grass  7.8.6
About: GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a raster- and vector-based GIS, image processing system, graphics production system and spatial modeling system.
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read.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include <grass/gis.h>
#include <grass/symbol.h>
#include <grass/glocale.h>
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#define OBJ_NONE   0
#define OBJ_STRING   1
#define OBJ_POLYGON   2
#define OBJ_RING   3


void get_key_data (char *buf)
SYMBOLnew_symbol (void)
void add_part (SYMBOL *s, SYMBPART *p)
SYMBPARTnew_part (int type)
void add_chain (SYMBPART *p, SYMBCHAIN *s)
SYMBCHAINnew_chain (void)
void add_element (SYMBCHAIN *s, SYMBEL *e)
SYMBELnew_line (void)
void add_point (SYMBEL *el, double x, double y)
SYMBELnew_arc (double x, double y, double r, double a1, double a2, int c)
void read_coor (FILE *fp, SYMBEL *e)
SYMBOLerr (FILE *fp, SYMBOL *s, char *msg)
SYMBOLS_read (const char *sname)


static char key [100]
static char data [500]

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#define OBJ_NONE   0

Definition at line 27 of file read.c.


#define OBJ_POLYGON   2

Definition at line 29 of file read.c.


#define OBJ_RING   3

Definition at line 30 of file read.c.


#define OBJ_STRING   1

Definition at line 28 of file read.c.

Function Documentation

◆ add_chain()

void add_chain ( SYMBPART p,

Definition at line 99 of file read.c.

References SYMBPART::alloc, SYMBPART::chain, SYMBPART::count, and s.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ add_element()

void add_element ( SYMBCHAIN s,

Definition at line 130 of file read.c.

References s.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ add_part()

void add_part ( SYMBOL s,

Definition at line 71 of file read.c.

References s.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ add_point()

void add_point ( SYMBEL el,
double  x,
double  y 

Definition at line 156 of file read.c.

References SYMBEL::alloc, SYMBEL::coor, SYMBEL::count, SYMBEL::line, SYMBEL::x, x, and SYMBEL::y.

Referenced by read_coor().

◆ err()

SYMBOL * err ( FILE *  fp,
char *  msg 

◆ get_key_data()

void get_key_data ( char *  buf)

Definition at line 33 of file read.c.

References data, G_chop(), G_debug(), key, and NULL.

Referenced by read_coor(), and S_read().

◆ new_arc()

SYMBEL * new_arc ( double  x,
double  y,
double  r,
double  a1,
double  a2,
int  c 

Definition at line 173 of file read.c.

References SYMBEL::a1, a1, SYMBEL::a2, a2, SYMBEL::arc, c, SYMBEL::clock, SYMBEL::coor, SYMBEL::r, r, S_ARC, SYMBEL::type, SYMBEL::x, x, and SYMBEL::y.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ new_chain()

SYMBCHAIN * new_chain ( void  )

◆ new_line()

SYMBEL * new_line ( void  )

Definition at line 142 of file read.c.

References SYMBEL::alloc, SYMBEL::coor, SYMBEL::count, SYMBEL::line, NULL, S_LINE, SYMBEL::type, SYMBEL::x, and SYMBEL::y.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ new_part()

SYMBPART * new_part ( int  type)

◆ new_symbol()

SYMBOL * new_symbol ( void  )

Definition at line 58 of file read.c.

References SYMBOL::alloc, SYMBOL::count, NULL, SYMBOL::part, and SYMBOL::scale.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ read_coor()

void read_coor ( FILE *  fp,

Definition at line 189 of file read.c.

References _, add_point(), G_chop(), G_debug(), G_getl2(), G_warning(), get_key_data(), key, and x.

Referenced by S_read().

◆ S_read()

Variable Documentation

◆ data

char data[500]

Definition at line 24 of file read.c.

Referenced by AS_basic_stats(), AS_class_apply_algorithm(), AS_class_discont(), AS_class_equiprob(), AS_class_frequencies(), AS_class_interval(), AS_class_quant(), AS_class_stdev(), btree_find(), btree_free(), btree_next(), btree_update(), cache_test_load_fun(), Cairo_Bitmap(), cell_values_int(), em_buffer< T, Key >::check_name(), em_buffer< T, Key >::cleanup(), cp_draw(), queue< T >::dequeue(), queue< T >::enqueue(), get_buff_value(), get_key_data(), em_buffer< T, Key >::get_stream(), em_buffer< T, Key >::get_streams(), queue< T >::grow(), gvl_align_data(), gvl_read_char(), gvl_write_char(), I_scd_init_scatt_data(), IL_check_at_points_2d(), IL_grid_calc_2d(), IL_interp_segments_2d(), IL_interp_segments_2d_parallel(), IL_resample_interp_segments_2d(), IL_vector_input_data_2d(), im_buffer< T >::im_buffer(), em_buffer< T, Key >::insert(), im_buffer< T >::insert(), insertionsort(), makeRun(), makeRun_Block(), MEM_STREAM< T >::MEM_STREAM(), MT_region_data(), MT_tree_new(), N_alloc_array_2d(), N_alloc_array_3d(), N_alloc_gwflow_data2d(), N_alloc_gwflow_data3d(), N_alloc_solute_transport_data2d(), N_alloc_solute_transport_data3d(), N_assemble_les_2d(), N_assemble_les_2d_active(), N_assemble_les_2d_dirichlet(), N_assemble_les_2d_param(), N_assemble_les_3d(), N_assemble_les_3d_active(), N_assemble_les_3d_dirichlet(), N_assemble_les_3d_param(), N_calc_solute_transport_disptensor_2d(), N_calc_solute_transport_disptensor_3d(), N_calc_solute_transport_transmission_2d(), N_callback_gwflow_2d(), N_callback_gwflow_3d(), N_callback_solute_transport_2d(), N_callback_solute_transport_3d(), N_free_array_2d(), N_free_array_3d(), N_free_gwflow_data2d(), N_free_gwflow_data3d(), N_free_solute_transport_data2d(), N_free_solute_transport_data3d(), N_get_array_2d_c_value(), N_get_array_2d_d_value(), N_get_array_2d_f_value(), N_get_array_2d_value(), N_get_array_3d_d_value(), N_get_array_3d_f_value(), N_get_array_3d_value(), N_gwflow_2d_calc_water_budget(), N_gwflow_3d_calc_water_budget(), N_is_array_2d_value_null(), N_is_array_3d_value_null(), N_print_array_2d(), N_print_array_2d_info(), N_print_array_3d(), N_print_array_3d_info(), N_put_array_2d_c_value(), N_put_array_2d_d_value(), N_put_array_2d_f_value(), N_put_array_2d_value(), N_put_array_2d_value_null(), N_put_array_3d_d_value(), N_put_array_3d_f_value(), N_put_array_3d_value(), N_put_array_3d_value_null(), N_read_rast3d_to_array_3d(), N_read_rast_to_array_2d(), N_set_les_callback_2d_func(), N_set_les_callback_3d_func(), N_write_array_3d_to_rast3d(), Nviz_change_exag(), Nviz_delete_arrow(), Nviz_delete_scalebar(), Nviz_destroy_data(), Nviz_draw_all(), Nviz_draw_arrow(), Nviz_draw_cplane(), Nviz_draw_fringe(), Nviz_draw_quick(), Nviz_draw_scalebar(), Nviz_get_bgcolor(), Nviz_get_cplane_rotation(), Nviz_get_cplane_translation(), Nviz_get_current_cplane(), Nviz_get_xyrange(), Nviz_init_data(), Nviz_init_light(), Nviz_init_view(), Nviz_new_cplane(), Nviz_new_fringe(), Nviz_new_light(), Nviz_new_map_obj(), Nviz_new_scalebar(), Nviz_num_cplanes(), Nviz_off_cplane(), Nviz_on_cplane(), Nviz_set_arrow(), Nviz_set_attr(), Nviz_set_bgcolor(), Nviz_set_cplane_here(), Nviz_set_cplane_rotation(), Nviz_set_cplane_translation(), Nviz_set_fringe(), Nviz_set_light_ambient(), Nviz_set_light_bright(), Nviz_set_light_color(), Nviz_set_light_position(), Nviz_set_scalebar(), partition(), queue< T >::peek(), em_buffer< T, Key >::print(), im_buffer< T >::print(), em_buffer< T, Key >::print_range(), im_buffer< T >::print_range(), em_buffer< T, Key >::print_stream(), process_point(), em_buffer< T, Key >::put_stream(), em_buffer< T, Key >::put_streams(), quad_add_data(), quad_compare(), quad_data_new(), quad_divide_data(), quad_division_check(), quad_get_points(), quad_intersect(), quicksort(), Rast3d_change_precision(), Rast3d_change_type(), Rast_get_gdal_link(), rbtree_find(), rbtree_insert(), rbtree_make_node(), rbtree_remove(), rbtree_traverse_start(), AMI_STREAM< T >::read_array(), read_data(), read_g3d_slice(), read_g3d_vol(), MEM_STREAM< T >::read_item(), em_buffer< T, Key >::reset(), im_buffer< T >::reset(), retileNocache(), runFormation(), S_read(), im_buffer< T >::save2str(), MEM_STREAM< T >::seek(), im_buffer< T >::shift_left(), em_buffer< T, Key >::sort(), im_buffer< T >::sort(), vector_append(), AMI_STREAM< T >::write_array(), write_data(), MEM_STREAM< T >::write_item(), write_zeros(), em_buffer< T, Key >::~em_buffer(), and queue< T >::~queue().

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