libextractor  1.11
About: GNU libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type.
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convert.c File Reference
#include "platform.h"
#include "extractor.h"
#include "convert.h"
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char * EXTRACTOR_common_convert_to_utf8 (const char *input, size_t len, const char *charset)

Function Documentation

◆ EXTRACTOR_common_convert_to_utf8()

char* EXTRACTOR_common_convert_to_utf8 ( const char *  input,
size_t  len,
const char *  charset 

Convert the len characters long character sequence given in input that is in the given charset to UTF-8.

inputstring to convert
lennumber of bytes in input
charsetinput character set
the converted string (0-terminated), NULL on error
the converted string (0-terminated), if conversion fails, a copy of the original string is returned.

Definition at line 39 of file convert.c.

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Referenced by history_extract(), processtEXt(), and processzTXt().