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About: LabPlot is an application for plotting and analysis of 2D and 3D functions and data. It is a complete rewrite of LabPlot1 and lacks in the first release a lot of features available in the predecessor. On the other hand, the GUI and the usability is more superior.
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XYCorrelationCurvePrivate Class Reference

#include <XYCorrelationCurvePrivate.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XYCorrelationCurvePrivate (XYCorrelationCurve *)
 ~XYCorrelationCurvePrivate () override
void recalculate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XYAnalysisCurvePrivate
 XYAnalysisCurvePrivate (XYAnalysisCurve *)
 ~XYAnalysisCurvePrivate () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XYCurvePrivate
 XYCurvePrivate (XYCurve *)
QRectF boundingRect () const override
QPainterPath shape () const override
QString name () const
void retransform ()
void recalcLogicalPoints ()
void updateLines ()
void addLine (QPointF p0, QPointF p1, QPointF &lastPoint, qint64 &pixelDiff, int numberOfPixelX)
void addLinearLine (QPointF p0, QPointF p1, QPointF &lastPoint, double minLogicalDiffX, qint64 &pixelDiff)
void addUniqueLine (QPointF p0, QPointF p1, QPointF &lastPoint, qint64 &pixelDiff)
 XYCurvePrivate::addUniqueLine This function is called from the other two addLine() functions to avoid duplication. More...
void updateDropLines ()
void updateSymbols ()
void updateValues ()
void updateFilling ()
void updateErrorBars ()
bool swapVisible (bool)
void recalcShapeAndBoundingRect ()
void updatePixmap ()
void setPrinting (bool)
void suppressRetransform (bool)
void setHover (bool on)
bool activateCurve (QPointF mouseScenePos, double maxDist)
bool pointLiesNearLine (const QPointF p1, const QPointF p2, const QPointF pos, const double maxDist) const
 XYCurve::pointLiesNearLine Calculates if a point pos lies near than maxDist to the line created by the points p1 and p2 p1 first point of the line p2 second point of the line pos Position to check maxDist Maximal distance away from the curve, which is valid. More...
bool pointLiesNearCurve (const QPointF mouseScenePos, const QPointF curvePosPrevScene, const QPointF curvePosScene, const int index, const double maxDist) const

Public Attributes

XYCorrelationCurve::CorrelationData correlationData
XYCorrelationCurve::CorrelationResult correlationResult
XYCorrelationCurve *const q
- Public Attributes inherited from XYAnalysisCurvePrivate
XYAnalysisCurve::DataSourceType dataSourceType {XYAnalysisCurve::DataSourceType::Spreadsheet}
const XYCurvedataSourceCurve {nullptr}
const AbstractColumnxDataColumn {nullptr}
const AbstractColumnyDataColumn {nullptr}
const AbstractColumny2DataColumn {nullptr}
QString xDataColumnPath
QString yDataColumnPath
QString y2DataColumnPath
ColumnxColumn {nullptr}
ColumnyColumn {nullptr}
QVector< double > * xVector {nullptr}
QVector< double > * yVector {nullptr}
XYAnalysisCurve *const q
- Public Attributes inherited from XYCurvePrivate
const AbstractColumnxColumn {nullptr}
const AbstractColumnyColumn {nullptr}
QString dataSourceCurvePath
QString xColumnPath
QString yColumnPath
bool sourceDataChangedSinceLastRecalc {false}
XYCurve::LineType lineType
bool lineSkipGaps
bool lineIncreasingXOnly
int lineInterpolationPointsCount
QPen linePen
qreal lineOpacity
XYCurve::DropLineType dropLineType
QPen dropLinePen
qreal dropLineOpacity
Symbol::Style symbolsStyle
QBrush symbolsBrush
QPen symbolsPen
qreal symbolsOpacity
qreal symbolsRotationAngle
qreal symbolsSize
XYCurve::ValuesType valuesType
const AbstractColumnvaluesColumn {nullptr}
QString valuesColumnPath
XYCurve::ValuesPosition valuesPosition
qreal valuesDistance
qreal valuesRotationAngle
qreal valuesOpacity
char valuesNumericFormat
int valuesPrecision
QString valuesDateTimeFormat
QString valuesPrefix
QString valuesSuffix
QFont valuesFont
QColor valuesColor
XYCurve::FillingPosition fillingPosition
PlotArea::BackgroundType fillingType
PlotArea::BackgroundColorStyle fillingColorStyle
PlotArea::BackgroundImageStyle fillingImageStyle
Qt::BrushStyle fillingBrushStyle
QColor fillingFirstColor
QColor fillingSecondColor
QString fillingFileName
qreal fillingOpacity
XYCurve::ErrorType xErrorType
const AbstractColumnxErrorPlusColumn {nullptr}
QString xErrorPlusColumnPath
const AbstractColumnxErrorMinusColumn {nullptr}
QString xErrorMinusColumnPath
XYCurve::ErrorType yErrorType
const AbstractColumnyErrorPlusColumn {nullptr}
QString yErrorPlusColumnPath
const AbstractColumnyErrorMinusColumn {nullptr}
QString yErrorMinusColumnPath
XYCurve::ErrorBarsType errorBarsType
double errorBarsCapSize
QPen errorBarsPen
qreal errorBarsOpacity
XYCurve *const q
const CartesianPlotplot {nullptr}
const CartesianCoordinateSystemcSystem {nullptr}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file XYCorrelationCurvePrivate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XYCorrelationCurvePrivate()

XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::XYCorrelationCurvePrivate ( XYCorrelationCurve owner)

Definition at line 98 of file XYCorrelationCurve.cpp.

◆ ~XYCorrelationCurvePrivate()

XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::~XYCorrelationCurvePrivate ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ recalculate()

void XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::recalculate ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ correlationData

XYCorrelationCurve::CorrelationData XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::correlationData

Definition at line 45 of file XYCorrelationCurvePrivate.h.

Referenced by recalculate().

◆ correlationResult

XYCorrelationCurve::CorrelationResult XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::correlationResult

Definition at line 46 of file XYCorrelationCurvePrivate.h.

Referenced by recalculate().

◆ q

XYCorrelationCurve* const XYCorrelationCurvePrivate::q

Definition at line 48 of file XYCorrelationCurvePrivate.h.

Referenced by recalculate().

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