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getopt.h File Reference
#include "config.h"
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Data Structures

struct  option


#define no_argument   0
#define required_argument   1
#define optional_argument   2


int getopt ()
int getopt_long ()
int getopt_long_only ()
int _getopt_internal ()


char * optarg
int optind
int opterr
int optopt

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ no_argument

#define no_argument   0

Definition at line 99 of file getopt.h.

◆ optional_argument

#define optional_argument   2

Definition at line 101 of file getopt.h.

◆ required_argument

#define required_argument   1

Definition at line 100 of file getopt.h.

Function Documentation

◆ _getopt_internal()

int _getopt_internal ( )

◆ getopt()

int getopt ( )

◆ getopt_long()

int getopt_long ( )

Referenced by main().

◆ getopt_long_only()

int getopt_long_only ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ optarg

char* optarg

Definition at line 119 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_internal(), and main().

◆ opterr

int opterr

Definition at line 154 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_internal().

◆ optind

int optind

Definition at line 134 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_initialize(), _getopt_internal(), exchange(), and main().

◆ optopt

int optopt

Definition at line 160 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_internal().