leafnode  1.12.0
About: Leafnode is a store & forward NNTP proxy for small (dialup) sites.
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validatefqdn.h File Reference
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int is_validfqdn (const char *fqdn)
void validatefqdn (int)

Function Documentation

◆ is_validfqdn()

int is_validfqdn ( const char *  f)

Check the supplied FQDN for validity.

0 if invalid, 1 if valid

Definition at line 66 of file validatefqdn.c.

References fqdn, strcasecmpsuffix(), and strdup().

Referenced by dopost(), try_lock(), validatefqdn(), and whoami().

◆ validatefqdn()

void validatefqdn ( int  logtostdout)

Definition at line 103 of file validatefqdn.c.

References fqdn, and is_validfqdn().

Referenced by readconfig().