gmerlin  1.2.0
About: gmerlin is a set of multimedia libraries for Linux bundled with an application suite. (for e.g. audio/video player, transcoder, alsamixer, plugins and a small webcam application)
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Plugin Locations

Plugin Locations

For Unix platforms there are rules for the location of frei0r plugins.

frei0r 1.x plugin files should be located in


Like in these examples plugins should be placed in "vendor" subdirs to reduce name clashes.

Plugin Loading Order

The application shall load plugins in the following order: 3, 2, 1. If a name clash occurs (two or more frei0r plugins with identical effect name), the plugins in directory 3 have precedence over plugins in directory 2, and those in directory 2 have precedence over plugins in directory 1.

This makes it possible for users to "override" effects that are installed in system wide directories by placing plugins in their home directory.

The order of loading plugins inside each of the directories 1, 2, and 3 is not defined.