irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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manual_cleanup Namespace Reference


list test_user_list = ['alice', 'bobby', 'otherrods', 'zonehopper', 'admin']
list test_resc_list = ['AnotherResc', 'TestResc', 'pt', 'leaf']
 irods_config = IrodsConfig()
 admin_name = irods_config.client_environment['irods_user_name']
 zone_name = irods_config.client_environment['irods_zone_name']
 env_dict = lib.make_environment_dict(admin_name, settings.ICAT_HOSTNAME, zone_name, use_ssl=settings.USE_SSL)
 sess = session.IrodsSession(env_dict, settings.PREEXISTING_ADMIN_PASSWORD, False)
 entries = out.split()

Variable Documentation

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◆ admin_name

manual_cleanup.admin_name = irods_config.client_environment['irods_user_name']

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◆ entries

manual_cleanup.entries = out.split()

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◆ env_dict

manual_cleanup.env_dict = lib.make_environment_dict(admin_name, settings.ICAT_HOSTNAME, zone_name, use_ssl=settings.USE_SSL)

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◆ irods_config

manual_cleanup.irods_config = IrodsConfig()

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◆ out

◆ sess

manual_cleanup.sess = session.IrodsSession(env_dict, settings.PREEXISTING_ADMIN_PASSWORD, False)

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◆ test_resc_list

list manual_cleanup.test_resc_list = ['AnotherResc', 'TestResc', 'pt', 'leaf']

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◆ test_user_list

list manual_cleanup.test_user_list = ['alice', 'bobby', 'otherrods', 'zonehopper', 'admin']

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◆ zone_name