inkscape  0.92.4
About: Inkscape is a Scalable Vector Graphics editor - a powerful drawing tool using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
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Inkscape Source Code Documentation

While the standard doxygen documentation can be accessed through the links in the header, the following documents are additionally available to the interested reader.

Main directory documentation

Inkscape's classes and files in the main directory can be grouped into the following categories:

See also the other directories until doxygen allows setting links to those doc files.

Links to external documentation

External documentation on libraries used in inkscape

C++: gtkmm atkmm gdkmm glibmm pangomm libsigc++ C: GTK+ gdk-pixbuf GObject atk pango ORBit bonobo bonobo-activation libxslt libxml2 Legacy: GnomeVFS

External standards documentation

SVG1.1 SVG1.2 SVGMobile SVGTest PNG XSLT PostScript Gnome-HIG