keystone  18.0.0
About: OpenStack Keystone (Core Service: Identity) provides an authentication and authorization service for other OpenStack services. Provides a catalog of endpoints for all OpenStack services.
The "Victoria" series (maintained release).
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keystone.common.validation Namespace Reference




def lazy_validate (request_body_schema, resource_to_validate)
def nullable (property_schema)

Function Documentation

◆ lazy_validate()

def keystone.common.validation.lazy_validate (   request_body_schema,
A non-decorator way to validate a request, to be used inline.

:param request_body_schema: a schema to validate the resource reference
:param resource_to_validate: dictionary to validate
:raises keystone.exception.ValidationError: if `resource_to_validate` is
        None. (see wrapper method below).
:raises TypeError: at decoration time when the expected resource to
                   validate isn't found in the decorated method's

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◆ nullable()

def keystone.common.validation.nullable (   property_schema)
Clone a property schema into one that is nullable.

:param dict property_schema: schema to clone into a nullable schema
:returns: a new dict schema

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