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About: GoogleCL is a command line utility to use google services like youtube, blogger etc. (fork of the original Google tool).
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#Google CL


GoogleCL is a command line utility to use google services like youtube, blogger etc.

It was developed by Mr.Tom H. Miller from Google and was hosted here.

This is a fork of the above project to keep the development up and running. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, you can tip me here at Thanks! :)


Installation is simple, Just run this command in your shell:

git clone
cd googlecl
python install


Few things should be kept in notice before contributing:

  • Few changes in the documentation structure and format(Markdown) has been done.
  • Pycco has been used to generate documentation. I believe in Literate programming and felt that it would be easier for developers to understand the existing code.
  • Follow the same styleguide and naming conventions as present in the code.
  • Follow [github flow] (, It is a dead simple way to deal with development using and I prefer it.
  • Branch naming could be issue related. Say there is issue #23, create a branch name feature/fix-issue23 or bugfix/issue23. It would really help.