imlib2  1.7.1
About: imlib2 is a general image loading and rendering library (complete rewrite over the Imlib 1.x series; part of the Enlightenment window manager).
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Imlib2 1.7.1

This is the Imlib 2 library - a library that does image file loading and
saving as well as rendering, manipulation, arbitrary polygon support, etc.

It does ALL of these operations FAST. Imlib2 also tries to be highly
intelligent about doing them, so writing naive programs can be done
easily, without sacrificing speed.

This is a complete rewrite over the Imlib 1.x series. The architecture is
more modular, simple, and flexible. See index.html in the doc/ directory
for more information.

Imlib2 requires several libraries to be already installed. These are:

freetype 2.1.x

For examples of this library in use, seek:

Eterm   (CVS version only, currently)


(as root unless youa re installing in your users directories):
  make install

RPM: To build rpm packages:
  sudo rpm -ta imlib2-1.7.1.tar.gz

You will find rpm packages in your system /usr/src/redhat/* dirs (note you may
not need to use sudo or root if you have your own ~/.rpmrc. see rpm documents
for more details)

DEB: To build deb packages:

  tar zvf imlib2-1.7.1.tar.gz
  cd imlib2-1.7.1
  dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot
  cd ..
  rm -rf imlib2-1.7.1

You will find all the debian source, binary etc. packages put in the directory
where you first untarred the source tarball.