libksba  1.6.0
About: KSBA is a library to make the tasks of working with X.509 certificates, CMS data and related objects more easy.
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ksba_cms_s Struct Reference

#include <cms.h>

Collaboration diagram for ksba_cms_s:

Data Fields

gpg_error_t last_error
ksba_reader_t reader
ksba_writer_t writer
void(* hash_fnc )(void *, const void *, size_t)
void * hash_fnc_arg
ksba_stop_reason_t stop_reason
struct {
   char *   oid
   unsigned long   length
   int   ndef
   ksba_content_type_t   ct
   gpg_error_t(*   handler )(ksba_cms_t)
struct {
   unsigned char *   mac
   int   mac_len
   unsigned char *   attr
   int   attr_len
int cms_version
struct oidlist_sdigest_algos
struct certlist_scert_list
char * inner_cont_oid
unsigned long inner_cont_len
int inner_cont_ndef
int detached_data
char * encr_algo_oid
char * encr_iv
size_t encr_ivlen
struct certlist_scert_info_list
struct oidparmlist_scapability_list
struct signer_info_ssigner_info
struct value_tree_srecp_info
struct sig_val_ssig_val
struct enc_val_senc_val

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file cms.h.

Field Documentation

◆ attr

unsigned char* ksba_cms_s::attr

Definition at line 137 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_get_message_digest(), and _ksba_cms_release().

◆ attr_len

int ksba_cms_s::attr_len

Definition at line 138 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_get_message_digest().


ksba_cms_s::authdata { ... } struct

◆ capability_list

struct oidparmlist_s* ksba_cms_s::capability_list

◆ cert_info_list

struct certlist_s* ksba_cms_s::cert_info_list

Definition at line 154 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_add_cert(), _ksba_cms_release(), and build_signed_data_attributes().

◆ cert_list

◆ cms_version

int ksba_cms_s::cms_version


◆ ct

◆ detached_data

◆ digest_algos

◆ enc_val

struct enc_val_s* ksba_cms_s::enc_val

Definition at line 165 of file cms.h.

◆ encr_algo_oid

◆ encr_iv

◆ encr_ivlen

◆ handler

gpg_error_t(* ksba_cms_s::handler) (ksba_cms_t)

Definition at line 130 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_build(), _ksba_cms_parse(), and _ksba_cms_set_content_type().

◆ hash_fnc

void(* ksba_cms_s::hash_fnc) (void *, const void *, size_t)

◆ hash_fnc_arg

void* ksba_cms_s::hash_fnc_arg

◆ inner_cont_len

unsigned long ksba_cms_s::inner_cont_len

◆ inner_cont_ndef

int ksba_cms_s::inner_cont_ndef

◆ inner_cont_oid

◆ last_error

gpg_error_t ksba_cms_s::last_error

Definition at line 115 of file cms.h.

◆ length

unsigned long ksba_cms_s::length

Definition at line 127 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_parse_content_info().

◆ mac

unsigned char* ksba_cms_s::mac

◆ mac_len

int ksba_cms_s::mac_len

Definition at line 136 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_get_message_digest(), and _ksba_cms_parse_enveloped_data_part_2().

◆ ndef

int ksba_cms_s::ndef

Definition at line 128 of file cms.h.

Referenced by _ksba_cms_parse_content_info().

◆ oid

◆ reader

◆ recp_info

struct value_tree_s* ksba_cms_s::recp_info

◆ sig_val

struct sig_val_s* ksba_cms_s::sig_val

◆ signer_info

◆ stop_reason

◆ writer

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