irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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objDesc.hpp File Reference
#include "rods.h"
#include "objInfo.h"
#include "dataObjInpOut.h"
#include "fileRename.h"
#include "miscUtil.h"
#include "structFileSync.h"
#include "structFileExtAndReg.h"
#include "dataObjOpenAndStat.h"
#include "rodsConnect.h"
#include "boost/any.hpp"
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struct  l1desc


#define NUM_L1_DESC   1026 /* number of L1Desc */
#define CHK_ORPHAN_CNT_LIMIT   20 /* number of failed check before stopping */
#define REG_CHKSUM   1
#define VERIFY_CHKSUM   2


typedef struct l1desc l1desc_t


int initL1Desc ()
int allocL1Desc ()
int freeL1Desc (int fileInx)
int fillL1desc (int l1descInx, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, dataObjInfo_t *dataObjInfo, int replStatus, rodsLong_t dataSize)
int getL1descIndexByDataObjInfo (const dataObjInfo_t *dataObjInfo)
int getNumThreads (rsComm_t *rsComm, rodsLong_t dataSize, int inpNumThr, keyValPair_t *condInput, char *destRescName, char *srcRescName, int oprType)
int initDataOprInp (dataOprInp_t *dataOprInp, int l1descInx, int oprType)
int initDataObjInfoForRepl (dataObjInfo_t *destDataObjInfo, dataObjInfo_t *srcDataObjInfo, const char *_resc_name)
int convL3descInx (int l3descInx)
int initDataObjInfoWithInp (dataObjInfo_t *dataObjInfo, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp)
int allocL1desc ()
int freeL1desc (int l1descInx)
int closeAllL1desc (rsComm_t *rsComm)
int initSpecCollDesc ()
int allocSpecCollDesc ()
int freeSpecCollDesc (int specCollInx)
int initL1desc ()
int allocCollHandle ()
int freeCollHandle (int handleInx)
int rsInitQueryHandle (queryHandle_t *queryHandle, rsComm_t *rsComm)
int allocAndSetL1descForZoneOpr (int l3descInx, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, rodsServerHost_t *remoteZoneHost, openStat_t *openStat)
int isL1descInuse ()

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#define CHK_ORPHAN_CNT_LIMIT   20 /* number of failed check before stopping */

Definition at line 27 of file objDesc.hpp.


#define NUM_L1_DESC   1026 /* number of L1Desc */

Definition at line 25 of file objDesc.hpp.


#define REG_CHKSUM   1

Definition at line 30 of file objDesc.hpp.


#define VERIFY_CHKSUM   2

Definition at line 31 of file objDesc.hpp.

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◆ l1desc_t

typedef struct l1desc l1desc_t

Function Documentation

◆ allocAndSetL1descForZoneOpr()

int allocAndSetL1descForZoneOpr ( int  l3descInx,
dataObjInp_t dataObjInp,
rodsServerHost_t remoteZoneHost,
openStat_t openStat 

◆ allocCollHandle()

int allocCollHandle ( )

Definition at line 585 of file objDesc.cpp.

References CollHandle, FD_FREE, FD_INUSE, and collHandle_t::inuseFlag.

Referenced by rsOpenCollection().

◆ allocL1Desc()

int allocL1Desc ( )

◆ allocL1desc()

int allocL1desc ( )

Definition at line 39 of file objDesc.cpp.

References FD_FREE, FD_INUSE, l1desc::inuseFlag, L1desc, LOG_NOTICE, NUM_L1_DESC, rodsLog(), and SYS_OUT_OF_FILE_DESC.

Referenced by _rsDataObjCreateWithResc(), _rsDataObjOpenWithObjInfo(), allocAndSetL1descForZoneOpr(), dataObjOpenForRepl(), and specCollSubCreate().

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◆ allocSpecCollDesc()

int allocSpecCollDesc ( )

Definition at line 74 of file objDesc.cpp.

References FD_FREE, FD_INUSE, specCollDesc::inuseFlag, LOG_NOTICE, NUM_SPEC_COLL_DESC, rodsLog(), SpecCollDesc, and SYS_OUT_OF_FILE_DESC.

Referenced by openSpecColl().

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◆ closeAllL1desc()

int closeAllL1desc ( rsComm_t rsComm)

Definition at line 108 of file objDesc.cpp.

References FD_INUSE, L1desc, l3Close(), NULL, and NUM_L1_DESC.

Referenced by cleanup(), and execCmd().

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◆ convL3descInx()

◆ fillL1desc()

◆ freeCollHandle()

int freeCollHandle ( int  handleInx)

Definition at line 608 of file objDesc.cpp.

References clearCollHandle(), CollHandle, LOG_NOTICE, rodsLog(), and SYS_FILE_DESC_OUT_OF_RANGE.

Referenced by rsCloseCollection().

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◆ freeL1Desc()

int freeL1Desc ( int  fileInx)

◆ freeL1desc()

int freeL1desc ( int  l1descInx)

Definition at line 124 of file objDesc.cpp.

References clearDataObjInp(), freeAllDataObjInfo(), freeDataObjInfo(), L1desc, LOG_NOTICE, NULL, NUM_L1_DESC, rodsLog(), and SYS_FILE_DESC_OUT_OF_RANGE.

Referenced by _rsDataObjClose(), _rsDataObjCreateWithResc(), _rsDataObjOpenWithObjInfo(), dataObjOpenForRepl(), irsDataObjClose(), rsOprComplete(), and specCollSubCreate().

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◆ freeSpecCollDesc()

int freeSpecCollDesc ( int  specCollInx)

Definition at line 91 of file objDesc.cpp.

References freeDataObjInfo(), LOG_NOTICE, NULL, NUM_SPEC_COLL_DESC, rodsLog(), SpecCollDesc, and SYS_FILE_DESC_OUT_OF_RANGE.

Referenced by _rsQuerySpecColl().

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◆ getL1descIndexByDataObjInfo()

int getL1descIndexByDataObjInfo ( const dataObjInfo_t dataObjInfo)

Definition at line 262 of file objDesc.cpp.

References L1desc, and NUM_L1_DESC.

Referenced by irods::file_object::file_object().

◆ getNumThreads()

int getNumThreads ( rsComm_t rsComm,
rodsLong_t  dataSize,
int  inpNumThr,
keyValPair_t condInput,
char *  destRescName,
char *  srcRescName,
int  oprType 

◆ initDataObjInfoForRepl()

int initDataObjInfoForRepl ( dataObjInfo_t destDataObjInfo,
dataObjInfo_t srcDataObjInfo,
const char *  _resc_name 

Definition at line 544 of file objDesc.cpp.

References DataObjInfo::condInput, DataObjInfo::dataId, DataObjInfo::filePath, irods::resource_manager::hier_to_leaf_id(), irods::log(), MAX_NAME_LEN, NAME_LEN, irods::error::ok(), PASS, replKeyVal(), DataObjInfo::replNum, resc_mgr, DataObjInfo::rescHier, DataObjInfo::rescId, DataObjInfo::rescName, and rstrcpy().

Referenced by dataObjOpenForRepl().

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◆ initDataObjInfoWithInp()

int initDataObjInfoWithInp ( dataObjInfo_t dataObjInfo,
dataObjInp_t dataObjInp 

◆ initDataOprInp()

◆ initL1Desc()

int initL1Desc ( )

◆ initL1desc()

int initL1desc ( )

Definition at line 33 of file objDesc.cpp.

References L1desc.

Referenced by initAgent().

◆ initSpecCollDesc()

int initSpecCollDesc ( )

Definition at line 68 of file objDesc.cpp.

References SpecCollDesc.

Referenced by initAgent().

◆ isL1descInuse()

int isL1descInuse ( )

Definition at line 56 of file objDesc.cpp.

References FD_INUSE, L1desc, and NUM_L1_DESC.

Referenced by readAndProcClientMsg(), and readTimeoutHandler().

◆ rsInitQueryHandle()

int rsInitQueryHandle ( queryHandle_t queryHandle,
rsComm_t rsComm 

Definition at line 623 of file objDesc.cpp.

References QueryHandle::conn, QueryHandle::connType, QueryHandle::genQuery, QueryHandle::getHierForId, NULL, QueryHandle::querySpecColl, RS_COMM, rsGenQuery(), rsGetHierFromLeafId(), rsQuerySpecColl(), and USER__NULL_INPUT_ERR.

Referenced by rsOpenCollection().

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