libextractor  1.11
About: GNU libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type.
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EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct FileFuncDefs z_filefunc
struct GlobalInfo gi
uLong byte_before_the_zipfile
uLong num_file
uLong pos_in_central_dir
uLong current_file_ok
uLong central_pos
uLong size_central_dir
uLong offset_central_dir
struct EXTRACTOR_UnzipFileInfo cur_file_info
struct UnzipFileInfoInternal cur_file_info_internal
struct FileInZipReadInfopfile_in_zip_read
int encrypted

Detailed Description

Handle for a ZIP archive. contains internal information about the zipfile

Definition at line 261 of file unzip.c.

Field Documentation

◆ byte_before_the_zipfile

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::byte_before_the_zipfile

byte before the zipfile, (>0 for sfx)

Definition at line 276 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_open_current_file(), get_current_file_info(), parse_current_file_coherency_header(), and unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ central_pos

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::central_pos

position of the beginning of the central dir

Definition at line 296 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ cur_file_info

◆ cur_file_info_internal

◆ current_file_ok

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::current_file_ok

◆ encrypted

int EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::encrypted

Is the file encrypted?

Definition at line 327 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ gi

struct GlobalInfo EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::gi

public global information

Definition at line 253 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_get_global_comment(), EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_go_to_next_file(), and unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ num_file

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::num_file

number of the current file in the zipfile

Definition at line 281 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_go_find_local_file(), EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_go_to_first_file(), and EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_go_to_next_file().

◆ offset_central_dir

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::offset_central_dir

offset of start of central directory with respect to the starting disk number

Definition at line 307 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_common_unzip_go_to_first_file(), and unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ pfile_in_zip_read

struct FileInZipReadInfo* EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::pfile_in_zip_read

◆ pos_in_central_dir

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::pos_in_central_dir

◆ size_central_dir

uLong EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::size_central_dir

size of the central directory

Definition at line 301 of file unzip.c.

Referenced by unzip_open_using_ffd().

◆ z_filefunc

struct FileFuncDefs EXTRACTOR_UnzipFile::z_filefunc

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