irods  4.2.8
About: iRODS (the integrated Rule Oriented Data System) is a distributed data-management system for creating data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.
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collection.cpp File Reference
#include "rcMisc.h"
#include "collection.hpp"
#include "specColl.hpp"
#include "genQuery.h"
#include "specificQuery.h"
#include "dataObjRename.h"
#include "readCollection.h"
#include "closeCollection.h"
#include "collCreate.h"
#include "objMetaOpr.hpp"
#include "rsGenQuery.hpp"
#include "rsSpecificQuery.hpp"
#include "rsOpenCollection.hpp"
#include "rsReadCollection.hpp"
#include "rsCloseCollection.hpp"
#include "rsObjStat.hpp"
#include "rsCollCreate.hpp"
#include "rsDataObjRename.hpp"
#include "irods_virtual_path.hpp"
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int checkCollAccessPerm (rsComm_t *rsComm, char *collection, char *accessPerm)
int trySpecificQueryDataObjInCollReCur (rsComm_t *rsComm, char *collection, genQueryOut_t **genQueryOut)
int rsQueryDataObjInCollReCur (rsComm_t *rsComm, char *collection, genQueryInp_t *genQueryInp, genQueryOut_t **genQueryOut, char *accessPerm, int singleFlag)
int rsQueryCollInColl (rsComm_t *rsComm, char *collection, genQueryInp_t *genQueryInp, genQueryOut_t **genQueryOut)
int isCollEmpty (rsComm_t *rsComm, char *collection)
int collStat (rsComm_t *rsComm, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, rodsObjStat_t **rodsObjStatOut)
int collStatAllKinds (rsComm_t *rsComm, dataObjInp_t *dataObjInp, rodsObjStat_t **rodsObjStatOut)
int rsMkCollR (rsComm_t *rsComm, const char *startColl, const char *destColl)

Function Documentation

◆ checkCollAccessPerm()

int checkCollAccessPerm ( rsComm_t rsComm,
char *  collection,
char *  accessPerm 

◆ collStat()

◆ collStatAllKinds()

int collStatAllKinds ( rsComm_t rsComm,
dataObjInp_t dataObjInp,
rodsObjStat_t **  rodsObjStatOut 

Definition at line 405 of file collection.cpp.

References _rsObjStat(), addKeyVal(), COLL_OBJ_T, DataObjInp::condInput, freeRodsObjStat(), NULL, OBJ_PATH_DOES_NOT_EXIST, rmKeyVal(), SEL_OBJ_TYPE_KW, and irods.pypyodbc::status.

Referenced by chkCollForExtAndReg(), and isCollAllKinds().

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◆ isCollEmpty()

int isCollEmpty ( rsComm_t rsComm,
char *  collection 

Definition at line 229 of file collection.cpp.

References CollInp::collName, False, CollInp::flags, LOG_ERROR, MAX_NAME_LEN, NULL, rodsLog(), rsCloseCollection(), rsOpenCollection(), rsReadCollection(), rstrcpy(), and True.

Referenced by linkCollReg(), mountFileDir(), and structFileReg().

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◆ rsMkCollR()

◆ rsQueryCollInColl()

int rsQueryCollInColl ( rsComm_t rsComm,
char *  collection,
genQueryInp_t genQueryInp,
genQueryOut_t **  genQueryOut 

Definition at line 204 of file collection.cpp.

References addInxIval(), addInxVal(), COL_COLL_NAME, COL_COLL_PARENT_NAME, MAX_NAME_LEN, MAX_SQL_ROWS, GenQueryInp::maxRows, NULL, rsGenQuery(), GenQueryInp::selectInp, GenQueryInp::sqlCondInp, irods.pypyodbc::status, and USER__NULL_INPUT_ERR.

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◆ rsQueryDataObjInCollReCur()

◆ trySpecificQueryDataObjInCollReCur()

int trySpecificQueryDataObjInCollReCur ( rsComm_t rsComm,
char *  collection,
genQueryOut_t **  genQueryOut