libpcap  1.10.1
About: libpcap is a packet filter library used by tools like tcpdump.
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daemon.c File Reference
#include "ftmacros.h"
#include "varattrs.h"
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <pcap.h>
#include "fmtutils.h"
#include "sockutils.h"
#include "portability.h"
#include "rpcap-protocol.h"
#include "daemon.h"
#include "log.h"
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Data Structures

struct  daemon_slpars
struct  session
struct  tls_record_header
struct  tls_alert


#define TLS_ALERT_LEN   2
#define UINT16_MAX   65535U
#define UINT32_MAX   4294967295U
#define RPCAP_BPF_MAXINSNS   8192


static int daemon_msg_err (int sockctrl, void const *, uint32 plen)
static int daemon_msg_auth_req (struct daemon_slpars *pars, uint32 plen)
static int daemon_AuthUserPwd (char *username, char *password, char *errbuf)
static int daemon_msg_findallif_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, uint32 plen)
static int daemon_msg_open_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, uint32 plen, char *source, size_t sourcelen)
static int daemon_msg_startcap_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, uint32 plen, char *source, struct session **sessionp, struct rpcap_sampling *samp_param, int uses_ssl)
static int daemon_msg_endcap_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, struct session *session)
static int daemon_msg_updatefilter_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, struct session *session, uint32 plen)
static int daemon_unpackapplyfilter (int sockctrl, void const *, struct session *session, uint32 *plenp, char *errbuf)
static int daemon_msg_stats_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, struct session *session, uint32 plen, struct pcap_stat *stats, unsigned int svrcapt)
static int daemon_msg_setsampling_req (uint8 ver, struct daemon_slpars *pars, uint32 plen, struct rpcap_sampling *samp_param)
 Received the sampling parameters from remote host and it stores in the pcap_t structure. More...
static void daemon_seraddr (struct sockaddr_storage *sockaddrin, struct rpcap_sockaddr *sockaddrout)
 It serializes a network address. More...
static void * daemon_thrdatamain (void *ptr)
static void noop_handler (int sign)
static int rpcapd_recv_msg_header (int sock, void const *, struct rpcap_header *headerp)
static int rpcapd_recv (int sock, void const *, char *buffer, size_t toread, uint32 *plen, char *errmsgbuf)
static int rpcapd_discard (int sock, void const *, uint32 len)
static void session_close (struct session *)
static int is_url (const char *source)
int daemon_serviceloop (int sockctrl, int isactive, char *passiveClients, int nullAuthAllowed, int uses_ssl)
void sleep_secs (int secs)
 Suspends a thread for secs seconds. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CHECK_AND_INCREASE_REPLY_LEN (   itemlen)
if (replylen > UINT32_MAX - (itemlen)) { \
pcap_strlcpy(errmsgbuf, "Reply length doesn't fit in 32 bits", \
sizeof (errmsgbuf)); \
goto error; \
} \
replylen += (uint32)(itemlen)
static void error(const char *,...)
#define UINT32_MAX
Definition: daemon.c:210
unsigned int uint32

Definition at line 1587 of file daemon.c.


#define RPCAP_BPF_MAXINSNS   8192

Definition at line 2306 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 93 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 78 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 86 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 198 of file daemon.c.


#define TLS_ALERT_LEN   2

Definition at line 195 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 197 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 182 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 184 of file daemon.c.



Definition at line 185 of file daemon.c.


#define UINT16_MAX   65535U

Definition at line 206 of file daemon.c.


#define UINT32_MAX   4294967295U

Definition at line 210 of file daemon.c.

Function Documentation

◆ daemon_AuthUserPwd()

static int daemon_AuthUserPwd ( char *  username,
char *  password,
char *  errbuf 

◆ daemon_msg_auth_req()

◆ daemon_msg_endcap_req()

static int daemon_msg_endcap_req ( uint8  ver,
struct daemon_slpars pars,
struct session session 

◆ daemon_msg_err()

static int daemon_msg_err ( int  sockctrl,
void const *  ssl,
uint32  plen 

◆ daemon_msg_findallif_req()

◆ daemon_msg_open_req()

◆ daemon_msg_setsampling_req()

static int daemon_msg_setsampling_req ( uint8  ver,
struct daemon_slpars pars,
uint32  plen,
struct rpcap_sampling samp_param 

◆ daemon_msg_startcap_req()

◆ daemon_msg_stats_req()

◆ daemon_msg_updatefilter_req()

◆ daemon_seraddr()

static void daemon_seraddr ( struct sockaddr_storage *  sockaddrin,
struct rpcap_sockaddr sockaddrout 

It serializes a network address.

It accepts a 'sockaddr_storage' structure as input, and it converts it appropriately into a format that can be used to be sent on the network. Basically, it applies all the hton() conversion required to the input variable.

sockaddrina 'sockaddr_storage' pointer to the variable that has to be serialized. This variable can be both a 'sockaddr_in' and 'sockaddr_in6'.
sockaddroutan 'rpcap_sockaddr' pointer to the variable that will contain the serialized data. This variable has to be allocated by the user.
This function supports only AF_INET and AF_INET6 address families.

Definition at line 2813 of file daemon.c.

References rpcap_sockaddr_in::addr, rpcap_sockaddr_in6::addr, rpcap_sockaddr_in::family, rpcap_sockaddr_in6::family, rpcap_sockaddr_in6::flowinfo, rpcap_sockaddr_in::port, rpcap_sockaddr_in6::port, RPCAP_AF_INET, RPCAP_AF_INET6, rpcap_sockaddr_in6::scope_id, and rpcap_sockaddr_in::zero.

Referenced by daemon_msg_findallif_req().

◆ daemon_serviceloop()

int daemon_serviceloop ( int  sockctrl,
int  isactive,
char *  passiveClients,
int  nullAuthAllowed,
int  uses_ssl 

Definition at line 214 of file daemon.c.

References tls_alert::alert_description, tls_alert::alert_level, daemon_msg_auth_req(), daemon_msg_endcap_req(), daemon_msg_err(), daemon_msg_findallif_req(), daemon_msg_open_req(), daemon_msg_setsampling_req(), daemon_msg_startcap_req(), daemon_msg_stats_req(), daemon_msg_updatefilter_req(), session::fp, getpeername(), daemon_slpars::isactive, LOGPRIO_DEBUG, LOGPRIO_ERROR, LOGPRIO_INFO, noop_handler(), nullAuthAllowed, daemon_slpars::nullAuthAllowed, PCAP_BUF_SIZE, PCAP_ERR_ENDCAPTURE, PCAP_ERR_HOSTNOAUTH, PCAP_ERR_INITTIMEOUT, PCAP_ERR_NETW, PCAP_ERR_STARTCAPTURE, PCAP_ERR_TLS_REQUIRED, PCAP_ERR_UPDATEFILTER, PCAP_ERR_WRONGMSG, PCAP_ERR_WRONGVER, PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE, pcap_stats(), rpcap_header::plen, pcap_stat::ps_drop, pcap_stat::ps_ifdrop, pcap_stat::ps_recv, RPCAP_HOSTLIST_SEP, RPCAP_MSG_AUTH_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_AUTH_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_CLOSE, RPCAP_MSG_ENDCAP_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_ENDCAP_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_ERROR, RPCAP_MSG_FINDALLIF_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_FINDALLIF_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_OPEN_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_OPEN_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_PACKET, RPCAP_MSG_SETSAMPLING_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_SETSAMPLING_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_STARTCAP_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_STARTCAP_REQ, RPCAP_MSG_STATS_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_STATS_REQ, rpcap_msg_type_string(), RPCAP_MSG_UPDATEFILTER_REPLY, RPCAP_MSG_UPDATEFILTER_REQ, rpcap_senderror(), RPCAP_TIMEOUT_INIT, RPCAP_TIMEOUT_RUNTIME, RPCAP_VERSION_IS_SUPPORTED, rpcapd_discard(), rpcapd_log(), rpcapd_recv_msg_header(), select(), session_close(), snprintf(), sock_check_hostlist(), sock_close(), SOCK_EOF_ISNT_ERROR, sock_geterror(), SOCK_MSG_PEEK, SOCK_RECEIVEALL_YES, sock_recv(), sock_send(), daemon_slpars::sockctrl, session::sockdata, daemon_slpars::ssl, SSL, TLS_ALERT_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE, TLS_ALERT_LEN, TLS_ALERT_LEVEL_FATAL, TLS_RECORD_HEADER_LEN, TLS_RECORD_TYPE_ALERT, TLS_RECORD_TYPE_HANDSHAKE, session::TotCapt, rpcap_header::type, uses_ssl, and rpcap_header::ver.

Referenced by accept_connection(), main(), and main_active().

◆ daemon_thrdatamain()

◆ daemon_unpackapplyfilter()

◆ is_url()

static int is_url ( const char *  source)

Definition at line 3061 of file daemon.c.

Referenced by daemon_msg_open_req().

◆ noop_handler()

static void noop_handler ( int  sign)

Definition at line 2792 of file daemon.c.

Referenced by daemon_serviceloop().

◆ rpcapd_discard()

◆ rpcapd_recv()

static int rpcapd_recv ( int  sock,
void const *  ssl,
char *  buffer,
size_t  toread,
uint32 plen,
char *  errmsgbuf 

◆ rpcapd_recv_msg_header()

static int rpcapd_recv_msg_header ( int  sock,
void const *  ssl,
struct rpcap_header headerp 

◆ session_close()

◆ sleep_secs()

void sleep_secs ( int  secs)

Suspends a thread for secs seconds.

Definition at line 2860 of file daemon.c.

Referenced by daemon_msg_auth_req(), and main_active().