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About: JFreeChart is a Java class library for producing different kind of charts (with 3-D effects).
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Version 1.5.4, 8 January 2023.

Maven Central


JFreeChart is a comprehensive free chart library for the Java(tm) platform that can be used on the client-side (JavaFX and Swing) or the server side (with export to multiple formats including SVG, PNG and PDF).

JFreeChart sample

The home page for the project is:


JFreeChart requires JDK 8 or later. If JavaFX support is required, you need to also include the JFreeChart-FX extensions:


The library is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later.

Using JFreeChart

To use JFreeChart in your projects, add the following dependency to your build tool:


Building JFreeChart

You can build JFreeChart using Maven with the following command (issued from the root directory of the project):

mvn clean verify

The build requires JDK 8 or later.


A small set of demo applications can be found in the following projects here at GitHub:


Version 1.5.4 (8 January 2023)
  • add new methods to access maps for datasets, renderers and axes in plots (#201);
  • add option to truncate item labels and compute contrast colors (PR #225)
  • add new annotations (PR #226)
  • add new panel for background rendering of charts (PR #233)
  • fix tick label font for LogAxis with number format override (#98);
  • added valueVisible flag to MeterPlot (#231);
  • added get/setWebFillAlpha() methods to SpiderWebPlot (#279)
  • add argument checks for annotations (#223);
  • removed JFreeChartResources.java file (#239)
Version 1.5.3 (21 February 2021)
  • add new FlowPlot class for drawing Sankey charts;
  • throw exception in DefaultPieDataset for invalid index (#212);
  • fix isJFreeSVGAvailable() method (bug #207);
  • replaced some usages of ObjectUtils with the JDK Objects class;
  • remove unused URLUtilities class;
  • removed @since 1.0.x Javadoc tags since these do not provide useful information anymore.
Version 1.5.2 (31 December 2020)
  • observe series visibility flag in ClusteredXYBarRenderer (#89);
  • apply rendering hints to overlays (#187);
  • don't draw disabled outlines on crosshair labels (#189);
  • observe axis visibility flag in PeriodAxis (#198);
  • ensure label offsets are used in CrosshairOverlay (#190);
  • remove alpha channel from copy-to-clipboard (#182);
  • set flag in XML parser to avoid XML eXternal Entity injection (XXE) (#130);
  • update French translations (#186);
  • fix "Save_as" entries in localisation files (#184);
  • add flags for visibility of outliers in BoxAndWhiskerRenderer (#79);
  • deprecated PiePlot3D and related methods, for 3D pie charts, use Orson Charts (https://github.com/jfree/orson-charts).
Version 1.5.1 (29 October 2020)
  • add DeviationStepRenderer (#173)
  • modify buffer in ChartPanel to handle high DPI displays (#170);
  • fix for exception on extreme zoom on NumberAxis (#64);
  • fix for LayeredBarRenderer (#169);
  • add Catalan translations (#117);
  • add automatic module name org.jfree.jfreechart;
  • migrate to JUnit 5;
  • raise minimum requirement to Java 8 or later.
Version 1.5.0 (5 November 2017)
  • all JavaFX classes moved to a separate project;
  • added cleaner method to create histograms in ChartFactory;
  • JFreeSVG updated to version 3.2;
  • OrsonPDF updated to version 1.7;
  • JCommon removed as a dependency, and required classes incorporated directly;
  • improvements to XYStepRenderer (#4);
  • bug #36 fix for crosshairs with multiple datasets / axes;
  • bug #25 fix for DateAxis.previousStandardDate() method;
  • bug #19 fix for default time zone in SegmentedDateAxis;
  • SourceForge #1147 improve performance of CategoryPlot mapping datasets to axes;
  • moved SWT code out into separate projects;
  • moved demo programs to a separate project;
  • dropped the Ant build;
Version 1.0.19 (31-Jul-2014)
  • fixed clipping issues for combined plots in JavaFX;
  • fixed a memory leak in the new JavaFX ChartCanvas class;
  • CombinedDomainXYPlot and CombinedRangeXYPlot now take into account the pannable flags in the subplots;
  • FastScatterPlot panning direction is corrected;
  • added rendering hints to sharpen gridlines and borders in most output formats;
  • JFreeSVG updated to version 2.0;
  • included a preview of JSFreeChart, a 2D chart library written in JavaScript that is conceptually similar to JFreeChart but runs directly in a web browser.
Version 1.0.18 (3-Jul-2014)
  • added JavaFX support via FXGraphics2D;
  • improved LogAxis labelling;
  • improved numeric tick labelling;
  • center text support in RingPlot;
  • stepPoint attribute in the XYStepAreaRenderer;
  • other minor improvements and bug fixes.
Version 1.0.17 (22-Nov-2013)
  • Enhanced XYSplineRenderer with new area fill (contributed by Klaus Rheinwald);
  • added a notify flag to all datasets that extend AbstractDataset;
  • extended TimeSeriesCollection to validate TimeSeries keys for uniqueness;
  • added a new DirectionalGradientPaintTransformer (by Peter Kolb);
  • updated OHLCSeries;
  • added HMSNumberFormat;
  • updated JCommon to version 1.0.21 (includes rotated text improvements) and fixed some minor bugs.
Bug Fixes
  • 977 : Multithreading issue with DateAxis;
  • 1084 : BorderArrangement.add() possible ClassCastException;
  • 1099 : XYSeriesCollection.removeSeries(int) does not deregister listener;
  • 1109 : WaterfallBarRenderer uses wrong color for diff 0.
Version 1.0.16 (13-Sep-2013)


  • Provided subscript/superscript support for axis labels (via AttributedString);
  • new axis label positioning options;
  • simplified ChartFactory methods;
  • added new methods to DatasetUtilities to interpolate y-values in XYDatasets;
  • added URLs to labels on CategoryAxis;
  • seamless integration with JFreeSVG (http://www.jfree.org/jfreesvg/) and OrsonPDF (http://www.object-refinery.com/pdf/);
  • improved the consistency of the SWTGraphics2D implementation;

All the JUnit tests have been upgraded to JUnit 4.

Bug Fixes
  • 1107 : Fixed TimeZone issue in PeriodAxis;

Also fixed a line drawing issue with the StackedXYAreaRenderer, and a memory leak in the SWT ChartComposite class.

Version 1.0.15 (4-Jul-2013)
  • Added support for non-visible series in XYBarRenderer;
  • minor gridlines in PolarPlot;
  • legend item ordering;
  • chart editor enhancements;
  • updates to StandardDialScale;
  • localisation files for Japanese;
  • refactored parameter checks.

This release also fixes a minor security flaw in the DisplayChart class, detected and reported by OSI Security:


  • 3500621 : LegendTitle order attribute (by Simon Kaczor);
  • 3463807 : ChartComposite does not dispose popup (by Sebastiao Correia);
  • 3204823 : PaintAlpha for 3D effects (by Dave Law);
Bug Fixes
  • 3561093 : Rendering anomaly for XYPlots;
  • 3555275 : ValueAxis.reserveSpace() problem for axes with fixed dimension;
  • 3521736 : DeviationRenderer optimisation (by Milan Ramaiya);
  • 3514487 : SWTGraphics2D get/setStroke() problem;
  • 3508799 : DefaultPolarItemRenderer does not populate seriesKey in LegendItem;
  • 3482106 : Missing text in SWTGraphics2D (by Kevin Xu);
  • 3484408 : Maven fixes (Martin Hoeller);
  • 3484403 : DateAxis endless loop (by Martin Hoeller);
  • 3446965 : TimeSeries calculates range incorrectly in addOrUpdate();
  • 3445507 : TimeSeriesCollection.findRangeBounds() regression;
  • 3425881 : XYDifferenceRenderer fix (by Patrick Schlott/Christoph Schroeder);
  • 2963199 : SWT print job (by Jonas Rüttimann);
  • 2879650 : Path disclosure vulnerability in DisplayChart servlet;

Also fixed a rendering issue for polar charts using an inverted axis.

Version 1.0.14 (20-Nov-2011)

This release contains:

  • support for multiple and logarithmic axes with PolarPlot;
  • optional drop-shadows in plot rendering;
  • fitting polynomial functions to a data series;
  • some performance improvements in the TimeSeriesCollection class;
  • mouse wheel rotation of pie charts;
  • improved Maven support.
  • 3435734 : Fix lines overlapping item labels (by Martin Hoeller);
  • 3421088 : Bugfix for misalignment in BoxAndWhiskerRenderer;
  • 2952086 : Enhancement for finding bounds in XYZDatasets;
  • 2954302 : CategoryPointerAnnotation line calculation;
  • 2902842 : HistogramDataset.addSeries() fires change change event (by Thomas A Caswell);
  • 2868608 : Whisker width attribute for BoxAndWhiskerRenderer (by Peter Becker);
  • 2868585 : Added useOutlinePaint flag for BoxAndWhiskerRenderer (by Peter Becker);
  • 2850344 : PolarPlot enhancements (by Martin Hoeller);
  • 2795746 : Support for polynomial regression;
  • 2791407 : Fixes for findRangeBounds() in various renderers.
Bug Fixes
  • 3440237 : Shadows always visible;
  • 3432721 : PolarPlot doesn't work with logarithmic axis;
  • 3433405 : LineChart3D - Problem with Item Labels;
  • 3429707 : LogAxis endless loop;
  • 3428870 : Missing argument check in TextAnnotation;
  • 3418287 : RelativeDateFormatTest.java is locale dependent;
  • 3353913 : Localisation fixes for ChartPanel, CompassPlot and PiePlot3D;
  • 3237879 : RingPlot should respect getSectionOutlineVisible();
  • 3190615 : Added missing clear() method in CategoryTableXYDataset;
  • 3165708 : PolarChartPanel localisation fix;
  • 3072674 : Bad handling of NaN in DefaultStatisticalCategoryDataset;
  • 3035289 : StackedXYBarRenderer should respect series/item visible flags;
  • 3026341 : Check for null in getDomain/RangeBounds() for XYShapeRenderer;
  • 2947660 : AbstractCategoryRenderer fix null check in getLegendItems();
  • 2946521 : StandardDialScale check majorTickIncrement argument;
  • 2876406 : TimeTableXYDataset should support Comparable for series keys;
  • 2868557 : BoxAndWhiskerRenderer should fire change event in setMedianVisible();
  • 2849731 : For IntervalCategoryDataset and IntervalXYDataset, fix iterateRangeBounds() in DatasetUtilities;
  • 2840132 : AbstractXYItemRenderer drawAnnotations doesn't set renderer index;
  • 2810220 : Offset problem in StatisticalBarRenderer;
  • 2802014 : Dial value border too small;
  • 2781844 : XYPointerAnnotation arrow drawing;
  • 1937486 : AreaRenderer doesn't respect AreaRendererEndType.LEVEL;

Also fixed:

  • use of simple label offset in PiePlot;
  • cached minY and maxY in TimeSeries.createCopy();
  • scaling issues for charts copied to the clipboard;
  • use of timezone in TimeTableXYDataset constructor;
  • duplicate series names in XYSeriesCollection;
  • HistogramDataset fires a change event in addSeries();
  • check visibility of main chart title before drawing it;
  • fixed serialization of PowerFunction2D, NormalDistributionFunction2D, and LineFunction2D;
  • item label positioning for the AreaRenderer class when the plot has an horizontal orientation.
Version 1.0.13 (17-Apr-2009)

SPECIAL NOTICE: There will be a birds-of-a-feather session for JFreeChart at this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco. The session is scheduled for 6.45pm to 7.35pm on Wednesday 3 June.

This release contains:

  • updates to the ChartPanel class to support copying charts to the clipboard, panning and mouse-wheel zooming, and an overlay mechanism that supports crosshairs;
  • enhancements to the auto-range calculation for axes, providing the ability to use subranges only and also to skip hidden series;
  • updates for many of the CategoryItemRenderer implementations to ensure that they respect the seriesVisible flags;
  • an improvement to the TimeSeries class so that it is no longer necessary to specify the time period type in the constructor;
  • a new SamplingXYLineRenderer for improving the performance of time series charts with large datasets;
  • the XYSeries/XYSeriesCollection classes now cache the minimum and maximum data values to improve the performance of charts with large datasets;
  • entities are now created for the chart, data area and axes, allowing mouse clicks to be detected for these regions;
  • added a bar alignment factor to the XYBarRenderer class;
  • a new errorIndicatorStroke field for the StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer and XYErrorRenderer classes;
  • added a new HeatMapDataset interface, DefaultHeatMapDataset implementation, and a HeatMapUtilities class to make it easier to create heat map charts;
  • there is a new flag to allow an XYDataImageAnnotation to be included in the automatic range calculation for the axes;
  • additional attributes in the XYTextAnnotation class;
  • added a sampleFunction2DToSeries() method to the DatasetUtilities class;
  • some changes to the ChartPanel class that help to work around a regression in JRE 1.6.0_10 relating to drawing in XOR mode. Regarding this final point:
    • the default value for the useBuffer flag has changed to true, which means that all charts will, by default, be rendered into an off-screen image before being displayed in the ChartPanel;
    • the zoom rectangle is drawn using XOR mode only when the useBuffer flag has been set to false. For most usage, this should improve performance (but at the cost of using more memory for each ChartPanel used in your application);
Bug Fixes
  • 2690293 : Problem with Javascript escape characters;
  • 2617557 : StandardDialScale ignored tickLabelPaint;
  • 2612649 : Stroke selection in plot property editor;
  • 2583891 : SWTGraphics2D.fillPolygon() not implemented;
  • 2564636 : Month constructor ignores Locale;
  • 2502355 : ChartPanel sending multiple events;
  • 2490803 : PeriodAxis.setRange() method doesn't take into account that the axis displays whole periods;

In addition, a bug in the SlidingCategoryDataset class has been fixed, the correct outline paint is now used by GradientXYBarPainter, a new method has been added to the ImageMapUtilities class to escape special characters in Javascript strings to avoid problems with the OverLIB and DynamicDrive tooltips, and there are some important fixes in the LogAxis class.

This release passes 2110 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_12.

Version 1.0.12 (31-Dec-2008)

This release adds

  • support for minor tick marks;
  • mapping datasets to more than one axis;
  • an important fix for the XYSeries class (relating to the addOrUpdate() method);
  • plus numerous other bug fixes.

This release passes 1996 JUnit test (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_10.

API Adjustments
  • CategoryPlot : added mapDatasetToDomainAxes() and mapDatasetToRangeAxes() methods;
  • Month : added a new constructor Month(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and deprecated Month(Date, TimeZone);
  • Quarter : added a new constructor Quarter(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and deprecated Quarter(Date, TimeZone);
  • XYPlot : added mapDatasetToDomainAxes() and mapDatasetToRangeAxes() methods;
  • Year : added a new constructor Year(Date, TimeZone, Locale) and deprecated Year(Date, TimeZone);
Bug Fixes
  • 2471906 : XYAreaRenderer with dashed outline - performance problem;
  • 2452078 : StackedAreaChart has gaps;
  • 2275695 : NullPointerException for SubCategoryAxis on plot with null dataset;
  • 2221495 : XYLineAnnotation with dashed stroke;
  • 2216511 : SWTBarChartDemo1 throws RuntimeException;
  • 2201869 : DateAxis tick label position error;
  • 2121818 : Label link lines for very thin RingPlot;
  • 2113627 : XYStepRenderer item labels;
  • 1955483 : XYSeries.addOrUpdate() problem.

Also fixed StackedXYBarRenderer which was ignoring the shadowsVisible attribute.

Version 1.0.11 (18-Sep-2008)

This release features:

  • a new chart theming mechanism to allow charts to be restyled conveniently;
  • a new BarPainter mechanism to enhance the appearance of bar charts;
  • a new XYShapeRenderer class;
  • a scaling facility for the XYDrawableAnnotation for drawing images within specific data coordinates;
  • some new classes (XYTaskDataset, XYDataImageAnnotation and XYTitleAnnotation);
  • a modification to the Year class to support an extended range;
  • various bug fixes and API improvements.

There is an important bug fix for the StackedBarRenderer3D class (see bug 2031407).

This release passes 1,961 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_07.

API Adjustments
  • AbstractRenderer - added clearSeriesPaints() and clearSeriesStrokes() methods;
  • BarRenderer - added shadowPaint attribute;
  • CategoryAxis - added getCategoryMiddle() method;
  • CategoryPlot - added getRendererCount() method;
  • ChartFactory - added get/setChartTheme() methods;
  • ChartPanel - increased default maximum drawing width and height;
  • ChartTheme - new interface;
  • ChartUtilities - added applyCurrentTheme() method;
  • CompositeTitle - added backgroundPaint attribute;
  • GradientBarPainter - new class;
  • LegendTitle - added getWrapper() method;
  • OHLCSeriesCollection - added xPosition attribute;
  • PaintScaleLegend - new subdivisions field;
  • PiePlot - added autoPopulate flags, and methods to clear section attributes;
  • Plot - added setDrawingSupplier() method;
  • RegularTimePeriod - the DEFAULT_TIME_ZONE field has been deprecated in this release;
  • RelativeDateFormat - added methods to control formatting of hours and minutes - see patch 2033092;
  • StandardChartTheme - new class;
  • XYItemRendererState - new methods;
  • XYPlot - added getRendererCount() method;
  • XYShapeRenderer - new class;
  • XYTaskDataset - new class.
  • 1997549 : Status calls to XYItemRendererState [Ulrich Voigt];
  • 2006826 : CompositeTitle drawing fix;
  • 2033092 : Additional formatters for RelativeDateFormat [Cole Markham];
Bug Fixes
  • 1994355 : ChartComposite listener type;
  • 2031407 : Incorrect rendering in StackedBarRenderer3D;
  • 2033721 : WaferMapRenderer;
  • 2051168 : No key in LegendItemEntity for pie charts;

Also fixed drawing of alternate grid bands in SymbolAxis, the totalWeight calculation in the CombinedXXXPlot classes, a NullPointerException in the XYPlot class when drawing quadrants, outline visibility in the CategoryPlot class, and auto-range calculations with XYBarRenderer.

Version 1.0.10 (8-Jun-2008)

This release contains various bug fixes and minor enhancements to JFreeChart.

  • PiePlot labelling has been enhanced (new curve options, and more robust bounds checking);
  • The BoxAndWhiskerRenderer now has a maximumBarWidth attribute;
  • the XYStepRenderer has a new stepPoint attribute;
  • The RelativeDateFormat class has new options;
  • There are new dataset classes (SlidingCategoryDataset and SlidingGanttDataset) that permit a subset of categories to be plotted, and allow charts based on these datasets to simulate scrolling.
  • There is a new ShortTextTitle class.

This release passes 1,929 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_03.

API Adjustments:
  • BoxAndWhiskerRenderer - added maximumBarWidth attribute (see patch 1866446);
  • ChartPanel - the zoomPoint attribute has been changed from Point to Point2D;
  • DatasetUtilities - iterateCategoryRangeBounds() is deprecated, the method has been renamed iterateRangeBounds(CategoryDataset) for consistency;
  • DefaultKeyedValue - the constructor now prevents a null key;
  • LogFormat - now has a 'powerLabel' attribute;
  • ShortTextTitle - a new title class;
  • SlidingCategoryDataset - new class;
  • SlidingGanttDataset - new class;
  • TimeSeriesCollection - getSeries(String) changed to getSeries(Comparable);
  • XIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;
  • YIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;
  • XYIntervalSeriesCollection - added series removal methods;

PublicCloneable is now implemented by a number of classes that didn't previously implement the interface - this should improve the reliability of chart cloning.

  • 1943021 : Fix for MultiplePiePlot [Brian Cabana];
  • 1925366 : Speed improvement for DatasetUtilities [Rafal Skalny];
  • 1918209 : LogAxis createTickLabel() changed from private to protected [Andrew Mickish];
  • 1914411 : Simplification of plot event notification [Richard West];
  • 1913751 : XYPlot and CategoryPlot addMarker() methods with optional notification [Richard West];
  • 1902418 : Bug fix for LogAxis vertical labels [Andrew Mickish];
  • 1901599 : Fixes for XYTitleAnnotation [Andrew Mickish];
  • 1891849 : New curve option for pie chart label links [Martin Hilpert];
  • 1874890 : Added step point to XYStepRenderer [Ulrich Voigt];
  • 1873328 : Enhancements to RelativeDateFormat [Michael Siemer];
  • 1871902 : PolarPlot now has angleTickUnit attribute [Martin Hoeller];
  • 1868745 : Fix label anchor points on LogAxis [Andrew Mickish];
  • 1866446 : Added maximumBarWidth to BoxAndWhiskerRenderer [Rob Van der Sanden];
Bug Fixes
  • 1932146 - PeriodAxis.setRange() doesn't notify listeners;
  • 1927239 - Fix calculation of cumulative range;
  • 1926517 - Bugs in data range calculation for combined plots;
  • 1920854 - PiePlot3D labels drawn multiple times;
  • 1897580 - Fix for DefaultIntervalCategoryDataset;
  • 1892419 - Wrong default for minor tick count in LogAxis;
  • 1880114 - VectorRenderer doesn't work for horizontal plot orientation;
  • 1873160 - DialPlot clipping issues;
  • 1868521 - Problem saving charts to JPEG format;
  • 1864222 - Error on TimeSeries createCopy() method;

The DatasetUtilities.sampleFunction2D() has been changed to sample the correct number of points - you should check any code that calls this method. The XYBlockRenderer class now generates entities. Bugs in the removeDomainMarker() and removeRangeMarker() methods in the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes have been fixed. A bug in the TimePeriodValues range calculation has been fixed. Fixes were applied to the clone() methods in the TaskSeries and TaskSeriesCollection classes.

New Experimental Features

Two new classes CombinedCategoryPlot and CombinedXYPlot have been added to the 'experimental' source tree - these were contributed by Richard West (see patch 1924543).

Version 1.0.9 (4-Jan-2008)

This release contains an important security patch as well as various bug fixes and minor enhancements. Regarding the security patch, please see the following advisory:


Note that the fix incorporated in the special JFreeChart 1.0.8a release was flawed in that it broke the URLs in the HTML image maps generated by JFreeChart. Further amendments have been made in this release to fix this problem.

API Adjustments

A number of classes have new methods. Nothing has been removed or deprecated:

  • HashUtilities - added hashCode() methods for BooleanList, PaintList and StrokeList;
  • ImageMapUtilities - added htmlEscape(String);
  • IntervalMarker - added new constructor;
  • Range - added intersects(Range) and scale(Range, double);
  • TextTitle - added protected methods arrangeNN(), arrangeFN() and arrangeRN();
  • XYDataItem - added getXValue() and getYValue() methods;
  • XYPlot - added setFixedDomainAxisSpace(AxisSpace, boolean) and setFixedRangeAxisSpace(AxisSpace, boolean);
  • XYSeriesCollection - added getSeries(Comparable) method.
Bug Fixes
  • 1852525 - CandlestickChart.getCategoryPlot() - ClassCastException;
  • 1851416 - testGetFirstMillisecondWithTimeZone fails in 1.0.8a;
  • 1849333 - 1.0.8a breaks URLs in HTML image maps;
  • 1848961 - GroupedStackedBarRenderer works only for primary dataset;
  • 1846063 - Endless loop in paint of XYPlot;
  • 1840139 - Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in image map code;
  • 1837979 - Background image not shown with SWT;
  • 1460195 - ChartEntity.getImageMapAreaTag() needs nohref;
  • 1400917 - OverLIBToolTipTagFragmentGenerator not escaping single quote;
  • 1363043 - Escape Image Map Data;
  • 1178601 - AbstractRenderer.hashcode() method returns the same value;

In addition, a bug in the constructor for the Week class has been fixed.

Version 1.0.8 (23-Nov-2007)

This release is primarily a bug fix release:

  • a problem with pie chart labeling;
  • a regression in the DefaultCategoryDataset class (and underlying KeyedValues2D class);
  • a cloning bug in the TimeSeries class.

In addition:

  • the StatisticalBarRenderer class has a new errorIndicatorStroke field and has been updated to support gradients;
  • the StandardDialScale has had some missing accessor methods implemented;
  • an override field in the StandardXYItemRenderer class has been deprecated;
  • some warnings reported by FindBugs 1.3.0 have been addressed.
Version 1.0.7 (14-Nov-2007)

This release features

  • new classes DialPlot and LogAxis (previously in experimental);
  • initial support for minor tick units;
  • a new anchored zooming option for the ChartPanel class;
  • optional simple labeling on pie charts;
  • improvements to the "statistical" datasets and underlying data structures;
  • and numerous bug fixes.
API Adjustments
  • CategoryAxis - added getCategorySeriesMiddle() method;
  • CategoryPlot - added methods to remove markers;
  • ChartPanel - added defaultDirectoryForSaveAs attribute;
  • DialPlot - new class, an alternative to MeterPlot;
  • LogAxis - new class, an alternative to LogarithmicAxis;
  • NumberTick - new constructor that allows specification of the tick type;
  • NumberTickUnit - new constructor to specify the minor tick count;
  • SymbolAxis - new methods get/setGridBandAlternatePaint();
  • TickType - new class;
  • TickUnit - added minorTickCount attribute;
  • ValueTick - added tickType attribute;
  • StandardPieSectionLabelGenerator - new constructors accepting a Locale;
  • StandardPieToolTipGenerator - likewise;
  • CategoryPlot - added getRangeAxisIndex(), zoomDomainAxes() and zoomRangeAxes() methods;
  • FastScatterPlot - added new zooming methods;
  • PiePlot - new attributes to support simple labeling;
  • PlotUtilities - new class;
  • PolarPlot - added new zooming methods;
  • ThermometerPlot - likewise;
  • XYPlot - added methods to remove markers (patch 1823697--same as for CategoryPlot), and added new zooming methods;
  • Zoomable - added new zooming methods to this interface;
  • LineAndShapeRenderer - added useSeriesOffset and itemMargin attributes;
  • MinMaxCategoryRenderer - implemented equals();
  • XYSplineAndShapeRenderer - new class;
  • LogFormat - new class;
  • ChartFactory - new pie and ring chart creation methods that accept a Locale;
  • ChartPanel - added zoomAroundAnchor attribute;
  • Series - added isEmpty() method;
  • BoxAndWhiskerItem - new convenience constructor;
  • DefaultBoxAndWhiskerCategoryDataset - new remove methods;
  • DefaultStatisticalCategoryDataset - likewise;
  • MeanAndStandardDeviation - added new value accessor methods;
  • TimeTableXYDataset - added clear() method;
  • Week - added new constructor;
  • KeyedObjects - added insertValue() and clear() methods;
  • KeyedObjects2D - added clear() method.
  • 1823724 - updated XYDifferenceRenderer to support item labels;
  • 1827829 - fixed possible NullPointerException in XYBarRenderer;
Bug Fixes
  • 1767315 - GrayPaintScale.getPaint() uses wrong value;
  • 1775452 - Inverted XYBarRenderer does not render margins correctly;
  • 1802195 - Marker.listenerList serializable;
  • 1779941 - StatisticalBarRenderer NPE;
  • 1766646 - XYBlockRenderer can't handle empty datasets;
  • 1763413 - PeriodAxis labels fail to display with setInverted;
  • 1737953 - Zoom doesn't work on LogAxis (Demo1);
  • 1749124 - JFreeChart not added as TitleChangeListener;
Version 1.0.6 (15-Jun-2007)

This release features:

  • a new VectorRenderer (previously in experimental);
  • a generalised XYDifferenceRenderer;
  • better support for hotspots on legend items;
  • improved performance for time series charts displaying subsets of data;
  • support for GradientPaint in plot backgrounds;
  • plus the usual slew of bug fixes and minor feature additions.
API Adjustments
  • CategoryItemEntity - replaced row and column index attributes with row and column key attributes;
  • CategoryItemRenderer - numerous series override settings have been deprecated;
  • DefaultPieDataset - added insertValues() method;
  • HexNumberFormat - new class;
  • LegendItem - added dataset and seriesKey attributes;
  • Plot - added new fillBackground() method to support GradientPaint, and added is/setOutlineVisible() methods;
  • QuarterDateFormat - added GREEK_QUARTERS field plus a new constructor;
  • SimpleHistogramDataset - added clearObservations() and removeAllBins() methods;
  • TimeSeriesCollection - added indexOf() method;
  • URLUtilities - new class;
  • XYItemRenderer - numerous series override settings have been deprecated;
  • XYSeriesCollection - added indexOf() method.
Bug Fixes
  • 1735508 - ClusteredXYBarRenderer fails with inverted x-axis;
  • 1726404 - ChartComposite tooltips;
  • 1713474 - StackedBarRenderer3D doesn't fill shadows;
  • 1713401 - StackedBarRenderer3D doesn't check drawBarOutline flag;
  • 1701822 - DefaultBoxAndWhiskerCategoryDataset doesn't follow contracts;
  • 1698965 - NPE in CombinedDomainXYPlot;
  • 1690994 - HideSeriesDemo1 does not work;
  • 1690654 - Bug in removeValue() of DefaultKeyedValues2D;
  • 1562701 - LegendItemEntity needs dataset index;
  • 1486299 - Use URLEncoder.encode() for URL generators;

Plus the following bugs that didn't have entries in the database:

  • BarRenderer - check for series visibility in getLegendItem();
  • ChartPanel - use correct insets for painting chart buffer to screen, update UI for popup menu if LookAndFeel changes;
  • DateAxis - fixed boundary cases for previousStandardDate() method;
  • LineBorder - only draw border if area has positive dimensions;
  • JFreeChart - should register as a listener with the default legend;
  • StandardXYItemRenderer - fixed a problem where chart entities are created for non-visible items;
  • TimePeriodValuesCollection.getDomainBounds() now computes the bounds correctly;
  • XYLineAndShapeRenderer - fixed a problem where chart entities are created for non-visible items;
  • XYLine3DRenderer - equals() implemented, and serialization fixed;
  • XYTitleAnnotation - fixed equals() method;
  • various resource usage bugs in the experimental ChartComposite class;
Version 1.0.5 (23-Mar-2007)

This release features:

  • a new DeviationRenderer class;
  • support for item labels in StackedXYBarRenderer;
  • tooltips and URLs in the CategoryStepRenderer; and
  • many bug fixes.
API Adjustments
  • AbstractCategoryItemRenderer - added createState() method;
  • StackedXYBarRenderer - added get/setRenderAsPercentages() methods;
  • XYIntervalSeries - added getXLowValue(), getXHighValue(), getYLowValue() and getYHighValue();
  • YIntervalSeries - added getYLowValue() and getYHighValue() methods;
Bug Fixes
  • 1681777 - DefaultCategoryDataset does not clone data;
  • 1672552 - Zoom rectangle is lost when the chart is repainted;
  • 1671645 - Crosshair incorrectly positioned in horizontal orientation;
  • 1669302 - Tick labels in vertical symbol axis;
  • 1669218 - CategoryPlot.setDomainAxisLocation() ignores parameter;
  • 1667750 - Clip region not restored in Spider and MeterPlot;
  • 1663380 - OutputStream not closed;
  • 1659627 - IntervalMarker with Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY bound;
  • 1647269 - IntervalMarker with Double.MAX_VALUE as upper bound;
  • 1594477 - XYBarRenderer does not render bars on LogarithmicAxis;
  • 1459958 - Log axis zoom function problem;
  • 880597 - Zooming ChartPanel with log axes;
  • 764561 - Dynamic chart zoom buggy.

Also fixed numerous bugs in equals(), cloning and serialization implementations.

Version 1.0.4 (9-Feb-2007)

This release features:

  • a new XYBlockRenderer class;
  • URLs for pie chart labels in HTML image maps;
  • a new dataset implementation for open-high-low-close charts;
  • support for gradient paint in ClusteredXYBarRenderer, StackedXYBarRenderer and legend graphics;
  • a new anchor attribute for XYImageAnnotation;
  • improvements to the experimental SWT support; plus
  • a number of additions to the API for usability; and
  • many bug fixes.
API Adjustments
  • DateAxis - added get/setTimeZone() methods;
  • DefaultXYDataset - now implements PublicCloneable;
  • StackedXYAreaRenderer2 - added get/setRoundXValues() methods;
  • StandardXYItemLabelGenerator - added new constructor;
  • StandardXYToolTipGenerator - added new constructor;
  • XYBarDataset - added getUnderlyingDataset() and get/setBarWidth() methods;
  • XYDifferenceRenderer - added roundXCoordinates attribute;
  • XYImageAnnotation - added an image anchor attribute, a new constructor, and several accessor methods;
  • XYSeries - added toArray() method;
Bug Fixes
  • 1654215 - XYPlot renderer with no corresponding dataset;
  • 1652640 - RangeMarkers do not update properly;
  • 1649686 - Crosshairs for StackedXYAreaRenderer;
  • 1647749 - IllegalArgumentException in SWTAxisEditor;
  • 1644877 - Replacing series data in DefaultXYDataset;
  • 1644010 - DateAxis.nextStandardDate() ignores timezone;
  • 1638678 - DateAxis code uses the default calendar;
  • 1629382 - Tests fail for jfreechart-1.0.3;
  • 1624067 - StandardXYToolTipGenerator missing constructor;
  • 1616583 - Serialize ChartDeleter;
  • 1612770 - Popup menu in wrong position for SWT ChartComposite;
  • 1611872 - Minute.previous() returns null for minute == 0;
  • 1608371 - Tick labels overlap with custom NumberFormat;
  • 1606205 - Draw shared axis last on combined plots;
  • 1605207 - IntervalMarker exceeds bounds of data area;
  • 1605202 - SpiderWebPlot method access;
  • 1599652 - Inverted StackedBar3D problem;
  • 1598394 - XYBarDataset hiding its proxied object;
  • 1564967 - Crosshairs on XYDifferenceRenderer;
  • 1245305 - NullPointerException in writeImageMap();
  • 1086307 - Crosshairs on plots with multiple axes.

Also fixed numerous bugs in equals() and clone() methods throughout the API.

Version 1.0.3 (17-Nov-2006)

This release features:

  • several new IntervalXYDataset implementations;
  • some significant refactoring of the time period classes (to improve performance and correctness);
  • modifications to the PiePlot class to support reordering of dataset items;
  • a new event mechanism to allow updating of markers, plus
  • many other enhancements, bug fixes and documentation updates.

A new DialPlot implementation has been added to the 'experimental' sources. We are looking for people to test this code and provide feedback, so that we can stabilize the API and add this code to the main JFreeChart API.

API adjustments

The following adjustments have been made to the API:

  • CategoryLabelEntity - new class;
  • CategoryPointerAnnotation - new class;
  • ChartPanel: added new public method doEditChartProperties();
  • ComparableObjectItem, ComparableObjectSeries - new classes;
  • CrosshairState: added several new accessor methods;
  • DefaultPieDataset: added sortByKeys() and sortByValues() methods;
  • Markers: a change event mechanism has been added to the Marker class and its subclasses;
  • StackedAreaRenderer: added get/setRenderAsPercentages() methods;
  • XIntervalDataItem, XIntervalSeries and XIntervalSeriesCollection - new classes;
  • XYErrorRenderer: new class;
  • XYInterval, XYIntervalDataItem, XYIntervalSeries and XYIntervalSeriesCollection - new classes;
  • YInterval, YIntervalDataItem, YIntervalSeries, YIntervalSeriesCollection and YWithXInterval - new classes.
Bug Fixes
  • 1578293 - Unused methods in JDBCXYDataset;
  • 1572478 - BoxAndWhiskerRenderer potential NullPointerException;
  • 1569094 - XYStepRenderer with horizontal orientation;
  • 1565168 - Crosshair position incorrect;
  • 1564977 - DateAxis missing initial tick label;
  • 1562759 - StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer constructor ignores arguments;
  • 1557141 - Bad locale in ServletUtilities;
  • 1550045 - TimeSeries.removeAgedItems() method problems;
  • 1549218 - Chart not displaying when all data values are the same and large;
  • 1450447 - Marker.setAlpha() ignored;

Also fixed URL generation for legend items, tick mark positioning on the DateAxis, the equals() method in the AreaRenderer class, hardcoded outline attributes in the XYBubbleRenderer, and potential NullPointerExceptions in the ChartPanel class.

Version 1.0.2 (25-Aug-2006)
API adjustments

The following adjustments have been made to the API (there should be no breakage of applications coded to the 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 API):

  • CategoryToPieDataset: added accessor methods for underlying dataset, extract type and index (feature request 1477915);
  • DefaultXYDataset: New dataset implementation that uses double[] arrays;
  • DefaultXYZDataset: New dataset implementation that uses double[] arrays;
  • LegendItemBlockContainer: New container used in legends (enables legend item entities again);
  • MultiplePiePlot: Added new fields aggregatedItemsKey and aggregatedItemsPaint, plus accessor methods - see bug 1190647;
  • SpiderWebPlot: Added new fields toolTipGenerator and urlGenerator, plus accessor methods (see patch 1463455);
  • StackedBarRenderer3D: Added new flag (renderAsPercentages), plus accessor methods, that controls whether the data items are displayed as values or percentages. Two new constructors are also added (see patch 1459313);
  • XYPolygonAnnotation: Added new accessor methods.
  • 1459313 - Add renderAsPercentages option to StackedBarRenderer3D;
  • 1462727 - Modify SpiderWebPlot to support zero values;
  • 1463455 - Modify SpiderWebPlot to support mouse clicks, tool tips and URLs;
Bug Fixes
  • 1514904 - Background image alpha in Plot class;
  • 1499140 - ClusteredXYBarRenderer with margin not drawing correctly;
  • 1494936 - LineAndShapeRenderer generates entity for non-visible item;
  • 1493199 - NPE drawing SpiderWebPlot with null info;
  • 1480978 - AbstractPieItemLabelGenerator.clone() doesn't clone percentFormat;
  • 1472942 - DateAxis.equals() broken;
  • 1468794 - StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer doesn't draw error bars correctly when the plot has a horizontal orientation;
  • AbstractCategoryItemRenderer doesn't check seriesVisibleInLegend flag before creating new item;
  • 1440415 - Bad distribution of pie chart section labels;
  • 1440346 - Bad manifest entry for JCommon in JFreeChart jar file;
  • 1435461 - NumberAxis.equals() ignores rangeType field;
  • 1435160 - XYPointerAnnotation.equals() ignores x and y fields;
  • 1398672 - LegendItemEntities not working;
  • 1380480 - StandardXYItemRenderer problems with Double.NaN;
  • 1190647 - Legend and section color mismatch for MultiplePiePlot.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Updated CandlestickRenderer, CyclicXYItemRenderer, HighLowRenderer, XYStepAreaRenderer and TimeSeriesURLGenerator to call dataset methods that return double primitive only;
  • Updated XYPolygonAnnotation, adding new accessor methods and fixing problems in the equals()/hashCode() methods;
  • ChartFactory.createStackedXYAreaChart() now uses StackedXYAreaRenderer2, for better handling of negative values;
  • Added crosshair support for XYBarRenderer.
Experimental Code

In this release, some new (incomplete) classes have been included in the org.jfree.experimental.* namespace. These classes are not part of the standard API, but are included for developers to experiment with and provide feedback on. Hopefully in the future, refined versions of these classes will be incorporated into the main library. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE API FOR THESE CLASSES IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Version 1.0.1 (27-Jan-2006)

This is primarily a bug fix release. In addition, there are some API adjustments (there should be no breakage of applications coded to the 1.0.0 API).

API adjustments
  • BarRenderer: added a new flag (includeBaseInRange), plus accessor methods, that controls whether or not the base value for the bar is included in the range calculated by the findRangeBounds() method;
  • BubbleXYItemLabelGenerator: new class;
  • Range: added a new method expandToInclude(Range, double), this is used by the BarRenderer class;
  • TaskSeriesCollection: added two new methods, getSeries(int) and getSeries(Comparable);
  • TimeSeriesCollection: the domainIsPointsInTime flag has been deprecated. The flag serves no function now that renderers are used to calculate the domain bounds, so you can safely delete any calls to the setDomainIsPointsInTime() method;
  • XYPlot: added a new getAnnotations() method;
  • XYSeries: the update(int, Number) method has been deprecated and a new method updateByIndex(int, Number) has been added;
Bug fixes
  • 1243050 - XYBarRenderer doesn't show entire range of values for a TimeSeriesCollection;
  • 1373371 - XYBubbleRenderer doesn't support item labels;
  • 1374222 - BarRenderer contains JDK 1.4 specific code;
  • 1374328 - LegendItem serialization problem;
  • 1377239 - Bad argument checking in Quarter constructor;
  • 1379331 - Incorrect drawing of TextTitle at LEFT or RIGHT position;
  • 1386328 - RingPlot entity incorrect;
  • 1400442 - Inconsistent treatment of null and zero values in PiePlot;
  • 1401856 - Bad rendering for non-zero base values in BarRenderer;
  • 1403043 - NullPointerException in CategoryAxis;
  • 1408904 - NumberAxis3D assumes CategoryPlot;
  • 1415480 - XYTextAnnotation equals() method doesn't check (x, y);
Version 1.0.0 (2-Dec-2005)
  • the first stable release of the JFreeChart class library, all future releases in the 1.0.x series will aim to maintain backward compatibility with this release;
Version 1.0.0-rc3 (28-Nov-2005)
  • the third "release candidate" for version 1.0.0, this release fixes some issues with the 1.0.0-rc2 release (mainly concerning packaging of resource bundles for localisation).
  • if no significant problems are reported in the next few days, the 1.0.0 "final" release will be posted on 2-Dec-2005.
Version 1.0.0-rc2 (25-Nov-2005)
  • the second "release candidate" for version 1.0.0. If no problems are reported, 1.0.0 "final" will be released on 2-Dec-2005.
Version 1.0.0-rc1 (2-Jun-2005)
  • this is a "release candidate" for version 1.0.0. If no significant API problems are reported, this release will be re-released as version 1.0.0.
Version 1.0.0-pre2 (10-Mar-2005)
Version 1.0.0-pre1 (29-Nov-2004)
Version 0.9.21 (9-Sep-2004)
  • added new axes: PeriodAxis and ModuloAxis.
  • split org.jfree.data and org.jfree.chart.renderer into subpackages for 'category' and 'xy' charts.
  • Sun PNG encoder is now used, if available.
  • a new demo application makes it easier to preview the chart types that JFreeChart can create.
  • added a new series visibility flag to the AbstractRenderer class.
  • added support for GradientPaint in interval markers.
Version 0.9.20 (7-Jun-2004)
  • primarily bug fixes.
Version 0.9.19 (28-May-2004)
  • added methods to XYDataset that return double primitives;
  • removed distinction between "primary" and "secondary" datasets, renderers and axes;
  • added fixed legend item options to CategoryPlot and XYPlot;
  • legend changes by Barek Naveh;
  • removed Log4j dependency;
  • many, many bug fixes;
Version 0.9.18 (15-Apr-2004)
  • new legend anchor options;
  • fixed broken JPEG export;
  • fixed title size problems;
  • various other bug fixes;
Version 0.9.17 (26-Mar-2004)
  • pie chart enhancements for labelling, shading and multiple pie charts (2D or 3D) on a single plot;
  • new PolarPlot class added;
  • XYSeries can now be sorted or unsorted;
  • createBufferedImage() method can now scale charts;
  • domain and range markers now support intervals;
  • item labels are now supported by some XYItemRenderers;
  • tooltip and item label generators now use MessageFormat class;
  • added new XYBarDataset class;
  • added transparency support to PNG export;
  • numerous other small enhancements and bug fixes;
Version 0.9.16 (09-Jan-2004)
  • this release contains bug fixes and some minor feature enhancements (title and category label wrapping, legend shape scaling, enhanced performance for the DefaultTableXYDataset class);
  • added Spanish localisation files;
Version 0.9.15 (28-Nov-2003)
  • the focus of this release is bug fixes - quite a number of issues have been resolved, please check the bug database for details;
  • added a new Wafer Map chart type;
  • added a cyclic axis;
  • added localisation files for _ru;
Version 0.9.14 (17-Nov-2003)
  • implemented zooming for the FastScatterPlot class;
  • added item label support for stacked bar charts, and new fall back options for item labels that don't fit within bars;
  • modified the CategoryAxis class to allow additional options for the alignment and rotation of category labels;
  • addition of the AxisState class, used in the drawing of axes to eliminate a bug when multiple threads draw the same axis simultaneously;
  • provided additional attributes in the DateTickUnit class to improve labelling on a segmented DateAxis;
  • added support for GradientPaint in bar charts;
  • updated the PNGEncoder;
  • fixes for tick label positioning on axes;
  • various Javadoc updates;
  • numerous bug fixes;
Version 0.9.13 (26-Sep-2003)
     - various enhancements to the stacked area XY charts;
     - added a completion indicator for the Gantt chart;
     - range and domain markers can now be placed in the foreground or the
     - more fixes for cloning and serialization;
     - fixed mouse event bug for combined charts;
     - fixed bugs in the PngEncoder class;
     - incorporated .properties files that were missing from the 0.9.12
Version 0.9.12 (11-Sep-2003)
     - extended box-and-whisker plots to work with the CategoryPlot class
       as well as the XYPlot class (based on work by David Browning);
     - added a new LayeredBarRenderer (by Arnaud Lelievre);
     - added support for stacked area charts with the XYPlot class (thanks
       to Richard Atkinson);
     - improved HTML image map support (thanks to Richard Atkinson);
     - added localized resources for the chart property editors (thanks to
       Arnaud Lelievre).  Current translations include French and Portugese
       (thanks to Eduardo Ramalho);
     - added facility for setting all rendering hints;
     - improved support for cloning and serialization;
     - fixed a bug in the XYSeries class that prevented the TableXYDataset
       from functioning correctly;
     - improved date axis labelling with segmented time lines;
     - fixed several bugs in the secondary dataset/axis/renderer code;
     - fixed bugs in the JDBCCategoryDataset class;
     - numerous other bug fixes;
Version 0.9.11 (8-Aug-2003)
     - added support for box-and-whisker plots, thanks to David Browning;
     - lots of bug fixes;
Version 0.9.10 (25-Jul-2003)
     - added support for multiple secondary axes, datasets and
     - minor feature enhancements and bug fixes;
Version 0.9.9 (10-Jul-2003)


    - merged the HorizontalCategoryPlot and VerticalCategoryPlot classes,
      into the CategoryPlot class;
    - merged the horizontal and vertical axis classes;
    - merged the horizontal and vertical renderer classes;
    - CategoryPlot and XYPlot now support both horizontal and vertical
      orientation via the setOrientation(...) method;
    - merged horizontal and vertical methods in the ChartFactory class;
    - created new combined plot classes: CombinedDomainCategoryPlot,
      CombinedRangeCategoryPlot, CombinedDomainXYPlot and
      CombinedRangeXYPlot (these can all be drawn with a horizontal or
      vertical orientation);
    - Bill Kelemen has enhanced the DateAxis class to handle segmented
      timelines.  This can be used, for example, to skip weekends for
      daily stock price charts;
    - Richard Atkinson has updated the ServletUtilities class;
    - Bryan Scott has added an XYDatasetTableModel class for presenting
      datasets in a JTable;
    - modified XYPlot to allow renderers to use multiple passes through
      the dataset;
    - added new XYDifferenceRenderer;
    - added support for colored bands between gridlines in XYPlot;
    - added new XYDrawableAnnotation class;
    - added a new attribute to control the order of dataset rendering in
      a CategoryPlot;
    - extended the value label mechanism for the renderers, to allow
      better (per series) control over label generation, positioning and
    - CategoryItemTooltipGenerator has been renamed
      CategoryItemLabelGenerator, since it is now being used to generated
      item labels as well as tooltips;
    - there is now support for horizontal stacked 3D bar charts;
    - added support for range markers against secondary axis in a
    - added labels to domain and range markers;
    - added a new HistogramDataset class (contributed by Jelai Wang) to
      make it easier to create histograms with JFreeChart;
    - moved the DrawingSupplier into the plot class, renderers now
      reference the supplier from the plot (parent plot for combined and
      overlaid charts).  This means that renderers now share a single
      DrawingSupplier by default, which simplifies the creation of
      combined charts;
    - changed the ColorBarAxis classes that extended the NumberAxis class,
      to a single ColorBar class that wraps a ValueAxis (may have broken
      one or two things in the process);
    - Barak Naveh has contributed new classes MatrixSeries and
      MatrixSeriesCollection, along with demos:  BubblyBubblesDemo.java
      and BubblyBubblesDemo2.java;
    - the TextTitle class now has a background paint attribute;
    - the StandardLegend class now generates LegendEntity objects if a
      ChartRenderingInfo instance is supplied to the draw(...) method;
    - extended the CategoryTextAnnotation class to take into account a
      category anchor point.  See the SurveyResultsDemo.java application
      for an example;
    - included numerous bug fixes;
Version 0.9.8 (24-Apr-2003)
    - changed package naming from com.jrefinery.* to org.jfree.*;
    - added new TimePeriodValuesCollection class;
    - added MIME type code to ServletUtilities class;
    - reversed the order of PieDataset and KeyedValuesDataset in
      the class hierarchy;
    - reversed the order of CategoryDataset and KeyedValues2DDataset
      in the class hierarchy;
    - minor bug fixes;
Version 0.9.7 (11-Apr-2003)
    - added a new ValueDataset interface and DefaultValueDataset
      class, and changed the CompassPlot class to use this instead
      of MeterDataset;
    - added DataUtilities class, to support creation of Pareto
      charts (new demo included);
    - updated writeImageMap method as suggested by Xavier Poinsard
      (see Feature Request 688079);
    - implemented Serializable for most classes (this is likely to
      require further testing);
    - incorporated contour plot updates from David M. O'Donnell;
    - added new CategoryTextAnnotation and XYLineAnnotation
    - added new HorizontalCategoryAxis3D class contributed by
      Klaus Rheinwald;

    Bug fixes:
    - added a workaround for JVM crash (a JDK bug) in pie charts
      with small sections (see bug report 620031);
    - fixed minor bug in HorizontalCategoryPlot constructor (see
      bug report 702248);
    - added code to ensure HorizontalNumberAxis3D is not drawn if
      it is not visible (see bug report 702466);
    - added small fix for suppressed chart change events (see bug
      report 690865);
    - added pieIndex parameter to tooltip and URL generators for
      pie charts;
    - fixed bug in getLastMillisecond() method for the Second
      class and the getFirstMillisecond() method for the Year
      class (picked up in JUnit tests);
    - in TextTitle, changed width used for relative spacing to fix
      bug 703050;
Version 0.9.6 (17-Feb-2003) Bug fixes:
    - fixed null pointer exception in DefaultCategoryDataset;
    - fixed update problem for PaintTable, StrokeTable and
      ShapeTable objects;
    - added methods to control colors in PiePlot (these were
      inadvertantly removed in the changes made for 0.9.5);
    - fixed auto-range update problem for secondary axis;
    - fixed missing category labels in the overlaid category plot;
    - fixed constructors for symbolic axes;
    - corrected error in Javadoc generation (Ant script);
Version 0.9.5 (6-Feb-2003)


    - added support for secondary axes, datasets and renderers;
    - added new data interfaces (Value, Values, Values2D,
      KeyedValues and KeyedValues2D) and incorporated these into
      the existing PieDataset and CategoryDataset interfaces.
    - modified the CategoryDataset interface to be more
      symmetrical, data is organised in rows and columns (as
      before) but can now be accessed by row/column index or
      row/column key.
    - added support for reading PieDatasets and CategoryDatasets
      from XML files.
    - created separate packages for the axes
      (com.jrefinery.chart.axis), plots (com.jrefinery.chart.plot)
      and renderers (com.jrefinery.chart.renderer).
    - series attributes (paint, outline paint, stroke and shape)
      are now controlled by the renderer classes using lookup
      tables.  Introduced the DrawingSupplier interface (and
      DefaultDrawingSupplier class) which is used to populate the
      lookup tables from a common source (necessary to coordinate
      complex combined charts).
    - the chart legend can now display shapes corresponding to
    - moved responsibility for category distribution to the
      CategoryAxis class, which tidies up the code in the
      CategoryPlot classes.
    - gridlines are now controlled by the CategoryPlot and XYPlot
      classes, not the axes (included in this change is the
      addition of gridlines for the CategoryPlot domain values).
    - changed the list of titles in the JFreeChart class to a
      title and a list of subtitles.
    - added new renderers for XYPlot (XYBubbleRenderer and
    - modified Gantt chart to display sub-tasks.
    - added ContourPlot class (still experimental) by David
      M. O'Donnell.
    - introduced new MovingAverage class.
    - ChartMouseEvent now includes source chart.
    - numerous bug fixes.
    - lots of Javadoc updates.
Version 0.9.4 (18-Oct-2002)

Added a new stacked area chart (contributed by Dan Rivett) and a compass plot (contributed by Bryan Scott). Updated the ThermometerPlot class. Added a new XYDotRenderer for scatter plots. Modified combined and overlaid plots to use the series colors specified in the sub plot rather than the parent plot (this makes it easier to align the colors in the legend). Added Regression class for linear and power regressions. BasicTimeSeries can now automatically drop "old" data. Some clean-up work in the code for tooltips and the event listener mechanism. Richard Atkinson has incorporated some useful extensions for servlets/JSP developers.

    Ran Checkstyle and corrected issues reported for most classes.
    Checkstyle is a free utility that you can download from:


    Fixed bugs and updated documentation.

    API changes include:
    - added tickMarkPaint to Axis constructor (also affects
    - added getLegendItems() to Plot, and deprecated
    - added getLegendItem(int) to XYItemRenderer and
    - most 'protected' member variables have been changed to
Version 0.9.3 (4-Sep-2002)
  • Added multiple pie charts based on CategoryDataset;
  • Updated logarithmic axes;
  • Improved URL support for image map generation;
  • Moved the com.jrefinery.data package from JCommon to JFreeChart.
  • Added simple framework for chart annotations;
  • Improved control over renderers;
  • Duplicate x-values now allowed in XYSeries;
  • Optional category label skipping in category axes;
  • Added CategoriesPaint attribute to AbstractCategoryItemRenderer;
  • Added new attributes to MeterPlot class;
  • Updated 3D pie chart to observe start angle and direction, and also foreground alpha < 1.0;
  • Improved Javadoc comments;
  • New demo applications, including: AnnotationDemo1, EventFrequencyDemo, JDBCCategoryChartDemo, JDBCPieChartDemo, JDBCXYChartDemo and MinMaxCategoryPlotDemo.

Bug fixes:

  • negative percentages on PiePlot;
  • added listener notification to setXXXAxis(...) methods;
  • fixed DomainInfo method name clash;
  • added DomainIsPointsInTime flag to TimeSeriesCollection to give better control over auto range on axis for time series charts;
  • axis margins for date axes are no longer hard-coded;
  • fix for ordering of categories in JdbcCategoryDataset;
  • added check for null axis in mouse click handler.

The CVS repository at SourceForge has also been restructured to match the distribution directory layout.

Version 0.9.2 (28-Jun-2002)
  • PiePlot now has startAngle and direction attributes;
  • added support for image map generation;
  • added a new Pie3DPlot class;
  • added label drawing code to bar renderers;
  • added optional range markers to horizontal number axis;
  • added bar clipping to avoid PRExceptions in bar charts;
  • JFreeChartDemo has been modified and now includes examples of the dial and thermometer plots.

######Bug fixes

  • auto range for VerticalNumberAxis when zero is forced to be included in the range;
  • fixed null pointer exception in StackedVerticalBarRenderer3D;
  • added get/set methods for min/max chart drawing dimensions in ChartPanel;
  • HorizontalIntervalBarRenderer now handles single category;
  • verticalTickLabels now possible in HorizontalNumberAxis3D;
  • removed unnecessary imports;
Version 0.9.1 (14-Jun-2002)

Bug fixes and Javadoc updates.

  • fixed auto range calculation for category plots;
  • fixed event notification for XYPlot;
  • fixed auto axis range for Gantt charts;
  • check for null popup menu in ChartPanel.mouseDragged;
  • new checks for null info in renderers;
  • range markers now drawn only if in visible axis range;
Version 0.9.0 (7-Jun-2002)
  • new plots including an area chart, a horizontal 3D bar chart, a Gantt chart and a thermometer chart;
  • combination plots have been reworked to provide a simpler framework, and extends to allow category plots to be combined;
  • there is now a facility to add a ChartMouseListener to the ChartPanel (formerly JFreeChartPanel);
  • an interactive zooming feature (experimental at this point) is now available for XYPlots;
  • a new Polish translation has been added;
  • several fixes have been applied to the default tool tip generators;
  • a workaround has been added to fix the alignment between time series charts and the date axis;
  • there are some improvements to the VerticalLogarithmicAxis class, and now a corresponding HorizontalLogarithmicAxis class;
  • additional demonstration applications have been added;
  • fixed the popup menu bug.
Version 0.8.1 (5-Apr-2002)
  • Localised resource bundles for French, German and Spanish languages (thanks to Anthony Boulestreau, Thomas Meier and Hans-Jurgen Greiner for the translations);
  • an area XY plot and meter chart contributed by Hari;
  • symbol charts contributed by Anthony Boulestreau;
  • an improved CandleStickRenderer class from Sylvain Vieujot;
  • updated servlet code from Bryan Scott;
  • XYItemRenderers now have a change listener mechanism and therefore do not have to be immutable;
  • additional demonstration applications for individual chart types;
  • minor bug fixes.
Version 0.8.0 (22-Mar-2002)
  • all the category plots are now controlled through the one class (CategoryPlot) with plug-in renderers;
  • added a ResourceBundle for user interface items that require localisation;
  • added a logarithmic axis class contributed by Mike Duffy and some new JDBC and servlet code contributed by Bryan Scott;
  • updated the JCommon class library to improve handling of time periods in different time zones.
Version 0.7.4 (6-Mar-2002)
  • bug fixes in the JCommon Class Library;
  • various Javadoc comment updates;
  • some minor changes to the code;
  • added new domain name (http://www.object-refinery.com) in the source headers.
Version 0.7.3 (14-Feb-2002)

Bug fixes.

Version 0.7.2 (8-Feb-2002)
  • integrated the WindPlot code from Achilleus Mantzios;
  • added an optional background image for the JFreeChart class;
  • added an optional background image for the Plot class;
  • added alpha-transparency for the plot foreground and background;
  • added new pie chart label types that show values;
  • fixed a bug with the legend that results in a loop at small chart sizes;
  • added some tooltip methods that were missing from the previous version;
  • changed the Insets class on chart titles to a new Spacer class that will allow for relative or absolute insets (the plan is to eventually replace all Insets in the JFreeChart classes);
  • fixed a bug in the setAutoRangeIncludesZero method of the NumberAxis class;
  • added the instructions that were missing from the copies of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence included with JFreeChart.
Version 0.7.1 (25-Jan-2002)
  • added tooltips, crosshairs and zooming functions, thanks to Jonathan Nash and Hans-Jurgen Greiner for contributing the code that these features are based on;
  • moved the combination charts into the package com.jrefinery.chart.combination;
  • made a number of other small API changes and fixed some bugs;
  • removed the Javadoc HTML from the download to save space (you can regenerate it from the source code if you need it).
Version 0.7.0 (11-Dec-2001)
  • new combination plots developed by Bill Kelemen;
  • added Wolfgang Irler's servlet demo to the standard download;
  • the About window in the demo application now includes a list of developers that have contributed to the project.
Version 0.6.0 (27-Nov-2001)
  • new plots including scatter plot, stacked bar charts and 3D bar charts;
  • improved pie chart;
  • data interfaces and classes moved to the JCommon class library;
  • new properties to control spacing on bar charts;
  • new auto-tick mechanism;
  • JFreeChartPanel now incorporates buffering, and popup menu;
  • Javadocs revised;
  • fixed numerous bugs from version 0.5.6;
  • demo application updated.


JFreeChart wouldn't be half the library that it is today without the contributions (large and small) that have been made by the developers listed below:

  • Eric Alexander
  • Richard Atkinson
  • David Basten
  • David Berry
  • Chris Boek
  • Zoheb Borbora
  • Anthony Boulestreau
  • Jeremy Bowman
  • Nicolas Brodu
  • Jody Brownell
  • David Browning
  • Soren Caspersen
  • Thomas A Caswell
  • Chuanhao Chiu
  • Brian Cole
  • Pascal Collet
  • Martin Cordova
  • Paolo Cova
  • Greg Darke
  • Mike Duffy
  • Don Elliott
  • Rune Fauske
  • Jonathan Gabbai
  • Serge V. Grachov
  • Daniel Gredler
  • Joao Guilherme Del Valle
  • Hans-Jurgen Greiner
  • Nick Guenther
  • Aiman Han
  • Cameron Hayne
  • Martin Hoeller (xS+S)
  • Jon Iles
  • Wolfgang Irler
  • Sergei Ivanov
  • Nina Jeliazkova
  • Adriaan Joubert
  • Darren Jung
  • Xun Kang
  • Bill Kelemen
  • Norbert Kiesel
  • Petr Kopac
  • Gideon Krause
  • Dave Law;
  • Pierre-Marie Le Biot
  • Simon Legner
  • Arnaud Lelievre
  • Wolfgang Lenhard
  • Leo Leung
  • David Li
  • Yan Liu
  • Tin Luu
  • Craig MacFarlane
  • Achilleus Mantzios
  • John Matthews
  • Thomas Meier
  • Jim Moore
  • Jonathan Nash
  • Barak Naveh
  • David M. O'Donnell
  • Krzysztof Paz
  • Eric Penfold
  • Tomer Peretz
  • Xavier Poinsard
  • Andrzej Porebski
  • Viktor Rajewski
  • Eduardo Ramalho
  • Michael Rauch
  • Klaus Rheinwald
  • Cameron Riley
  • Dan Rivett
  • Lukasz Rzeszotarski
  • Scott Sams
  • Michel Santos
  • Thierry Saura
  • Patrick Schlott
  • Andreas Schneider
  • Christoph Schroeder
  • Jean-Luc SCHWAB
  • Bryan Scott
  • Tobias Selb
  • Darshan Shah
  • Mofeed Shahin
  • Michael Siemer
  • Pady Srinivasan
  • Greg Steckman
  • Roger Studner
  • Gerald Struck
  • Irv Thomae
  • Eric Thomas
  • Rich Unger
  • Daniel van Enckevort
  • Laurence Vanhelsuwe
  • Sylvain Vieujot
  • Jelai Wang
  • Mark Watson
  • Alex Weber
  • Richard West
  • Matthew Wright
  • Benoit Xhenseval
  • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt
  • Hari
  • Sam (oldman)

It is possible that I have missed someone on this list, if that applies to you, please e-mail me.

Dave Gilbert (dave@jfree.org)

JFreeChart Project Leader