gtkdatabox  1.0.0
About: GtkDatabox is a Gtk+-widget for live display of large amounts of fluctuating numerical data.
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gtkdatabox_marshal.h File Reference
#include <glib-object.h>
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#define gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__VOID   g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID
#define gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__POINTER   g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__POINTER

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◆ gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__POINTER

#define gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__POINTER   g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__POINTER

Definition at line 13 of file gtkdatabox_marshal.h.

◆ gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__VOID

#define gtk_databox_marshal_VOID__VOID   g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID

Definition at line 10 of file gtkdatabox_marshal.h.