glusterfs  8.2
About: GlusterFS is a network/cluster filesystem. The storage server (or each in a cluster) runs glusterfsd and the clients use mount command or glusterfs client to mount the exported filesystem. Release series 8.x (latest version).
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rpcsvc.h File Reference
#include <glusterfs/gf-event.h>
#include "rpc-transport.h"
#include <glusterfs/dict.h>
#include "xdr-rpc.h"
#include "rpcsvc-common.h"
#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/uio.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <rpc/rpc_msg.h>
#include <glusterfs/compat.h>
#include <glusterfs/client_t.h>
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Data Structures

struct  rpcsvc_notify_wrapper
struct  rpcsvc_listener_t
struct  rpcsvc_config
struct  rpcsvc_request
struct  rpcsvc_actor_desc
struct  rpcsvc_request_queue
struct  rpcsvc_program
struct  rpcsvc_cbk_program
struct  rpcsvc_auth_ops
struct  rpcsvc_auth_flavour_desc
struct  rpcsvc_auth_list


#define RPCSVC_INFRA_PROGRAM   7712846 /* random number */
#define RPCSVC_DEFAULT_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT    64 /* Default for protocol/server */
#define RPCSVC_DEF_NFS_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT   16 /* Default for nfs/server */
#define RPCSVC_MIN_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT   0 /* No limit i.e. Unlimited */
#define GF_RPCSVC   "rpc-service"
#define RPCSVC_THREAD_STACK_SIZE   ((size_t)(1024 * GF_UNIT_KB))
#define RPCSVC_FRAGHDR_SIZE   4 /* 4-byte RPC fragment header size */
#define RPCSVC_CONN_READ   (128 * GF_UNIT_KB)
#define RPCSVC_PAGE_SIZE   (128 * GF_UNIT_KB)
#define RPC_ROOT_UID   0
#define RPC_ROOT_GID   0
#define RPC_NOBODY_UID   65534
#define RPC_NOBODY_GID   65534
#define RPCSVC_READ_FRAG   2
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_baremsg(rs)    (((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAG) && (rs)->vecstate == 0)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_cred(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READCRED)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfsz(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVERFSZ)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfread(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVERF)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_ignore(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_IGNORE)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_readvec(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVEC)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_readprochdr(rs)    ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READPROCHDR)
#define rpcsvc_record_vectored(rs)   ((rs)->fragsize > RPCSVC_VECTORED_FRAGSZ)
#define rpcsvc_record_readfraghdr(rs)   ((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAGHDR)
#define rpcsvc_record_readfrag(rs)   ((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAG)
#define RPCSVC_LOWVERS   2
#define rpcsvc_auth_flavour(au)   ((au).flavour)
#define rpcsvc_request_program(req)   ((rpcsvc_program_t *)((req)->prog))
#define rpcsvc_request_procnum(req)   (((req)->procnum))
#define rpcsvc_request_program_private(req)    (((rpcsvc_program_t *)((req)->prog))->private)
#define rpcsvc_request_accepted(req)   ((req)->rpc_status == MSG_ACCEPTED)
#define rpcsvc_request_accepted_success(req)   ((req)->rpc_err == SUCCESS)
#define rpcsvc_request_prog_minauth(req)   (rpcsvc_request_program(req)->min_auth)
#define rpcsvc_request_cred_flavour(req)   (rpcsvc_auth_flavour(req->cred))
#define rpcsvc_request_verf_flavour(req)   (rpcsvc_auth_flavour(req->verf))
#define rpcsvc_request_service(req)   ((req)->svc)
#define rpcsvc_request_uid(req)   ((req)->uid)
#define rpcsvc_request_gid(req)   ((req)->gid)
#define rpcsvc_request_private(req)   ((req)->private)
#define rpcsvc_request_xid(req)   ((req)->xid)
#define rpcsvc_request_set_private(req, prv)   (req)->private = (void *)(prv)
#define rpcsvc_request_iobref_ref(req)   (iobref_ref((req)->iobref))
#define rpcsvc_request_record_ref(req)   (iobuf_ref((req)->recordiob))
#define rpcsvc_request_record_unref(req)   (iobuf_unref((req)->recordiob))
#define rpcsvc_request_record_iob(req)   ((req)->recordiob)
#define rpcsvc_request_set_vecstate(req, state)   ((req)->vecstate = state)
#define rpcsvc_request_vecstate(req)   ((req)->vecstate)
#define rpcsvc_request_transport(req)   ((req)->trans)
#define rpcsvc_request_transport_ref(req)   (rpc_transport_ref((req)->trans))
#define RPC_AUTH_ALL_SQUASH(req)
#define RPCSVC_ACTOR_ERROR   (-1)
#define RPCSVC_ACTOR_IGNORE   (-2)
#define RPCSVC_NAME_MAX   32
#define RPCSVC_PEER_STRLEN   1024
#define rpcsvc_request_seterr(req, err)   ((req)->rpc_err = (int)(err))
#define rpcsvc_request_set_autherr(req, err)   ((req)->auth_err = (int)(err))


typedef struct rpcsvc_program rpcsvc_program_t
typedef struct rpcsvc_notify_wrapper rpcsvc_notify_wrapper_t
typedef struct rpcsvc_request rpcsvc_request_t
typedef struct drc_client drc_client_t
typedef struct drc_cached_op drc_cached_op_t
typedef int(* rpcsvc_actor) (rpcsvc_request_t *req)
typedef int(* rpcsvc_vector_sizer) (int state, ssize_t *readsize, char *base_addr, char *curr_addr)
typedef void *(* rpcsvc_encode_reply) (void *msg)
typedef void(* rpcsvc_deallocate_reply) (void *msg)
typedef struct rpcsvc_actor_desc rpcsvc_actor_t
typedef struct rpcsvc_request_queue rpcsvc_request_queue_t
typedef struct rpcsvc_cbk_program rpcsvc_cbk_program_t
typedef int(* auth_init_trans) (rpc_transport_t *trans, void *priv)
typedef int(* auth_init_request) (rpcsvc_request_t *req, void *priv)
typedef int(* auth_request_authenticate) (rpcsvc_request_t *req, void *priv)
typedef struct rpcsvc_auth_ops rpcsvc_auth_ops_t
typedef struct rpcsvc_auth_flavour_desc rpcsvc_auth_t
typedef void *(* rpcsvc_auth_initer_t) (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)


enum  rpcsvc_infra_procnum_t { RPCSVC_PROC_EVENT_THREAD_DEATH = 0 }


int rpcsvc_program_register (rpcsvc_t *svc, rpcsvc_program_t *program, bool add_to_head)
int rpcsvc_program_unregister (rpcsvc_t *svc, rpcsvc_program_t *program)
int32_t rpcsvc_create_listeners (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options, char *name)
void rpcsvc_listener_destroy (rpcsvc_listener_t *listener)
int rpcsvc_program_register_portmap (rpcsvc_program_t *newprog, uint32_t port)
int rpcsvc_program_unregister_portmap (rpcsvc_program_t *newprog)
int rpcsvc_register_portmap_enabled (rpcsvc_t *svc)
rpcsvc_trpcsvc_init (xlator_t *xl, glusterfs_ctx_t *ctx, dict_t *options, uint32_t poolcount)
int rpcsvc_reconfigure_options (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_register_notify (rpcsvc_t *svc, rpcsvc_notify_t notify, void *mydata)
int rpcsvc_unregister_notify (rpcsvc_t *svc, rpcsvc_notify_t notify, void *mydata)
int rpcsvc_transport_submit (rpc_transport_t *trans, struct iovec *rpchdr, int rpchdrcount, struct iovec *proghdr, int proghdrcount, struct iovec *progpayload, int progpayloadcount, struct iobref *iobref, void *priv)
int rpcsvc_submit_message (rpcsvc_request_t *req, struct iovec *proghdr, int hdrcount, struct iovec *payload, int payloadcount, struct iobref *iobref)
int rpcsvc_submit_generic (rpcsvc_request_t *req, struct iovec *proghdr, int hdrcount, struct iovec *payload, int payloadcount, struct iobref *iobref)
int rpcsvc_error_reply (rpcsvc_request_t *req)
int rpcsvc_transport_peername (rpc_transport_t *trans, char *hostname, int hostlen)
int rpcsvc_transport_peeraddr (rpc_transport_t *trans, char *addrstr, int addrlen, struct sockaddr_storage *returnsa, socklen_t sasize)
int rpcsvc_auth_check (rpcsvc_t *svc, char *volname, char *ipaddr)
int rpcsvc_transport_privport_check (rpcsvc_t *svc, char *volname, uint16_t port)
int rpcsvc_submit_vectors (rpcsvc_request_t *req)
int rpcsvc_request_attach_vector (rpcsvc_request_t *req, struct iovec msgvec, struct iobuf *iob, struct iobref *ioref, int finalvector)
int rpcsvc_auth_request_init (rpcsvc_request_t *req, struct rpc_msg *callmsg)
int rpcsvc_auth_init (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_auth_reconf (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_auth_transport_init (rpc_transport_t *xprt)
int rpcsvc_authenticate (rpcsvc_request_t *req)
int rpcsvc_auth_array (rpcsvc_t *svc, char *volname, int *autharr, int arrlen)
gid_t * rpcsvc_auth_unix_auxgids (rpcsvc_request_t *req, int *arrlen)
char * rpcsvc_volume_allowed (dict_t *options, char *volname)
int rpcsvc_request_submit (rpcsvc_t *rpc, rpc_transport_t *trans, rpcsvc_cbk_program_t *prog, int procnum, void *req, glusterfs_ctx_t *ctx, xdrproc_t xdrproc)
int rpcsvc_callback_submit (rpcsvc_t *rpc, rpc_transport_t *trans, rpcsvc_cbk_program_t *prog, int procnum, struct iovec *proghdr, int proghdrcount, struct iobref *iobref)
rpcsvc_actor_trpcsvc_program_actor (rpcsvc_request_t *req)
int rpcsvc_transport_unix_options_build (dict_t *options, char *filepath)
int rpcsvc_set_allow_insecure (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_set_addr_namelookup (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_set_root_squash (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_set_all_squash (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)
int rpcsvc_set_outstanding_rpc_limit (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options, int defvalue)
int rpcsvc_set_throttle_on (rpcsvc_t *svc)
int rpcsvc_set_throttle_off (rpcsvc_t *svc)
bool rpcsvc_get_throttle (rpcsvc_t *svc)
rpcsvc_vector_sizer rpcsvc_get_program_vector_sizer (rpcsvc_t *svc, uint32_t prognum, uint32_t progver, int procnum)
void rpcsvc_autoscale_threads (glusterfs_ctx_t *ctx, rpcsvc_t *rpc, int incr)
int rpcsvc_destroy (rpcsvc_t *svc)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GF_RPCSVC   "rpc-service"

Definition at line 47 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_AUTH_ALL_SQUASH (   req)
do { \
int gidcount = 0; \
if (req->svc->all_squash) { \
req->uid = req->svc->anonuid; \
req->gid = req->svc->anongid; \
for (gidcount = 0; gidcount < req->auxgidcount; ++gidcount) { \
if (!req->auxgids[gidcount]) \
req->auxgids[gidcount] = req->svc->anongid; \
} \
} \
} while (0);

Definition at line 308 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_AUTH_ROOT_SQUASH (   req)
do { \
int gidcount = 0; \
if (req->svc->root_squash) { \
if (req->uid == RPC_ROOT_UID) \
req->uid = req->svc->anonuid; \
if (req->gid == RPC_ROOT_GID) \
req->gid = req->svc->anongid; \
for (gidcount = 0; gidcount < req->auxgidcount; ++gidcount) { \
if (!req->auxgids[gidcount]) \
req->auxgids[gidcount] = req->svc->anongid; \
} \
} \
} while (0);

Definition at line 292 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_NOBODY_GID   65534

Definition at line 60 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_NOBODY_UID   65534

Definition at line 59 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_ROOT_GID   0

Definition at line 58 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPC_ROOT_UID   0

Definition at line 57 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_ACTOR_ERROR   (-1)

Definition at line 323 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_ACTOR_IGNORE   (-2)

Definition at line 324 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 322 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 548 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 550 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_auth_flavour

#define rpcsvc_auth_flavour (   au)    ((au).flavour)

Definition at line 146 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 549 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 101 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_CONN_READ   (128 * GF_UNIT_KB)

Definition at line 55 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_DEF_NFS_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT   16 /* Default for nfs/server */

Definition at line 43 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 51 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 52 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_DEFAULT_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT    64 /* Default for protocol/server */

Definition at line 41 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 53 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_FRAGHDR_SIZE   4 /* 4-byte RPC fragment header size */

Definition at line 50 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 106 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_INFRA_PROGRAM   7712846 /* random number */

Definition at line 35 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_LOWVERS   2

Definition at line 105 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 44 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_MIN_OUTSTANDING_RPC_LIMIT   0 /* No limit i.e. Unlimited */

Definition at line 45 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_NAME_MAX   32

Definition at line 354 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_PAGE_SIZE   (128 * GF_UNIT_KB)

Definition at line 56 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_PEER_STRLEN   1024

Definition at line 547 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 54 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_READ_FRAG   2

Definition at line 64 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 63 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_readfrag

#define rpcsvc_record_readfrag (   rs)    ((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAG)

Definition at line 103 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_readfraghdr

#define rpcsvc_record_readfraghdr (   rs)    ((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAGHDR)

Definition at line 102 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored (   rs)    ((rs)->fragsize > RPCSVC_VECTORED_FRAGSZ)

Definition at line 94 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_baremsg

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_baremsg (   rs)     (((rs)->state == RPCSVC_READ_FRAG) && (rs)->vecstate == 0)

Definition at line 80 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_cred

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_cred (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READCRED)

Definition at line 82 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_ignore

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_ignore (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_IGNORE)

Definition at line 88 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_readprochdr

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_readprochdr (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READPROCHDR)

Definition at line 92 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_readvec

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_readvec (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVEC)

Definition at line 90 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfread

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfread (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVERF)

Definition at line 86 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfsz

#define rpcsvc_record_vectored_verfsz (   rs)     ((rs)->vecstate == RPCSVC_VECTOR_READVERFSZ)

Definition at line 84 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_accepted

#define rpcsvc_request_accepted (   req)    ((req)->rpc_status == MSG_ACCEPTED)

Definition at line 273 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_accepted_success

#define rpcsvc_request_accepted_success (   req)    ((req)->rpc_err == SUCCESS)

Definition at line 274 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_cred_flavour

#define rpcsvc_request_cred_flavour (   req)    (rpcsvc_auth_flavour(req->cred))

Definition at line 276 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_gid

#define rpcsvc_request_gid (   req)    ((req)->gid)

Definition at line 280 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_iobref_ref

#define rpcsvc_request_iobref_ref (   req)    (iobref_ref((req)->iobref))

Definition at line 284 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_private

#define rpcsvc_request_private (   req)    ((req)->private)

Definition at line 281 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_procnum

#define rpcsvc_request_procnum (   req)    (((req)->procnum))

Definition at line 270 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_prog_minauth

#define rpcsvc_request_prog_minauth (   req)    (rpcsvc_request_program(req)->min_auth)

Definition at line 275 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_program

#define rpcsvc_request_program (   req)    ((rpcsvc_program_t *)((req)->prog))

Definition at line 269 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_program_private

#define rpcsvc_request_program_private (   req)     (((rpcsvc_program_t *)((req)->prog))->private)

Definition at line 271 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_record_iob

#define rpcsvc_request_record_iob (   req)    ((req)->recordiob)

Definition at line 287 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_record_ref

#define rpcsvc_request_record_ref (   req)    (iobuf_ref((req)->recordiob))

Definition at line 285 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_record_unref

#define rpcsvc_request_record_unref (   req)    (iobuf_unref((req)->recordiob))

Definition at line 286 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_service

#define rpcsvc_request_service (   req)    ((req)->svc)

Definition at line 278 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_set_autherr

#define rpcsvc_request_set_autherr (   req,
)    ((req)->auth_err = (int)(err))

Definition at line 566 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_set_private

#define rpcsvc_request_set_private (   req,
)    (req)->private = (void *)(prv)

Definition at line 283 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_set_vecstate

#define rpcsvc_request_set_vecstate (   req,
)    ((req)->vecstate = state)

Definition at line 288 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_seterr

#define rpcsvc_request_seterr (   req,
)    ((req)->rpc_err = (int)(err))

Definition at line 565 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_transport

#define rpcsvc_request_transport (   req)    ((req)->trans)

Definition at line 290 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_transport_ref

#define rpcsvc_request_transport_ref (   req)    (rpc_transport_ref((req)->trans))

Definition at line 291 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_uid

#define rpcsvc_request_uid (   req)    ((req)->uid)

Definition at line 279 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_vecstate

#define rpcsvc_request_vecstate (   req)    ((req)->vecstate)

Definition at line 289 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_verf_flavour

#define rpcsvc_request_verf_flavour (   req)    (rpcsvc_auth_flavour(req->verf))

Definition at line 277 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_xid

#define rpcsvc_request_xid (   req)    ((req)->xid)

Definition at line 282 of file rpcsvc.h.


#define RPCSVC_THREAD_STACK_SIZE   ((size_t)(1024 * GF_UNIT_KB))

Definition at line 48 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 76 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 73 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 78 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 77 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 75 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 74 of file rpcsvc.h.



Definition at line 72 of file rpcsvc.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ auth_init_request

typedef int(* auth_init_request) (rpcsvc_request_t *req, void *priv)

Definition at line 577 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ auth_init_trans

typedef int(* auth_init_trans) (rpc_transport_t *trans, void *priv)

Definition at line 576 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ auth_request_authenticate

typedef int(* auth_request_authenticate) (rpcsvc_request_t *req, void *priv)

Definition at line 578 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ drc_cached_op_t

Definition at line 1 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ drc_client_t

typedef struct drc_client drc_client_t

Definition at line 1 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_actor

typedef int(* rpcsvc_actor) (rpcsvc_request_t *req)

Definition at line 338 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_actor_t

◆ rpcsvc_auth_initer_t

typedef void*(* rpcsvc_auth_initer_t) (rpcsvc_t *svc, dict_t *options)

Definition at line 597 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_auth_ops_t

◆ rpcsvc_auth_t

◆ rpcsvc_cbk_program_t

◆ rpcsvc_deallocate_reply

typedef void(* rpcsvc_deallocate_reply) (void *msg)

Definition at line 352 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_encode_reply

typedef void*(* rpcsvc_encode_reply) (void *msg)

Definition at line 346 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_notify_wrapper_t

Definition at line 1 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_program_t

Definition at line 1 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_request_queue_t

◆ rpcsvc_request_t

Definition at line 1 of file rpcsvc.h.

◆ rpcsvc_vector_sizer

typedef int(* rpcsvc_vector_sizer) (int state, ssize_t *readsize, char *base_addr, char *curr_addr)

Definition at line 339 of file rpcsvc.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ rpcsvc_infra_procnum_t


Definition at line 37 of file rpcsvc.h.

Function Documentation

◆ rpcsvc_auth_array()

◆ rpcsvc_auth_check()

◆ rpcsvc_auth_init()

◆ rpcsvc_auth_reconf()

int rpcsvc_auth_reconf ( rpcsvc_t svc,
dict_t options 

◆ rpcsvc_auth_request_init()

◆ rpcsvc_auth_transport_init()

int rpcsvc_auth_transport_init ( rpc_transport_t xprt)

◆ rpcsvc_auth_unix_auxgids()

◆ rpcsvc_authenticate()

◆ rpcsvc_autoscale_threads()

void rpcsvc_autoscale_threads ( glusterfs_ctx_t ctx,
rpcsvc_t rpc,
int  incr 

◆ rpcsvc_callback_submit()

◆ rpcsvc_create_listeners()

◆ rpcsvc_destroy()

◆ rpcsvc_error_reply()

int rpcsvc_error_reply ( rpcsvc_request_t req)

◆ rpcsvc_get_program_vector_sizer()

rpcsvc_vector_sizer rpcsvc_get_program_vector_sizer ( rpcsvc_t svc,
uint32_t  prognum,
uint32_t  progver,
int  procnum 

◆ rpcsvc_get_throttle()

bool rpcsvc_get_throttle ( rpcsvc_t svc)

Definition at line 2735 of file rpcsvc.c.

References _gf_false, and rpcsvc_state::throttle.

Referenced by rpcsvc_request_outstanding().

◆ rpcsvc_init()

◆ rpcsvc_listener_destroy()

◆ rpcsvc_program_actor()

◆ rpcsvc_program_register()

◆ rpcsvc_program_register_portmap()

int rpcsvc_program_register_portmap ( rpcsvc_program_t newprog,
uint32_t  port 

◆ rpcsvc_program_unregister()

◆ rpcsvc_program_unregister_portmap()

int rpcsvc_program_unregister_portmap ( rpcsvc_program_t newprog)

◆ rpcsvc_reconfigure_options()

◆ rpcsvc_register_notify()

◆ rpcsvc_register_portmap_enabled()

int rpcsvc_register_portmap_enabled ( rpcsvc_t svc)

Definition at line 1744 of file rpcsvc.c.

References rpcsvc_state::register_portmap.

Referenced by nfs_init_state(), and reconfigure().

◆ rpcsvc_request_attach_vector()

int rpcsvc_request_attach_vector ( rpcsvc_request_t req,
struct iovec  msgvec,
struct iobuf iob,
struct iobref ioref,
int  finalvector 

◆ rpcsvc_request_submit()

int rpcsvc_request_submit ( rpcsvc_t rpc,
rpc_transport_t trans,
rpcsvc_cbk_program_t prog,
int  procnum,
void *  req,
glusterfs_ctx_t ctx,
xdrproc_t  xdrproc 

◆ rpcsvc_set_addr_namelookup()

int rpcsvc_set_addr_namelookup ( rpcsvc_t svc,
dict_t options 

◆ rpcsvc_set_all_squash()

◆ rpcsvc_set_allow_insecure()

int rpcsvc_set_allow_insecure ( rpcsvc_t svc,
dict_t options 

◆ rpcsvc_set_outstanding_rpc_limit()

int rpcsvc_set_outstanding_rpc_limit ( rpcsvc_t svc,
dict_t options,
int  defvalue 

◆ rpcsvc_set_root_squash()

◆ rpcsvc_set_throttle_off()

int rpcsvc_set_throttle_off ( rpcsvc_t svc)

Definition at line 2720 of file rpcsvc.c.

References _gf_false, and rpcsvc_state::throttle.

◆ rpcsvc_set_throttle_on()

int rpcsvc_set_throttle_on ( rpcsvc_t svc)

Definition at line 2705 of file rpcsvc.c.

References _gf_true, and rpcsvc_state::throttle.

Referenced by nfs_init_state().

◆ rpcsvc_submit_generic()

◆ rpcsvc_submit_message()

int rpcsvc_submit_message ( rpcsvc_request_t req,
struct iovec *  proghdr,
int  hdrcount,
struct iovec *  payload,
int  payloadcount,
struct iobref iobref 

◆ rpcsvc_submit_vectors()

int rpcsvc_submit_vectors ( rpcsvc_request_t req)

◆ rpcsvc_transport_peeraddr()

int rpcsvc_transport_peeraddr ( rpc_transport_t trans,
char *  addrstr,
int  addrlen,
struct sockaddr_storage *  returnsa,
socklen_t  sasize 

◆ rpcsvc_transport_peername()

int rpcsvc_transport_peername ( rpc_transport_t trans,
char *  hostname,
int  hostlen 

◆ rpcsvc_transport_privport_check()

int rpcsvc_transport_privport_check ( rpcsvc_t svc,
char *  volname,
uint16_t  port 

◆ rpcsvc_transport_submit()

int rpcsvc_transport_submit ( rpc_transport_t trans,
struct iovec *  rpchdr,
int  rpchdrcount,
struct iovec *  proghdr,
int  proghdrcount,
struct iovec *  progpayload,
int  progpayloadcount,
struct iobref iobref,
void *  priv 

◆ rpcsvc_transport_unix_options_build()

int rpcsvc_transport_unix_options_build ( dict_t options,
char *  filepath 

◆ rpcsvc_unregister_notify()

◆ rpcsvc_volume_allowed()

char* rpcsvc_volume_allowed ( dict_t options,
char *  volname 
#define RPC_ROOT_UID
Definition: rpcsvc.h:57
#define RPC_ROOT_GID
Definition: rpcsvc.h:58