irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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4 /* packInstruct.h - header file for pack instruction definition
5  */
9 #ifndef PACK_INSTRUCT_H__
10 #define PACK_INSTRUCT_H__
12 #define IRODS_STR_PI "str myStr[MAX_NAME_LEN];"
13 #define STR_PI "str myStr;"
14 #define CHAR_PI "char myChar;"
15 #define STR_PTR_PI "str *myStr;"
16 #define PI_STR_PI "piStr myStr[MAX_NAME_LEN];"
17 #define INT_PI "int myInt;"
18 #define INT16_PI "int16 myInt;"
19 #define BUF_LEN_PI "int myInt;"
20 #define DOUBLE_PI "double myDouble;"
22 /* packInstruct for msgHeader_t */
23 #define MsgHeader_PI "str type[HEADER_TYPE_LEN]; int msgLen; int errorLen; int bsLen; int intInfo;"
25 /* packInstruct for startupPack_t */
26 #define StartupPack_PI "int irodsProt; int reconnFlag; int connectCnt; str proxyUser[NAME_LEN]; str proxyRcatZone[NAME_LEN]; str clientUser[NAME_LEN]; str clientRcatZone[NAME_LEN]; str relVersion[NAME_LEN]; str apiVersion[NAME_LEN]; str option[LONG_NAME_LEN];"
28 /* packInstruct for version_t */
30 #define Version_PI "int status; str relVersion[NAME_LEN]; str apiVersion[NAME_LEN]; int reconnPort; str reconnAddr[LONG_NAME_LEN]; int cookie;"
32 /* packInstruct for rErrMsg_t */
34 #define RErrMsg_PI "int status; str msg[ERR_MSG_LEN];"
36 /* packInstruct for rError_t */
38 #define RError_PI "int count; struct *RErrMsg_PI[count];"
40 #define RHostAddr_PI "str hostAddr[LONG_NAME_LEN]; str rodsZone[NAME_LEN]; int port; int dummyInt;"
42 #define RODS_STAT_T_PI "double st_size; int st_dev; int st_ino; int st_mode; int st_nlink; int st_uid; int st_gid; int st_rdev; int st_atim; int st_mtim; int st_ctim; int st_blksize; int st_blocks;"
44 #define RODS_DIRENT_T_PI "int d_offset; int d_ino; int d_reclen; int d_namlen; str d_name[DIR_LEN];"
46 #define KeyValPair_PI "int ssLen; str *keyWord[ssLen]; str *svalue[ssLen];"
48 // =-=-=-=-=-=-=-
49 // pack struct for client server negotiations
50 #define CS_NEG_PI "int status; str result[MAX_NAME_LEN];"
52 #define InxIvalPair_PI "int iiLen; int *inx(iiLen); int *ivalue(iiLen);"
54 #define InxValPair_PI "int isLen; int *inx(isLen); str *svalue[isLen];"
56 #define DataObjInp_PI "str objPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int createMode; int openFlags; double offset; double dataSize; int numThreads; int oprType; struct *SpecColl_PI; struct KeyValPair_PI;"
58 #define OpenedDataObjInp_PI "int l1descInx; int len; int whence; int oprType; double offset; double bytesWritten; struct KeyValPair_PI;"
60 #define PortList_PI "int portNum; int cookie; int sock; int windowSize; str hostAddr[LONG_NAME_LEN];"
62 #define PortalOprOut_PI "int status; int l1descInx; int numThreads; str chksum[NAME_LEN]; struct PortList_PI;"
64 #define DataOprInp_PI "int oprType; int numThreads; int srcL3descInx; int destL3descInx; int srcRescTypeInx; int destRescTypeInx; double offset; double dataSize; struct KeyValPair_PI;"
66 #define CollInpNew_PI "str collName[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int flags; int oprType; struct KeyValPair_PI;"
68 #define GenQueryInp_PI "int maxRows; int continueInx; int partialStartIndex; int options; struct KeyValPair_PI; struct InxIvalPair_PI; struct InxValPair_PI;"
69 #define SqlResult_PI "int attriInx; int reslen; str *value(rowCnt)(reslen);"
71 #define GenQueryOut_PI "int rowCnt; int attriCnt; int continueInx; int totalRowCount; struct SqlResult_PI[MAX_SQL_ATTR];"
72 #define GenArraysInp_PI "int rowCnt; int attriCnt; int continueInx; int totalRowCount; struct KeyValPair_PI; struct SqlResult_PI[MAX_SQL_ATTR];"
73 #define DataObjInfo_PI "str objPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str rescName[NAME_LEN]; str rescHier[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str dataType[NAME_LEN]; double dataSize; str chksum[NAME_LEN]; str version[NAME_LEN]; str filePath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str dataOwnerName[NAME_LEN]; str dataOwnerZone[NAME_LEN]; int replNum; int replStatus; str statusString[NAME_LEN]; double dataId; double collId; int dataMapId; int flags; str dataComments[LONG_NAME_LEN]; str dataMode[SHORT_STR_LEN]; str dataExpiry[TIME_LEN]; str dataCreate[TIME_LEN]; str dataModify[TIME_LEN]; str dataAccess[NAME_LEN]; int dataAccessInx; int writeFlag; str destRescName[NAME_LEN]; str backupRescName[NAME_LEN]; str subPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int *specColl; int regUid; int otherFlags; struct KeyValPair_PI; str in_pdmo[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int *next; double rescId;"
75 /* transStat_t is being replaced by transferStat_t because of the 64 bits
76  * padding */
77 #define TransStat_PI "int numThreads; double bytesWritten;"
78 #define TransferStat_PI "int numThreads; int flags; double bytesWritten;"
80 #define AuthInfo_PI "str authScheme[NAME_LEN]; int authFlag; int flag; int ppid; str host[NAME_LEN]; str authStr[NAME_LEN];"
81 #define UserOtherInfo_PI "str userInfo[NAME_LEN]; str userComments[NAME_LEN]; str userCreate[TIME_LEN]; str userModify[TIME_LEN];"
83 #define UserInfo_PI "str userName[NAME_LEN]; str rodsZone[NAME_LEN]; str userType[NAME_LEN]; int sysUid; struct AuthInfo_PI; struct UserOtherInfo_PI;"
84 #define CollInfo_PI "double collId; str collName[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str collParentName[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str collOwnerName[NAME_LEN]; str collOwnerZone[NAME_LEN]; int collMapId; int collAccessInx; str collComments[LONG_NAME_LEN]; str collInheritance[LONG_NAME_LEN]; str collExpiry[TIME_LEN]; str collCreate[TIME_LEN]; str collModify[TIME_LEN]; str collAccess[NAME_LEN]; str collType[NAME_LEN]; str collInfo1[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str collInfo2[MAX_NAME_LEN]; struct KeyValPair_PI; int *next;"
86 #define Rei_PI "int status; str statusStr[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str ruleName[NAME_LEN]; int *rsComm; str pluginInstanceName[MAX_NAME_LEN]; struct *MsParamArray_PI; struct MsParamArray_PI; int l1descInx; struct *DataObjInp_PI; struct *DataObjInfo_PI; str rescName[NAME_LEN]; struct *UserInfo_PI; struct *UserInfo_PI; struct *CollInfo_PI; struct *UserInfo_PI; struct *KeyValPair_PI; str ruleSet[RULE_SET_DEF_LENGTH]; int *next;"
88 #define ReArg_PI "int myArgc; str *myArgv[myArgc];"
89 #define ReiAndArg_PI "struct *Rei_PI; struct ReArg_PI;"
91 #define BytesBuf_PI "int buflen; char *buf(buflen);"
93 /* PI for dataArray_t */
94 #define charDataArray_PI "int type; int len; char *buf(len);"
95 #define strDataArray_PI "int type; int len; str *buf[len];"
96 #define intDataArray_PI "int type; int len; int *buf(len);"
97 #define int16DataArray_PI "int type; int len; int16 *buf(len);"
98 #define int64DataArray_PI "int type; int len; double *buf(len);"
100 #define BinBytesBuf_PI "int buflen; bin *buf(buflen);"
102 #define MsParam_PI "str *label; piStr *type; ?type *inOutStruct; struct *BinBytesBuf_PI;"
104 #define MsParamArray_PI "int paramLen; int oprType; struct *MsParam_PI[paramLen];"
106 #define TagStruct_PI "int ssLen; str *preTag[ssLen]; str *postTag[ssLen]; str *keyWord[ssLen];"
108 #define RodsObjStat_PI "double objSize; int objType; int dataMode; str dataId[NAME_LEN]; str chksum[NAME_LEN]; str ownerName[NAME_LEN]; str ownerZone[NAME_LEN]; str createTime[TIME_LEN]; str modifyTime[TIME_LEN]; struct *SpecColl_PI;"
110 #define ReconnMsg_PI "int status; int cookie; int procState; int flag;"
111 #define VaultPathPolicy_PI "int scheme; int addUserName; int trimDirCnt;"
112 #define StrArray_PI "int len; int size; str *value(len)(size);"
113 #define IntArray_PI "int len; int *value(len);"
115 #define SpecColl_PI "int collClass; int type; str collection[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str objPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str resource[NAME_LEN]; str rescHier[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str phyPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str cacheDir[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int cacheDirty; int replNum;"
117 #define SubFile_PI "struct RHostAddr_PI; str subFilePath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int mode; int flags; double offset; struct *SpecColl_PI;"
118 #define XmsgTicketInfo_PI "int sendTicket; int rcvTicket; int expireTime; int flag;"
119 #define SendXmsgInfo_PI "int msgNumber; str msgType[HEADER_TYPE_LEN]; int numRcv; int flag; str *msg; int numDel; str *delAddress[numDel]; int *delPort(numDel); str *miscInfo;"
120 #define GetXmsgTicketInp_PI "int expireTime; int flag;"
121 #define SendXmsgInp_PI "struct XmsgTicketInfo_PI; str sendAddr[NAME_LEN]; struct SendXmsgInfo_PI;"
122 #define RcvXmsgInp_PI "int rcvTicket; int msgNumber; int seqNumber; str msgCondition[MAX_NAME_LEN];"
123 #define RcvXmsgOut_PI "str msgType[HEADER_TYPE_LEN]; str sendUserName[NAME_LEN]; str sendAddr[NAME_LEN]; int msgNumber; int seqNumber; str *msg;"
124 /* XXXXX start of HDF5 PI */
125 #define h5error_PI "str major[MAX_ERROR_SIZE]; str minor[MAX_ERROR_SIZE];"
126 #define h5File_PI "int fopID; str *filename; int ffid; struct *h5Group_PI; struct h5error_PI;int ftime;"
127 #define h5Group_PI "int gopID; int gfid; int gobjID[OBJID_DIM]; str *gfullpath; int $dummyParent; int nGroupMembers; struct *h5Group_PI(nGroupMembers); int nDatasetMembers; struct *h5Dataset_PI(nDatasetMembers); int nattributes; struct *h5Attribute_PI(nattributes); struct h5error_PI;int gtime;"
128 /* XXXXX need to fix the type dependence */
129 #define h5Dataset_PI "int dopID; int dfid; int dobjID[OBJID_DIM]; int dclass; int nattributes; str *dfullpath; struct *h5Attribute_PI(nattributes); struct h5Datatype_PI; struct h5Dataspace_PI; int nvalue; int dtime; % dclass:3,6,9 = str *value[nvalue]:default= char *value(nvalue); struct h5error_PI;"
130 /* XXXXX need to fix the type dependence */
131 #define h5Attribute_PI "int aopID; int afid; str *aname; str *aobj_path; int aobj_type; int aclass; struct h5Datatype_PI; struct h5Dataspace_PI; int nvalue; % aclass:3,6,9 = str *value[nvalue]:default= char *value(nvalue); struct h5error_PI;"
132 #define h5Datatype_PI "int tclass; int torder; int tsign; int tsize; int ntmenbers; int *mtypes(ntmenbers); str *mnames[ntmenbers];"
133 #define h5Dataspace_PI "int rank; int dims[H5S_MAX_RANK]; int npoints; int start[H5DATASPACE_MAX_RANK]; int stride[H5DATASPACE_MAX_RANK]; int count[H5DATASPACE_MAX_RANK];"
134 /* content of collEnt_t cannot be freed since they are pointers in "value"
135  * of sqlResult */
136 #define CollEnt_PI "int objType; int replNum; int replStatus; int dataMode; double dataSize; str $collName; str $dataName; str $dataId; str $createTime; str $modifyTime; str $chksum; str $resource; str $resc_hier; str $phyPath; str $ownerName; str $dataType; struct SpecColl_PI;"
137 #define CollOprStat_PI "int filesCnt; int totalFileCnt; double bytesWritten; str lastObjPath[MAX_NAME_LEN];"
138 /* XXXXX end of HDF5 PI */
139 #define RuleStruct_PI "int maxNumOfRules; str *ruleBase[maxNumOfRules]; str *action[maxNumOfRules]; str *ruleHead[maxNumOfRules]; str *ruleCondition[maxNumOfRules]; str *ruleAction[maxNumOfRules]; str *ruleRecovery[maxNumOfRules]; double ruleId[maxNumOfRules];"
140 #define DVMapStruct_PI "int maxNumOfDVars; str *varName[maxNumOfDVars]; str *action[maxNumOfDVars]; str *var2CMap[maxNumOfDVars]; double varId[maxNumOfDVars];"
141 #define FNMapStruct_PI "int maxNumOfFMaps; str *funcName[maxNumOfFMaps]; str *func2CMap[maxNumOfFMaps]; double fmapId[maxNumOfFMaps];"
142 #define MsrvcStruct_PI "int maxNumOfMsrvcs; double msrvcId[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str moduleName[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcName[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcSiganture[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcVersion[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcHost[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcLocation[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcLanguage[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; str msrvcTypeName[maxNumOfMsrvcs]; double msrvcStatus[maxNumOfMsrvcs];"
143 #define DataSeg_PI "double len; double offset;"
144 #define FileRestartInfo_PI "str fileName[MAX_NAME_LEN]; str objPath[MAX_NAME_LEN]; int numSeg; int flags; double fileSize; struct DataSeg_PI[numSeg];"
145 #endif /* PACK_INSTRUCT_H__ */