irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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rsZoneReport.cpp File Reference
#include "rcMisc.h"
#include "rsGlobalExtern.hpp"
#include "rodsErrorTable.h"
#include "miscServerFunct.hpp"
#include "rsZoneReport.hpp"
#include "rsServerReport.hpp"
#include "irods_log.hpp"
#include "zone_report.h"
#include "server_report.h"
#include "irods_resource_manager.hpp"
#include "irods_resource_backport.hpp"
#include "irods_server_properties.hpp"
#include "irods_configuration_keywords.hpp"
#include "irods_report_plugins_in_json.hpp"
#include "json.hpp"
#include <boost/format.hpp>
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using json = nlohmann::json


int _rsZoneReport (rsComm_t *_comm, bytesBuf_t **_bbuf)
int rsZoneReport (rsComm_t *_comm, bytesBuf_t **_bbuf)
static void report_server_connect_error (int _error, const std::string &_host_name, const std::string &_resc_name, json &_resc_arr)
static irods::error get_server_reports (rsComm_t *_comm, json &_resc_arr)
static irods::error get_coordinating_resources (rsComm_t *_comm, json &_resources)

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using json = nlohmann::json

Definition at line 21 of file rsZoneReport.cpp.

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◆ _rsZoneReport()

int _rsZoneReport ( rsComm_t _comm,
bytesBuf_t **  _bbuf 

Definition at line 209 of file rsZoneReport.cpp.

References ACTION_FAILED_ERR, BytesBuf::buf, irods::error::code(), terminate_irods_processes::e, freeBBuf(), get_coordinating_resources(), get_server_reports(), BytesBuf::len, LOG_ERROR, irods::error::ok(), rodsLog(), rsServerReport(), irods.pypyodbc::status, and SYS_MALLOC_ERR.

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◆ get_coordinating_resources()

static irods::error get_coordinating_resources ( rsComm_t _comm,
json _resources 

Definition at line 172 of file rsZoneReport.cpp.

References irods::experimental::filesystem::client::begin(), irods::experimental::filesystem::client::end(), irods::log(), irods::error::ok(), PASS, resc_mgr, irods::RESOURCE_HOST(), irods::error::result(), irods::serialize_resource_plugin_to_json(), and SUCCESS.

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◆ get_server_reports()

◆ report_server_connect_error()

static void report_server_connect_error ( int  _error,
const std::string &  _host_name,
const std::string &  _resc_name,
json _resc_arr 

Definition at line 62 of file rsZoneReport.cpp.

References ERROR, and irods::log().

Referenced by get_server_reports().

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◆ rsZoneReport()

int rsZoneReport ( rsComm_t _comm,
bytesBuf_t **  _bbuf