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About: gretl (Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library) is a cross-platform statistical package mainly for econometric analysis.
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selector.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  iterinfo_t
struct  gui_midas_spec_


#define robust_conf(c)


typedef struct iterinfo_t iterinfo
typedef struct gui_midas_spec_ gui_midas_spec


void clear_selector (void)
selectorselection_dialog (int ci, const char *title, void *data, int(*callback)())
selectorsimple_selection (int ci, const char *title, int(*callback)(), GtkWidget *parent)
selectorsimple_selection_for_viewer (int ci, const char *title, int(*callback)(), windata_t *vwin)
selectorsimple_selection_with_data (int ci, const char *title, int(*callback)(), GtkWidget *parent, gpointer data)
void modelspec_dialog (int ci)
void selector_set_varnum (int v)
void selector_from_model (windata_t *vwin)
void data_export_selection_wrapper (int file_code)
void functions_selection_wrapper (GtkWidget *parent)
void add_remove_functions_dialog (char **pubnames, int npub, char **privnames, int npriv, void *p1, void *p2)
int selector_code (const selector *sr)
const char * selector_list (const selector *sr)
int selector_list_hasconst (const selector *sr)
gpointer selector_get_data (const selector *sr)
gpointer selector_get_extra_data (const selector *sr)
gpointer selector_get_regls_bundle (void)
gretlopt selector_get_opts (const selector *sr)
int selector_get_depvar_number (const selector *sr)
int selector_get_VAR_order (const selector *sr)
const char * selector_entry_text (const selector *sr)
int selector_error (const selector *sr)
void maybe_clear_selector (const int *dlist)
GtkWidget * selector_get_window (const selector *sr)
gchar * get_selector_storelist (void)
void set_selector_storelist (const char *s)
void selector_register_genr (int newvars, gpointer p)
void selector_register_hc_choice (void)
void selector_cleanup (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ robust_conf

#define robust_conf (   c)
(c != LOGIT && c != PROBIT && \
c != OLOGIT && c != OPROBIT && \
c != QUANTREG && c != INTREG && \
c != MLOGIT && c != COUNTMOD && \
c != DURATION && c != HECKIT && \
c != BIPROBIT && c != REPROBIT && \
c != TOBIT && c != MIDASREG)
Definition: gretl_enums.h:117
Definition: gretl_enums.h:119
Definition: gretl_enums.h:116
Definition: gretl_enums.h:123
Definition: gretl_enums.h:118

Definition at line 23 of file selector.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ gui_midas_spec

Definition at line 1 of file selector.h.

◆ iterinfo

typedef struct iterinfo_t iterinfo

Definition at line 1 of file selector.h.

Function Documentation

◆ add_remove_functions_dialog()

void add_remove_functions_dialog ( char **  pubnames,
int  npub,
char **  privnames,
int  npriv,
void *  p1,
void *  p2 

◆ clear_selector()

◆ data_export_selection_wrapper()

void data_export_selection_wrapper ( int  file_code)

◆ functions_selection_wrapper()

void functions_selection_wrapper ( GtkWidget *  parent)

◆ get_selector_storelist()

gchar* get_selector_storelist ( void  )

Definition at line 8165 of file selector.c.

References get_or_set_storelist().

Referenced by csv_to_clipboard(), and do_store().

◆ maybe_clear_selector()

void maybe_clear_selector ( const int *  dlist)

Definition at line 8543 of file selector.c.

References clear_selector(), and xlist.

Referenced by real_delete_vars().

◆ modelspec_dialog()

void modelspec_dialog ( int  ci)

Definition at line 560 of file selector.c.

References _, do_model(), and selection_dialog().

Referenced by model_callback(), and selector_from_model().

◆ selection_dialog()

selector* selection_dialog ( int  ci,
const char *  title,
void *  data,
int(*)()  callback 

◆ selector_cleanup()

void selector_cleanup ( void  )

Definition at line 8559 of file selector.c.

Referenced by close_session().

◆ selector_code()

int selector_code ( const selector sr)

◆ selector_entry_text()

const char* selector_entry_text ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 8531 of file selector.c.

References _selector::extra.

Referenced by do_make_list(), listdef_vars_callback(), and maybe_set_listdef_vars().

◆ selector_error()

int selector_error ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 8538 of file selector.c.

References _selector::error.

Referenced by do_model(), do_nonparam_model(), and do_vector_model().

◆ selector_from_model()

void selector_from_model ( windata_t vwin)

Definition at line 753 of file selector.c.

References _, AR, AR1, ARBOND, ARCH, ARMA, BIPROBIT, censvar, MODEL_::ci, cluster_var, COUNT_MODEL, COUNTMOD, windata_t_::data, dataset, dataset_is_panel, dataset_is_time_series, default_order, default_y, DET_CONST, DET_SEAS, DET_TREND, GRETL_VAR_::detflags, do_vector_model(), DPANEL, DURATION, FE_LOGISTIC, GARCH, garch_const, garch_p, garch_q, GMM, gretl_list_copy(), gretl_lists_join_with_separator(), gretl_model_get_cluster_var(), gretl_model_get_depvar(), gretl_model_get_int(), gretl_model_get_secondary_list(), gretl_model_get_x_list(), gretl_VECM_rank(), HECKIT, hivar, MODEL_::ifc, instlist, INTREG, IV_GMM, IV_LIML, IVREG, jcase, jcode, jrank, LAD, GRETL_VAR_::lags, MODEL_::list, LOGISTIC, LOGIT, lovar, MIDASREG, MLE, MLOGIT, model_opt, modelspec_dialog(), NEGBIN, NLS, MODEL_::nwt, offvar, OLOGIT, OPROBIT, MODEL_::opt, OPT_A, OPT_B, OPT_C, OPT_D, OPT_E, OPT_F, OPT_G, OPT_H, OPT_L, OPT_M, OPT_N, OPT_NONE, OPT_P, OPT_R, OPT_T, OPT_U, OPT_X, OPT_Z, GRETL_VAR_::order, PANEL, PANEL_B, PANEL_WLS, PROBIT, QUANTREG, REPROBIT, retrieve_AR_lags_info(), retrieve_arma_info(), retrieve_biprobit_info(), retrieve_heckit_info(), retrieve_midas_info(), retrieve_tobit_info(), revise_nl_model(), revise_system_model(), GRETL_VAR_::rlist, GRETL_VAR_::robust, windata_t_::role, selection_dialog(), set_lag_prefs_from_model(), set_lag_prefs_from_VAR(), SYSTEM, TOBIT, VAR, varconst, DATASET_::varname, varnum_from_keystring(), vartrend, veclist, VECM, vecxlist, VIEW_MODEL, vwin_toplevel(), want_seasonals, WLS, wtvar, xlist, GRETL_VAR_::xlist, y_w_lags_enabled, y_x_lags_enabled, and GRETL_VAR_::ylist.

Referenced by model_revise_callback().

◆ selector_get_data()

gpointer selector_get_data ( const selector sr)

◆ selector_get_depvar_number()

◆ selector_get_extra_data()

gpointer selector_get_extra_data ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 8491 of file selector.c.

References _selector::extra_data.

Referenced by do_coint(), and do_model().

◆ selector_get_opts()

◆ selector_get_regls_bundle()

gpointer selector_get_regls_bundle ( void  )

Definition at line 3448 of file selector.c.

References regls_bundle.

Referenced by real_do_regls().

◆ selector_get_VAR_order()

int selector_get_VAR_order ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 3033 of file selector.c.

References _selector::extra, and spinner_get_int.

Referenced by get_lag_preference().

◆ selector_get_window()

GtkWidget* selector_get_window ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 548 of file selector.c.

References _selector::dlg.

Referenced by do_make_list().

◆ selector_list()

◆ selector_list_hasconst()

int selector_list_hasconst ( const selector sr)

Definition at line 8478 of file selector.c.

References _selector::cmdlist.

◆ selector_register_genr()

void selector_register_genr ( int  newvars,
gpointer  p 

◆ selector_register_hc_choice()

void selector_register_hc_choice ( void  )

◆ selector_set_varnum()

void selector_set_varnum ( int  v)

Definition at line 555 of file selector.c.

References presel.

Referenced by menu_boxplot_callback().

◆ set_selector_storelist()

void set_selector_storelist ( const char *  s)

◆ simple_selection()

selector* simple_selection ( int  ci,
const char *  title,
int(*)()  callback,
GtkWidget *  parent 

◆ simple_selection_for_viewer()

selector* simple_selection_for_viewer ( int  ci,
const char *  title,
int(*)()  callback,
windata_t vwin 

◆ simple_selection_with_data()