libextractor  1.11
About: GNU libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type.
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extractor_plugin_main.h File Reference
#include "extractor.h"
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void EXTRACTOR_plugin_main_ (struct EXTRACTOR_PluginList *plugin, int in, int out)

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◆ EXTRACTOR_plugin_main_()

void EXTRACTOR_plugin_main_ ( struct EXTRACTOR_PluginList plugin,
int  in,
int  out 

'main' function of the child process. Loads the plugin, sets up its in and out pipes, then runs the request serving function.

pluginextractor plugin to use
instream to read from
outstream to write to

Definition at line 606 of file extractor_plugin_main.c.

References EXTRACTOR_plugin_load_(), ProcessingContext::in, INVALID_SHM_ID, LOG, LOG_STRERROR, NULL, open_dev_null(), ProcessingContext::out, ProcessingContext::plugin, process_requests(), ProcessingContext::shm, ProcessingContext::shm_id, ProcessingContext::shm_map_size, EXTRACTOR_PluginList::short_libname, and EXTRACTOR_PluginList::specials.

Referenced by EXTRACTOR_IPC_channel_create_().