gnucash  3.5
About: GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software.
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GnuCash design and developer's reference

This is the new developer and design manual for GnuCash.

Documentation Sections.

The documentation is organised in a rough sequence:

  1. External documentation. Start with the main GnuCash manual.
  2. Documentation elsewhere in the source tree. Design overview.
  3. Doxygen overviews. Individual topic overviews, linked into the full API reference for each topic, generated from source code.
  4. General Doxygen help. How to work with Doxygen in your own code.

External documentation.

Please refer to the main documentation page on the gnucash website which includes links to the GnuCash Manual and the Concepts Guide in various formats.

Documentation elsewhere in the source tree.

There is also the "GnuCash Design Overview" which can be generated from the source using texi2html from the texinfo files in src/doc/design, but this is even more outdated.

Doxygen overviews.

Where possible, each overview is dated - take care to review older texts in relation to existing code.

  • backuppolicy
  • bookperiods
  • business1
  • currencies
  • Deprecated List
  • engine
  • backendold
  • financeconstraints
  • druidframework
  • guid
  • gnome2
  • loanhandling
  • kvpvalues
  • lotsoverview
  • multicurrency
  • pricedocs
  • gnucashextension
  • Python bindings
  • qif
  • budgetplan
  • taxnotes
  • Todo List
  • userprefs

Each overview in this section is generated directly from the source files using Doxygen but some topics need updating.

General Doxygen help.