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smb.c File Reference
#include "links.h"
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Data Structures

struct  smb_connection_info


#define SMBCLIENT   0
#define SMBC   1
#define N_CLIENTS   2
#define CLIENT_NOT_FOUND_STRING   "client not found"
#define SERVER   "Server Comment\n------ -------\n"
#define WORKGR   "Workgroup Master\n--------- ------\n"


static void smb_got_data (struct connection *)
static void smb_got_text (struct connection *)
static void end_smb_connection (struct connection *)
void smb_func (struct connection *c)
static int smbc_get_num (unsigned char *text, int *ptr, off_t *res)
static void smb_read_text (struct connection *c, int sock)


static int smb_client = 0

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CLIENT_NOT_FOUND_STRING   "client not found"

Definition at line 11 of file smb.c.


#define N_CLIENTS   2

Definition at line 7 of file smb.c.


#define SERVER   "Server Comment\n------ -------\n"


#define SMBC   1

Definition at line 6 of file smb.c.


#define SMBCLIENT   0

Definition at line 5 of file smb.c.


#define WORKGR   "Workgroup Master\n--------- ------\n"

Function Documentation

◆ end_smb_connection()

◆ smb_func()

◆ smb_got_data()

◆ smb_got_text()

static void smb_got_text ( struct connection c)

Definition at line 439 of file smb.c.

References smb_read_text(), and connection::sock2.

Referenced by smb_func().

◆ smb_read_text()

◆ smbc_get_num()

static int smbc_get_num ( unsigned char *  text,
int *  ptr,
off_t *  res 

Definition at line 280 of file smb.c.

References text, and upcase().

Referenced by smb_read_text().

Variable Documentation

◆ smb_client

int smb_client = 0

Definition at line 9 of file smb.c.

Referenced by end_smb_connection(), and smb_func().