libpcap  1.10.1
About: libpcap is a packet filter library used by tools like tcpdump.
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usb.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  _usb_setup
struct  _iso_rec
struct  _usb_header
struct  _usb_header_mmapped
struct  _usb_isodesc


#define URB_TRANSFER_IN   0x80
#define URB_ISOCHRONOUS   0x0
#define URB_INTERRUPT   0x1
#define URB_CONTROL   0x2
#define URB_BULK   0x3
#define URB_SUBMIT   'S'
#define URB_COMPLETE   'C'
#define URB_ERROR   'E'


typedef struct _usb_setup pcap_usb_setup
typedef struct _iso_rec iso_rec
typedef struct _usb_header pcap_usb_header
typedef struct _usb_header_mmapped pcap_usb_header_mmapped
typedef struct _usb_isodesc usb_isodesc

Macro Definition Documentation


#define URB_BULK   0x3

Definition at line 46 of file usb.h.


#define URB_COMPLETE   'C'

Definition at line 52 of file usb.h.


#define URB_CONTROL   0x2

Definition at line 45 of file usb.h.


#define URB_ERROR   'E'

Definition at line 53 of file usb.h.


#define URB_INTERRUPT   0x1

Definition at line 44 of file usb.h.


#define URB_ISOCHRONOUS   0x0

Definition at line 43 of file usb.h.


#define URB_SUBMIT   'S'

Definition at line 51 of file usb.h.


#define URB_TRANSFER_IN   0x80

Definition at line 42 of file usb.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ iso_rec

typedef struct _iso_rec iso_rec

◆ pcap_usb_header

typedef struct _usb_header pcap_usb_header

◆ pcap_usb_header_mmapped

◆ pcap_usb_setup

typedef struct _usb_setup pcap_usb_setup

◆ usb_isodesc

typedef struct _usb_isodesc usb_isodesc