libreplan  1.4.1
About: LibrePlan (former name "NavalPlan") is a web application for project management (company and multi-project overview, criteria assignments, tasks tagging, resources management, resource allocation, company load control, external integration, etc.). Community edition.
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LibrePlan is a free software web application for project management, monitoring and control.

LibrePlan is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects and has a rich web interface which provides a desktop alike user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning and this makes possible to have a real-time planning.

It was designed thinking on a scenario where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company. Besides, it makes possible the communication with other company tools providing a wide set of web services to import and export data.


  • Resource management:

    • Two type of resources: machines and workers.
    • Flexible calendars easily reusable.
    • Resource configuration based on skills and roles.
  • Planning:

    • Simple way to configure and estimate the work to plan. It is carried out through Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)1.
    • Different detail levels during the planning.
    • Two ways to allocate resources:
      • Specific allocation: Concrete individuals.
      • Assisted generic allocation: Based on skills and roles fulfilled by the resources.
    • Templates to reuse work. Projects can be created based on templates for repeatable tasks being able to save time.
    • Automatic resource reallocation in order to minimize overload (overtime).
    • Advanced allocation. Manual configuration of daily work hours on a task when automatic allocation does not suit your needs.
    • Monte Carlo method. Statistical simulation to calculate the possibility to complete a project in a range of dates.
  • Projects control and monitoring:

    • Company global analysis.
    • Earned Value Management2. Project management method to objectively measure progress and performance of a project.
    • Planning quality management. It is possible to control quality of the tasks to be performed through forms.
    • Projects cost analysis.
    • Reported hours: worked hours are assigned to each task to track costs during the planning
    • Progress measurement through different unit types.
  • Outsourcing

    LibrePlan provides support for companies that do outsourcing:

    • Project tasks can be outsourced and sent to the LibrePlan installation of the supplier.
    • You can receive progress notifications of the subcontractors to know how outsourced tasks are evolving .
  • Other features:

    • Materials. You can manage the materials that planned tasks need to be carried out.
    • Complete users system with permissions, LDAP authentication, etc.


  • JRE 6 - Java Runtime Environment

    Project depends on Java 6 and JRE is needed in order to run it

  • PostgreSQL - Object-relational SQL database

    A database server is needed. You could use PostgreSQL or MySQL as you prefer.

  • Tomcat 6 - Servlet and JSP engine

    Server to deploy the application. You could use Jetty instead.

  • JDBC Driver - Java database (JDBC) driver for PostgreSQL

    To connect application with PostgreSQL database in Tomcat

  • CutyCapt - Utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page

    Required for printing

  • Xvfb - Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server

    Used by CutyCapt for printing

See INSTALL file for installation instructions.

See HACKING file for compilation requirements and instructions.


The cutting-edge version of this project is always available from the Git repository at

Released versions are available at


You can find more information about LibrePlan at

For information related with LibrePlan development you can visit the wiki at

Reporting bugs

Please use the bug tracker to report bugs at


LibrePlan is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 33.

Please read the COPYING file for details.


This project was initially sponsored by Fundación para o Fomento da Calidade Industrial e o Desenvolvemento Tecnolóxico de Galicia4.

Please see AUTHORS file for more information about the authors.