krb5  1.18
About: Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. It is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography (MIT implementation). Current release.
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admin_xdr.h File Reference
#include <kadm5/admin.h>
#include "kadm_rpc.h"
#include "server_internal.h"
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bool_t xdr_ui_4 (XDR *xdrs, krb5_ui_4 *objp)
bool_t xdr_nullstring (XDR *xdrs, char **objp)
bool_t xdr_nulltype (XDR *xdrs, void **objp, xdrproc_t proc)
bool_t xdr_krb5_timestamp (XDR *xdrs, krb5_timestamp *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_kvno (XDR *xdrs, krb5_kvno *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_deltat (XDR *xdrs, krb5_deltat *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_flags (XDR *xdrs, krb5_flags *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_ui_4 (XDR *xdrs, krb5_ui_4 *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_int16 (XDR *xdrs, krb5_int16 *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_ui_2 (XDR *xdrs, krb5_ui_2 *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_key_data_nocontents (XDR *xdrs, krb5_key_data *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_key_salt_tuple (XDR *xdrs, krb5_key_salt_tuple *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_tl_data (XDR *xdrs, krb5_tl_data **tl_data_head)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_ret_t (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_ret_t *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec_v1 (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_principal_ent_rec *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_principal_ent_rec *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_policy_ent_rec *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_t (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_policy_ent_t *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_t (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_principal_ent_t *objp)
bool_t xdr_cprinc_arg (XDR *xdrs, cprinc_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_cprinc3_arg (XDR *xdrs, cprinc3_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_generic_ret (XDR *xdrs, generic_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_dprinc_arg (XDR *xdrs, dprinc_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_mprinc_arg (XDR *xdrs, mprinc_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_rprinc_arg (XDR *xdrs, rprinc_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_chpass_arg (XDR *xdrs, chpass_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_chpass3_arg (XDR *xdrs, chpass3_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_setkey_arg (XDR *xdrs, setkey_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_setkey3_arg (XDR *xdrs, setkey3_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_setkey4_arg (XDR *xdrs, setkey4_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_chrand_arg (XDR *xdrs, chrand_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_chrand3_arg (XDR *xdrs, chrand3_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_chrand_ret (XDR *xdrs, chrand_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_gprinc_arg (XDR *xdrs, gprinc_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gprinc_ret (XDR *xdrs, gprinc_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_gprincs_arg (XDR *xdrs, gprincs_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gprincs_ret (XDR *xdrs, gprincs_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_cpol_arg (XDR *xdrs, cpol_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_dpol_arg (XDR *xdrs, dpol_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_mpol_arg (XDR *xdrs, mpol_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gpol_arg (XDR *xdrs, gpol_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gpol_ret (XDR *xdrs, gpol_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_gpols_arg (XDR *xdrs, gpols_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gpols_ret (XDR *xdrs, gpols_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_getprivs_ret (XDR *xdrs, getprivs_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_purgekeys_arg (XDR *xdrs, purgekeys_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gstrings_arg (XDR *xdrs, gstrings_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_gstrings_ret (XDR *xdrs, gstrings_ret *objp)
bool_t xdr_sstring_arg (XDR *xdrs, sstring_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_principal (XDR *xdrs, krb5_principal *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_octet (XDR *xdrs, krb5_octet *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_int32 (XDR *xdrs, krb5_int32 *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_enctype (XDR *xdrs, krb5_enctype *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_salttype (XDR *xdrs, krb5_int32 *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_keyblock (XDR *xdrs, krb5_keyblock *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_key_data (XDR *xdrs, krb5_key_data *objp)
bool_t xdr_krb5_string_attr (XDR *xdrs, krb5_string_attr *objp)
bool_t xdr_osa_pw_hist_ent (XDR *xdrs, osa_pw_hist_ent *objp)
bool_t xdr_kadm5_key_data (XDR *xdrs, kadm5_key_data *objp)
bool_t xdr_getpkeys_arg (XDR *xdrs, getpkeys_arg *objp)
bool_t xdr_getpkeys_ret (XDR *xdrs, getpkeys_ret *objp)

Function Documentation

◆ xdr_chpass3_arg()

◆ xdr_chpass_arg()

bool_t xdr_chpass_arg ( XDR xdrs,
chpass_arg objp 

◆ xdr_chrand3_arg()

◆ xdr_chrand_arg()

bool_t xdr_chrand_arg ( XDR xdrs,
chrand_arg objp 

◆ xdr_chrand_ret()

◆ xdr_cpol_arg()

bool_t xdr_cpol_arg ( XDR xdrs,
cpol_arg objp 

◆ xdr_cprinc3_arg()

◆ xdr_cprinc_arg()

bool_t xdr_cprinc_arg ( XDR xdrs,
cprinc_arg objp 

◆ xdr_dpol_arg()

bool_t xdr_dpol_arg ( XDR xdrs,
dpol_arg objp 

Definition at line 879 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References dpol_arg::api_version, FALSE, dpol_arg::name, TRUE, xdr_nullstring(), and xdr_ui_4().

Referenced by delete_policy_2(), and kadm_1().

◆ xdr_dprinc_arg()

bool_t xdr_dprinc_arg ( XDR xdrs,
dprinc_arg objp 

◆ xdr_generic_ret()

◆ xdr_getpkeys_arg()

bool_t xdr_getpkeys_arg ( XDR xdrs,
getpkeys_arg objp 

◆ xdr_getpkeys_ret()

◆ xdr_getprivs_ret()

bool_t xdr_getprivs_ret ( XDR xdrs,
getprivs_ret objp 

◆ xdr_gpol_arg()

bool_t xdr_gpol_arg ( XDR xdrs,
gpol_arg objp 

Definition at line 907 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References gpol_arg::api_version, FALSE, gpol_arg::name, TRUE, xdr_nullstring(), and xdr_ui_4().

Referenced by get_policy_2(), and kadm_1().

◆ xdr_gpol_ret()

bool_t xdr_gpol_ret ( XDR xdrs,
gpol_ret objp 

◆ xdr_gpols_arg()

bool_t xdr_gpols_arg ( XDR xdrs,
gpols_arg objp 

Definition at line 937 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References gpols_arg::api_version, gpols_arg::exp, FALSE, TRUE, xdr_nullstring(), and xdr_ui_4().

Referenced by get_pols_2(), and kadm_1().

◆ xdr_gpols_ret()

bool_t xdr_gpols_ret ( XDR xdrs,
gpols_ret objp 

◆ xdr_gprinc_arg()

bool_t xdr_gprinc_arg ( XDR xdrs,
gprinc_arg objp 

◆ xdr_gprinc_ret()

bool_t xdr_gprinc_ret ( XDR xdrs,
gprinc_ret objp 

◆ xdr_gprincs_arg()

bool_t xdr_gprincs_arg ( XDR xdrs,
gprincs_arg objp 

Definition at line 640 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References gprincs_arg::api_version, gprincs_arg::exp, FALSE, TRUE, xdr_nullstring(), and xdr_ui_4().

Referenced by get_princs_2(), and kadm_1().

◆ xdr_gprincs_ret()

bool_t xdr_gprincs_ret ( XDR xdrs,
gprincs_ret objp 

◆ xdr_gstrings_arg()

bool_t xdr_gstrings_arg ( XDR xdrs,
gstrings_arg objp 

◆ xdr_gstrings_ret()

◆ xdr_kadm5_key_data()

◆ xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec()

bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec ( XDR xdrs,
kadm5_policy_ent_rec objp 

Definition at line 534 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References _xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec(), and KADM5_API_VERSION_4.

◆ xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_t()

bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_t ( XDR xdrs,
kadm5_policy_ent_t objp 

◆ xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec()

bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec ( XDR xdrs,
kadm5_principal_ent_rec objp 

Definition at line 382 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References _xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec(), and KADM5_API_VERSION_3.

◆ xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec_v1()

bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec_v1 ( XDR xdrs,
kadm5_principal_ent_rec objp 

◆ xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_t()

bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_t ( XDR xdrs,
kadm5_principal_ent_t objp 

◆ xdr_kadm5_ret_t()

◆ xdr_krb5_deltat()

bool_t xdr_krb5_deltat ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_deltat *  objp 

Definition at line 150 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, int32_t, TRUE, and xdr_int32.

Referenced by _xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec(), and _xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec().

◆ xdr_krb5_enctype()

bool_t xdr_krb5_enctype ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_enctype objp 

Definition at line 1110 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, int32_t, TRUE, and xdr_int32.

Referenced by xdr_krb5_key_salt_tuple(), and xdr_krb5_keyblock().

◆ xdr_krb5_flags()

bool_t xdr_krb5_flags ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_flags objp 

Definition at line 162 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, int32_t, TRUE, and xdr_int32.

Referenced by _xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec(), and _xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec().

◆ xdr_krb5_int16()

bool_t xdr_krb5_int16 ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_int16 *  objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_int32()

bool_t xdr_krb5_int32 ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_int32 objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_key_data()

◆ xdr_krb5_key_data_nocontents()

◆ xdr_krb5_key_salt_tuple()

bool_t xdr_krb5_key_salt_tuple ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_key_salt_tuple objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_keyblock()

bool_t xdr_krb5_keyblock ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_keyblock *  objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_kvno()

bool_t xdr_krb5_kvno ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_kvno objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_octet()

bool_t xdr_krb5_octet ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_octet *  objp 

Definition at line 1102 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, TRUE, and xdr_u_char.

◆ xdr_krb5_principal()

◆ xdr_krb5_salttype()

bool_t xdr_krb5_salttype ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_int32 objp 

Definition at line 1118 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, int32_t, TRUE, and xdr_int32.

Referenced by xdr_krb5_key_salt_tuple().

◆ xdr_krb5_string_attr()

bool_t xdr_krb5_string_attr ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_string_attr objp 

◆ xdr_krb5_timestamp()

bool_t xdr_krb5_timestamp ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_timestamp *  objp 

Definition at line 132 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, int32_t, TRUE, and xdr_int32.

Referenced by _xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec().

◆ xdr_krb5_tl_data()

◆ xdr_krb5_ui_2()

bool_t xdr_krb5_ui_2 ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_ui_2 *  objp 

Definition at line 205 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, tmp(), TRUE, and xdr_u_int.

Referenced by xdr_krb5_key_data(), and xdr_krb5_key_data_nocontents().

◆ xdr_krb5_ui_4()

bool_t xdr_krb5_ui_4 ( XDR xdrs,
krb5_ui_4 *  objp 

Definition at line 174 of file kadm_rpc_xdr.c.

References FALSE, TRUE, and xdr_u_int32.

◆ xdr_mpol_arg()

bool_t xdr_mpol_arg ( XDR xdrs,
mpol_arg objp 

◆ xdr_mprinc_arg()

bool_t xdr_mprinc_arg ( XDR xdrs,
mprinc_arg objp 

◆ xdr_nullstring()

◆ xdr_nulltype()

bool_t xdr_nulltype ( XDR xdrs,
void **  objp,
xdrproc_t  proc 

◆ xdr_osa_pw_hist_ent()

bool_t xdr_osa_pw_hist_ent ( XDR xdrs,
osa_pw_hist_ent objp 

◆ xdr_purgekeys_arg()

bool_t xdr_purgekeys_arg ( XDR xdrs,
purgekeys_arg objp 

◆ xdr_rprinc_arg()

bool_t xdr_rprinc_arg ( XDR xdrs,
rprinc_arg objp 

◆ xdr_setkey3_arg()

◆ xdr_setkey4_arg()

◆ xdr_setkey_arg()

bool_t xdr_setkey_arg ( XDR xdrs,
setkey_arg objp 

◆ xdr_sstring_arg()

bool_t xdr_sstring_arg ( XDR xdrs,
sstring_arg objp 

◆ xdr_ui_4()