSt Open Files) displays information about files open to Unix processes. Distributed package. A hint: The old lsof homepage is now stale.
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lsof-org at GitHub team takes over the maintainership of lsof originally maintained by Vic Abell. This repository is for maintaining the final source tree of lsof inherited from Vic. "legacy" branch keeps the original source tree. We will not introduce any changes to the "legacy" branch. This branch is just for reference.

"master" branch is used for maintenance. Bug fixes and enhancements go to "master" branch.

lsof has supported many OSes. A term "dialect" represents code for supporting a OSes. Because of limitted resources, we will maintain the part of them. The current status of maintaince is as follows:

partially maintained, and tested on Cirrus CI
fully maintained, and tested on Travis CI
not maintained, but tested on Travis CI

If you are interested in maintaining a dialect, let us know via the issue tracker of GitHub ( If we cannot find a volunteer for a dialect, we will remove the dialect.

Many texts in the source tree still refers as the home of lsof development. It should be, the new home. The updating is in progress.

We are running another repository, lsof-org/"lsof-linux" derived from lsof-4.91 that is also released by Vic. To the repository, we have introduced some new features and fixes for building specific to GNU/Linux. We will merge the fruits of "lsof-linux" repository to this repository incrementally. If you are using GNU/Linux, you may want to use the code in "lsof-linux" repository.

lsof-org at GitHub team