irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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reGlobalsExtern.hpp File Reference
#include "rodsUser.h"
#include "rods.h"
#include "rcGlobalExtern.h"
#include "objInfo.h"
#include "fileOpen.h"
#include "regExpMatch.hpp"
#include "reDefines.h"
#include "ruleExecSubmit.h"
#include "ruleExecDel.h"
#include "dataObjInpOut.h"
#include "msParam.h"
#include "modAccessControl.h"
#include "reHelpers1.hpp"
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struct  reDebugStack
struct  ruleStruct_t
struct  rulevardef_t
struct  rulefmapdef_t
struct  msrvcStruct_t


typedef rulevardef_t dvmStruct_t
typedef rulefmapdef_t fnmapStruct_t


ruleStruct_t coreRuleStrct
rulevardef_t coreRuleVarDef
rulefmapdef_t coreRuleFuncMapDef
msrvcStruct_t coreMsrvcStruct
ruleStruct_t appRuleStrct
rulevardef_t appRuleVarDef
rulefmapdef_t appRuleFuncMapDef
msrvcStruct_t appMsrvcStruct
int reTestFlag
int reLoopBackFlag
int GlobalREDebugFlag
int GlobalREAuditFlag
char * reDebugStackFull [2000]
struct reDebugStack reDebugStackCurr [1000]
int reDebugStackFullPtr
int reDebugStackCurrPtr

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◆ dvmStruct_t

Definition at line 110 of file reGlobalsExtern.hpp.

◆ fnmapStruct_t

Definition at line 119 of file reGlobalsExtern.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ appMsrvcStruct

msrvcStruct_t appMsrvcStruct

◆ appRuleFuncMapDef

◆ appRuleStrct

◆ appRuleVarDef

◆ coreMsrvcStruct

◆ coreRuleFuncMapDef

◆ coreRuleStrct

◆ coreRuleVarDef

◆ GlobalREAuditFlag

int GlobalREAuditFlag

◆ GlobalREDebugFlag

int GlobalREDebugFlag

◆ reDebugStackCurr

◆ reDebugStackCurrPtr

◆ reDebugStackFull

char* reDebugStackFull[2000]

◆ reDebugStackFullPtr

int reDebugStackFullPtr

◆ reLoopBackFlag

int reLoopBackFlag

Definition at line 56 of file libirods_rule_engine_plugin-irods_rule_language.cpp.

Referenced by initRuleStruct().

◆ reTestFlag