irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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rsDataObjPut.hpp File Reference
#include "rcConnect.h"
#include "rodsDef.h"
#include "procApiRequest.h"
#include "dataObjInpOut.h"
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int rsDataObjPut (rsComm_t *rsComm, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, bytesBuf_t *dataObjInpBBuf, portalOprOut_t **portalOprOut)
int _rsDataObjPut (rsComm_t *rsComm, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, bytesBuf_t *dataObjInpBBuf, portalOprOut_t **portalOprOut)
int preProcParaPut (rsComm_t *rsComm, int l1descInx, portalOprOut_t **portalOprOut)
int l3DataPutSingleBuf (rsComm_t *rsComm, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, bytesBuf_t *dataObjInpBBuf)
int _l3DataPutSingleBuf (rsComm_t *rsComm, int l1descInx, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, bytesBuf_t *dataObjInpBBuf)
int l3FilePutSingleBuf (rsComm_t *rsComm, int l1descInx, bytesBuf_t *dataObjInpBBuf)

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◆ _l3DataPutSingleBuf()

int _l3DataPutSingleBuf ( rsComm_t rsComm,
int  l1descInx,
dataObjInp_t dataObjInp,
bytesBuf_t dataObjInpBBuf 

◆ _rsDataObjPut()

◆ l3DataPutSingleBuf()

int l3DataPutSingleBuf ( rsComm_t rsComm,
dataObjInp_t dataObjInp,
bytesBuf_t dataObjInpBBuf 

Definition at line 286 of file rsDataObjPut.cpp.

References _l3DataPutSingleBuf(), addKeyVal(), DataObjInp::condInput, L1desc, OpenedDataObjInp::l1descInx, LOG_DEBUG, LOG_ERROR, NO_OPEN_FLAG_KW, DataObjInp::objPath, l1desc::oprStatus, l1desc::oprType, PUT_OPR, rodsLog(), rsDataObjClose(), rsDataObjCreate(), irods.pypyodbc::status, and SYS_FILE_DESC_OUT_OF_RANGE.

Referenced by _rsDataObjPut().

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◆ l3FilePutSingleBuf()

◆ preProcParaPut()

int preProcParaPut ( rsComm_t rsComm,
int  l1descInx,
portalOprOut_t **  portalOprOut 

Definition at line 258 of file rsDataObjPut.cpp.

References addKeyVal(), l1desc::bytesWritten, clearKeyVal(), DataOprInp::condInput, l1desc::dataObjInfo, DataOprInp::dataSize, initDataOprInp(), L1desc, NULL, PUT_OPR, remoteDataPut(), RESC_HIER_STR_KW, DataObjInfo::rescHier, rsDataPut(), and irods.pypyodbc::status.

Referenced by _rsDataObjPut(), and dataObjCopy().

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◆ rsDataObjPut()