gsasl  1.10.0
About: GNU SASL is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL). Development version.
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1 /* gsasl-compat.h --- Header file for obsoleted features in GNU SASL Library.
2  * Copyright (C) 2002-2021 Simon Josefsson
3  *
4  * This file is part of GNU SASL Library.
5  *
6  * GNU SASL Library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
7  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
8  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of
9  * the License, or (at your option) any later version.
10  *
11  * GNU SASL Library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
14  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
15  *
16  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
17  * License License along with GNU SASL Library; if not, write to the
18  * Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
19  * Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
20  *
21  */
23 #ifndef GSASL_COMPAT_H
24 #define GSASL_COMPAT_H
26 #ifndef __attribute__
27 /* This feature is available in gcc versions 2.5 and later. */
28 #if __GNUC__ < 2 || (__GNUC__ == 2 && __GNUC_MINOR__ < 5)
29 #define __attribute__(Spec) /* empty */
30 #endif
31 #endif
33 /* Old error codes */
34 enum
35 {
61 } __attribute__((deprecated));
63 typedef Gsasl Gsasl_ctx __attribute__((deprecated));
65 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_client_listmech (Gsasl * ctx, char *out,
66  size_t *outlen)
67  __attribute__((deprecated));
68 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_server_listmech (Gsasl * ctx, char *out,
69  size_t *outlen)
70  __attribute__((deprecated));
71 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_client_step (Gsasl_session * sctx,
72  const char *input, size_t input_len,
73  char *output, size_t *output_len)
74  __attribute__((deprecated));
76  const char *b64input,
77  char *b64output,
78  size_t b64output_len)
79  __attribute__((deprecated));
80 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_server_step (Gsasl_session * sctx,
81  const char *input, size_t input_len,
82  char *output, size_t *output_len)
83  __attribute__((deprecated));
85  const char *b64input,
86  char *b64output,
87  size_t b64output_len)
88  __attribute__((deprecated));
89 extern GSASL_API void gsasl_client_finish (Gsasl_session * sctx)
90  __attribute__((deprecated));
91 extern GSASL_API void gsasl_server_finish (Gsasl_session * sctx)
92  __attribute__((deprecated));
94  __attribute__((deprecated));
96  __attribute__((deprecated));
98  void
99  *application_data)
100  __attribute__((deprecated));
102  sctx)
103  __attribute__((deprecated));
105  void
106  *application_data)
107  __attribute__((deprecated));
109  sctx)
110  __attribute__((deprecated));
111 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_randomize (int strong, char *data, size_t datalen)
112  __attribute__((deprecated));
114  __attribute__((deprecated));
115 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_encode_inline (Gsasl_session * sctx,
116  const char *input, size_t input_len,
117  char *output, size_t *output_len)
118  __attribute__((deprecated));
119 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_decode_inline (Gsasl_session * sctx,
120  const char *input, size_t input_len,
121  char *output, size_t *output_len)
122  __attribute__((deprecated));
123 extern GSASL_API void gsasl_application_data_set (Gsasl * ctx, void *appdata)
124  __attribute__((deprecated));
125 extern GSASL_API void *gsasl_application_data_get (Gsasl * ctx)
126  __attribute__((deprecated));
127 extern GSASL_API void gsasl_appinfo_set (Gsasl_session * sctx, void *appdata)
128  __attribute__((deprecated));
129 extern GSASL_API void *gsasl_appinfo_get (Gsasl_session * sctx)
130  __attribute__((deprecated));
132  const char
133  *mechlist)
134  __attribute__((deprecated));
136 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_base64_encode (char const *src, size_t srclength,
137  char *target, size_t targsize)
138  __attribute__((deprecated));
139 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_base64_decode (char const *src,
140  char *target, size_t targsize)
141  __attribute__((deprecated));
143 extern GSASL_API char *gsasl_stringprep_nfkc (const char *in, ssize_t len)
144  __attribute__((deprecated));
145 extern GSASL_API char *gsasl_stringprep_saslprep (const char *in,
146  int *stringprep_rc)
147  __attribute__((deprecated));
148 extern GSASL_API char *gsasl_stringprep_trace (const char *in,
149  int *stringprep_rc)
150  __attribute__((deprecated));
152 extern GSASL_API int gsasl_md5pwd_get_password (const char *filename,
153  const char *username,
154  char *key, size_t *keylen)
155  __attribute__((deprecated));
157 /* Callback prototypes */
159  char *out, size_t *outlen);
161  char *out,
162  size_t *outlen);
164  char *out,
165  size_t *outlen);
167  char *out, size_t *outlen);
169  char *out, size_t *outlen);
171  char *suggestion, char *out,
172  size_t *outlen);
174  char *service,
175  size_t *servicelen,
176  char *hostname,
177  size_t *hostnamelen,
178  char *servicename,
179  size_t *servicenamelen);
181  Gsasl_qop serverqops);
183  size_t servermaxbuf);
184 typedef int (*Gsasl_client_callback_realm) (Gsasl_session * sctx, char *out,
185  size_t *outlen);
187  const char *authentication_id,
188  const char *authorization_id,
189  const char *realm, char *key,
190  size_t *keylen);
192  const char *authorization_id,
193  const char *authentication_id,
194  const char *password);
196  const char *clientname,
197  const char *authentication_id);
199  const char *authentication_id,
200  const char *authorization_id,
201  const char *passcode, char *pin,
202  char *suggestpin,
203  size_t *suggestpinlen);
205  char *username,
206  char *challenge,
207  char *response);
209  char *username, char *realm,
210  char *secrethash);
212  char *service,
213  size_t *servicelen,
214  char *hostname,
215  size_t *hostnamelen);
218  const char *token);
219 typedef int (*Gsasl_server_callback_realm) (Gsasl_session * sctx, char *out,
220  size_t *outlen, size_t nth);
225 /* Obsolete client callbacks: callback-c.c */
226 extern GSASL_API void
229  __attribute__((deprecated));
232 __attribute__((deprecated));
234 extern GSASL_API void
237  __attribute__((deprecated));
240 __attribute__((deprecated));
242 extern GSASL_API void
245 __attribute__((deprecated));
249 extern GSASL_API void
252 __attribute__((deprecated));
256 extern GSASL_API void
259 __attribute__((deprecated));
263 extern GSASL_API void
265 __attribute__((deprecated));
269 extern GSASL_API void
272 __attribute__((deprecated));
276 extern GSASL_API void
278 __attribute__((deprecated));
282 extern GSASL_API void
285 __attribute__((deprecated));
288 extern GSASL_API
291  __attribute__((deprecated));
295 /* Obsolete server callbacks: callback-s.c */
296 extern GSASL_API void
299 __attribute__((deprecated));
303 extern GSASL_API void
306 __attribute__((deprecated));
310 extern GSASL_API void
313 __attribute__((deprecated));
317 extern GSASL_API void
320 __attribute__((deprecated));
323 __attribute__((deprecated));
325 extern GSASL_API void
328 __attribute__((deprecated));
332 extern GSASL_API void
335 __attribute__((deprecated));
339 extern GSASL_API void
341 __attribute__((deprecated));
345 extern GSASL_API void
347 __attribute__((deprecated));
351 extern GSASL_API void
354 __attribute__((deprecated));
358 extern GSASL_API void
361 __attribute__((deprecated));
365 extern GSASL_API void
368 __attribute__((deprecated));
372 extern GSASL_API void
375 __attribute__((deprecated));
379 extern GSASL_API void
382 __attribute__((deprecated));
386 extern GSASL_API int
387 gsasl_md5 (const char *in, size_t inlen,
388  char *out[]) __attribute__((deprecated));
389 extern GSASL_API int
390 gsasl_hmac_md5 (const char *key, size_t keylen,
391  const char *in, size_t inlen,
392  char *outhash[]) __attribute__((deprecated));
393 extern GSASL_API int
394 gsasl_sha1 (const char *in, size_t inlen,
395  char *out[]) __attribute__((deprecated));
396 extern GSASL_API int
397 gsasl_hmac_sha1 (const char *key, size_t keylen,
398  const char *in, size_t inlen,
399  char *outhash[]) __attribute__((deprecated));
401 #endif /* GSASL_COMPAT_H */
_W64 int ssize_t
Definition: ac-stdint.h:18
#define __attribute__(xyz)
Definition: cdefs.h:230
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_service_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_service cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1606
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_password)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:166
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_pin_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_pin cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:822
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_validate)(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *authorization_id, const char *authentication_id, const char *password)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:191
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_gssapi_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_gssapi cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1562
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1424
size_t(* Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf)(Gsasl_session *sctx, size_t servermaxbuf)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:182
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_realm_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_realm cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1337
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_securid)(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *authentication_id, const char *authorization_id, const char *passcode, char *pin, char *suggestpin, size_t *suggestpinlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:198
GSASL_API void gsasl_appinfo_set(Gsasl_session *sctx, void *appdata)
Definition: obsolete.c:587
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_pin gsasl_client_callback_pin_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:844
GSASL_API int gsasl_sha1(const char *in, size_t inlen, char *out[])
Definition: obsolete.c:2244
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_cipher gsasl_server_callback_cipher_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1490
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_anonymous_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_anonymous cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1294
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_application_data_set(Gsasl_session *sctx, void *application_data)
Definition: obsolete.c:335
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_finish(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:284
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_qop gsasl_server_callback_qop_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1401
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_passcode gsasl_client_callback_passcode_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:800
size_t(* Gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf)(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:222
Gsasl_qop(* Gsasl_server_callback_qop)(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:221
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_realm)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:184
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:714
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_realm gsasl_client_callback_realm_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1060
GSASL_API int gsasl_md5(const char *in, size_t inlen, char *out[])
Definition: obsolete.c:2195
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_service)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *service, size_t *servicelen, char *hostname, size_t *hostnamelen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:211
GSASL_API const char * gsasl_server_suggest_mechanism(Gsasl *ctx, const char *mechlist)
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5 gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1232
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_service gsasl_client_callback_service_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:889
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:40
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:36
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:45
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:46
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:51
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:60
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:54
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:56
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:59
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:43
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:39
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:58
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:47
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:57
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:52
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:37
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:44
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:55
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:48
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:49
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:50
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:53
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:41
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:42
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:38
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_anonymous)(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *token)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:217
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_securid gsasl_server_callback_securid_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1539
GSASL_API int gsasl_base64_decode(char const *src, char *target, size_t targsize)
Definition: obsolete.c:1859
GSASL_API Gsasl * gsasl_client_ctx_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:315
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_anonymous)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:158
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_gssapi)(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *clientname, const char *authentication_id)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:195
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_anonymous gsasl_client_callback_anonymous_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:932
GSASL_API int gsasl_server_step_base64(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *b64input, char *b64output, size_t b64output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:267
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:648
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_passcode)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:168
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_retrieve)(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *authentication_id, const char *authorization_id, const char *realm, char *key, size_t *keylen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:186
GSASL_API int gsasl_base64_encode(char const *src, size_t srclength, char *target, size_t targsize)
Definition: obsolete.c:1824
GSASL_API void * gsasl_appinfo_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:606
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_application_data_set(Gsasl_session *sctx, void *application_data)
Definition: obsolete.c:392
GSASL_API int gsasl_server_listmech(Gsasl *ctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: obsolete.c:89
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:691
GSASL_API int gsasl_hmac_sha1(const char *key, size_t keylen, const char *in, size_t inlen, char *outhash[])
Definition: obsolete.c:2270
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_service)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *service, size_t *servicelen, char *hostname, size_t *hostnamelen, char *servicename, size_t *servicenamelen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:173
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_realm gsasl_server_callback_realm_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1358
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_anonymous gsasl_server_callback_anonymous_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1316
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_external gsasl_server_callback_external_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1274
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_pin)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *suggestion, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:170
GSASL_API void gsasl_application_data_set(Gsasl *ctx, void *appdata)
Definition: obsolete.c:549
GSASL_API int gsasl_client_step(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *input, size_t input_len, char *output, size_t *output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:167
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_securid_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_securid cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1517
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_qop_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_qop cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:952
Gsasl_qop(* Gsasl_client_callback_qop)(Gsasl_session *sctx, Gsasl_qop serverqops)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:180
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_authorization_id)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:163
GSASL_API char * gsasl_stringprep_trace(const char *in, int *stringprep_rc)
Definition: obsolete.c:1729
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_external)(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:216
GSASL_API int gsasl_hmac_md5(const char *key, size_t keylen, const char *in, size_t inlen, char *outhash[])
Definition: obsolete.c:2219
GSASL_API void * gsasl_server_application_data_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:413
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_qop gsasl_client_callback_qop_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:973
GSASL_API Gsasl * gsasl_server_ctx_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:372
GSASL_API int gsasl_server_step(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *input, size_t input_len, char *output, size_t *output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:197
GSASL_API char * gsasl_stringprep_saslprep(const char *in, int *stringprep_rc)
Definition: obsolete.c:1695
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_service gsasl_server_callback_service_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1628
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_cipher_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_cipher cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1468
GSASL_API int gsasl_client_listmech(Gsasl *ctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: obsolete.c:46
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_qop_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_qop cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1380
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1018
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_realm_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_realm cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1039
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_finish(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:299
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_retrieve_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_retrieve cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1124
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_gssapi gsasl_server_callback_gssapi_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1584
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_validate gsasl_server_callback_validate_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1103
GSASL_API int gsasl_encode_inline(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *input, size_t input_len, char *output, size_t *output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:474
GSASL_API Gsasl * gsasl_ctx_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:450
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_external_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_external cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1252
int(* Gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:160
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_passcode_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_passcode cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:777
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_password_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_password cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:734
GSASL_API void * gsasl_application_data_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:568
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *username, char *realm, char *secrethash)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:208
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5 gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1189
Gsasl_cipher(* Gsasl_server_callback_cipher)(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:223
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_service_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_service cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:867
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *username, char *challenge, char *response)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:204
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_retrieve gsasl_server_callback_retrieve_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1146
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_cram_md5 cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1167
GSASL_API int gsasl_decode_inline(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *input, size_t input_len, char *output, size_t *output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:514
GSASL_API char * gsasl_stringprep_nfkc(const char *in, ssize_t len)
Definition: obsolete.c:1664
GSASL_API Gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf gsasl_server_callback_maxbuf_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:1446
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_validate_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_validate cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1081
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_password gsasl_client_callback_password_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:757
GSASL_API int gsasl_randomize(int strong, char *data, size_t datalen)
Definition: obsolete.c:432
GSASL_API Gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id gsasl_client_callback_authentication_id_get(Gsasl *ctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:671
int(* Gsasl_server_callback_realm)(Gsasl_session *sctx, char *out, size_t *outlen, size_t nth)
Definition: gsasl-compat.h:219
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_anonymous_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_anonymous cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:910
GSASL_API void gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_client_callback_maxbuf cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:996
GSASL_API void gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5_set(Gsasl *ctx, Gsasl_server_callback_digest_md5 cb)
Definition: obsolete.c:1210
GSASL_API int gsasl_client_step_base64(Gsasl_session *sctx, const char *b64input, char *b64output, size_t b64output_len)
Definition: obsolete.c:245
GSASL_API void * gsasl_client_application_data_get(Gsasl_session *sctx)
Definition: obsolete.c:356
GSASL_API int gsasl_md5pwd_get_password(const char *filename, const char *username, char *key, size_t *keylen)
Definition: obsolete.c:1770
Definition: gsasl.h:234
Definition: gsasl.h:177
Definition: gsasl.h:254
#define GSASL_API
Definition: gsasl.h:38
return() size_t(-2)
Definition: internal.h:41