libextractor  1.11
About: GNU libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type.
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Matches Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * text
enum EXTRACTOR_MetaType type
const char * prefix
int32_t rtype
ttag_t tag

Detailed Description

Entry in the mapping from control data to LE types.

Pair of a PostScipt prefix and the corresponding LE type.

A mapping from FLAC meta data strings to extractor types.

Mapping from ODF meta data strings to LE types.

Entry in the map from OLE meta type strings to LE types.

Pair with prefix in the PS header and corresponding LE type.

Mapping from RPM tags to LE types.

A mapping from TIFF Tag to extractor types.

Definition at line 72 of file deb_extractor.c.

Field Documentation

◆ prefix

const char* Matches::prefix

PS header prefix.

Definition at line 51 of file ps_extractor.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_ps_extract_method().

◆ rtype

int32_t Matches::rtype

RPM tag.

Definition at line 148 of file rpm_extractor.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_rpm_extract_method().

◆ tag

ttag_t Matches::tag


Definition at line 141 of file tiff_extractor.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_rpm_extract_method(), and EXTRACTOR_tiff_extract_method().

◆ text

const char * Matches::text

Key in the Debian control file.

Prefix in the PS map.

FLAC Meta data description text.

ODF description.

OLE description.

Key in the Pdfian control file.

Definition at line 77 of file deb_extractor.c.

Referenced by check(), EXTRACTOR_odf_extract_method(), parseZZZ(), process_metadata(), process_stdout(), and processControl().

◆ type

enum EXTRACTOR_MetaType Matches::type

Corresponding type in LE.

Corresponding LE type.

Definition at line 77 of file deb_extractor.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_odf_extract_method(), EXTRACTOR_ps_extract_method(), EXTRACTOR_rpm_extract_method(), EXTRACTOR_tiff_extract_method(), and process_metadata().

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