irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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rcGetHierFromLeafId.cpp File Reference
#include "get_hier_from_leaf_id.h"
#include "procApiRequest.h"
#include "apiNumber.h"
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int rcGetHierFromLeafId (rcComm_t *_comm, get_hier_inp_t *_inp, get_hier_out_t **_out)

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◆ rcGetHierFromLeafId()

int rcGetHierFromLeafId ( rcComm_t _comm,
get_hier_inp_t _inp,
get_hier_out_t **  _out 

Definition at line 6 of file rcGetHierFromLeafId.cpp.

References GET_HIER_FROM_LEAF_ID_AN, NULL, and procApiRequest().

Referenced by rclInitQueryHandle().

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