libmcrypt  2.5.8
About: libmcrypt is a thread-safe library providing a uniform interface to access several block and stream encryption algorithms (see also "mcrypt").
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twofish.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  twofish_instance


#define Q_TABLES
#define M_TABLE
#define MK_TABLE
#define ONE_STEP


typedef struct twofish_instance TWI

Macro Definition Documentation


#define M_TABLE

Definition at line 2 of file twofish.h.


#define MK_TABLE

Definition at line 3 of file twofish.h.


#define ONE_STEP

Definition at line 4 of file twofish.h.


#define Q_TABLES

Definition at line 1 of file twofish.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct twofish_instance TWI