libpano  13-2.9.21
About: libpano is a cross-platform library behind the Panorama Tools (used also for e.g. by "hugin").
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This is the pano13 library, part of the Panorama Tools by Helmut
Dersch of the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen.

Also included with the library are:

- PToptimizer  a command-line tool for optimizing control points.
- PTmender     a command-line tool for reprojecting images.


The typical workflow would be:

- PTmender     maps the pano files, outputs cropped TIFFS
- PTblender*   fixes colour shifts in TIFFs, outputs cropped TIFFS (8 bit only)
- PTmasker*    creates stitching masks in TIFFs, outputs cropped TIFFS
- PTroller     creates a single TIFF from set of TIFFs
- PTcrop       recropps a TIFF to a tight bounding box, creates a cropped TIFF

* Optional step.

Other tools:

- PTtiff2psd   Combines a set of tiffs into one PSD file with multiple
               layers (including stacking feature) and the ability to
               specify blending mode (8 bit only)

- PTuncrop     Uncrops a cropped TIFF.

- panoinfo     a command-line tool for querying the library version.

- PTAInterpolate  Interpolate intermediate images between stereo photos

- PTinfo       Display information about a panotools-generated image

- PTtiffdump   Compare two TIFF images

- panoinfo     List details about the libpano13 library