glusterfs  8.2
About: GlusterFS is a network/cluster filesystem. The storage server (or each in a cluster) runs glusterfsd and the clients use mount command or glusterfs client to mount the exported filesystem. Release series 8.x (latest version).
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nfs.h File Reference
#include "rpcsvc.h"
#include <glusterfs/dict.h>
#include <glusterfs/xlator.h>
#include <glusterfs/lkowner.h>
#include <glusterfs/gidcache.h>
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Data Structures

struct  nfs_initer_list
struct  nfs_state
struct  nfs_inode_ctx
struct  nfs_user_info


#define GF_NFS   "nfs"
#define GF_NFS_INODE_LRU_MULT   6000
#define GF_RPC_MIN_THREADS   1
#define GF_RPC_MAX_THREADS   16
#define GF_NFS_DVM_ON   1
#define GF_NFS_DVM_OFF   0
#define GF_NFS_DEFAULT_AUTH_CACHE_TTL_SEC   300 /* 5 min */
#define gf_nfs_dvm_on(nfsstt)    (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->dynamicvolumes == GF_NFS_DVM_ON)
#define gf_nfs_dvm_off(nfsstt)    (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->dynamicvolumes == GF_NFS_DVM_OFF)
#define __gf_nfs_enable_ino32(nfsstt)    (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->enable_ino32)
#define gf_nfs_this_private   ((struct nfs_state *)((xlator_t *)THIS)->private)
#define gf_nfs_enable_ino32()   (__gf_nfs_enable_ino32(gf_nfs_this_private))
#define NFS_PRIMGID_IDX   0


typedef rpcsvc_program_t *(* nfs_version_initer_t) (xlator_t *nfsx)
typedef struct nfs_user_info nfs_user_t


int nfs_user_root_create (nfs_user_t *newnfu)
int nfs_user_create (nfs_user_t *newnfu, uid_t uid, gid_t gid, rpc_transport_t *trans, gid_t *auxgids, int auxcount)
void nfs_request_user_init (nfs_user_t *nfu, rpcsvc_request_t *req)
void nfs_request_primary_user_init (nfs_user_t *nfu, rpcsvc_request_t *req, uid_t uid, gid_t gid)
int nfs_subvolume_started (struct nfs_state *nfs, xlator_t *xl)
void nfs_fix_groups (xlator_t *this, call_stack_t *root)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ __gf_nfs_enable_ino32

#define __gf_nfs_enable_ino32 (   nfsstt)     (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->enable_ino32)

Definition at line 115 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_NFS   "nfs"

Definition at line 20 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 22 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_NFS_DEFAULT_AUTH_CACHE_TTL_SEC   300 /* 5 min */

Definition at line 40 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 39 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 37 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 29 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_NFS_DVM_OFF   0

Definition at line 34 of file nfs.h.

◆ gf_nfs_dvm_off

#define gf_nfs_dvm_off (   nfsstt)     (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->dynamicvolumes == GF_NFS_DVM_OFF)

Definition at line 113 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_NFS_DVM_ON   1

Definition at line 33 of file nfs.h.

◆ gf_nfs_dvm_on

#define gf_nfs_dvm_on (   nfsstt)     (((struct nfs_state *)nfsstt)->dynamicvolumes == GF_NFS_DVM_ON)

Definition at line 111 of file nfs.h.

◆ gf_nfs_enable_ino32

#define gf_nfs_enable_ino32 ( )    (__gf_nfs_enable_ino32(gf_nfs_this_private))

Definition at line 118 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_NFS_INODE_LRU_MULT   6000

Definition at line 24 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 31 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 30 of file nfs.h.

◆ gf_nfs_this_private

#define gf_nfs_this_private   ((struct nfs_state *)((xlator_t *)THIS)->private)

Definition at line 117 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 46 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_RPC_MAX_THREADS   16

Definition at line 27 of file nfs.h.


#define GF_RPC_MIN_THREADS   1

Definition at line 26 of file nfs.h.



Definition at line 123 of file nfs.h.


#define NFS_PRIMGID_IDX   0

Definition at line 126 of file nfs.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ nfs_user_t

typedef struct nfs_user_info nfs_user_t

◆ nfs_version_initer_t

typedef rpcsvc_program_t*(* nfs_version_initer_t) (xlator_t *nfsx)

Definition at line 52 of file nfs.h.

Function Documentation

◆ nfs_fix_groups()

◆ nfs_request_primary_user_init()

void nfs_request_primary_user_init ( nfs_user_t nfu,
rpcsvc_request_t req,
uid_t  uid,
gid_t  gid 

Definition at line 688 of file nfs.c.

References nfs_user_create(), rpcsvc_auth_unix_auxgids(), and rpcsvc_request_transport.

Referenced by nfs3_create_common().

◆ nfs_request_user_init()

◆ nfs_subvolume_started()

int nfs_subvolume_started ( struct nfs_state nfs,
xlator_t xl 

◆ nfs_user_create()

int nfs_user_create ( nfs_user_t newnfu,
uid_t  uid,
gid_t  gid,
rpc_transport_t trans,
gid_t *  auxgids,
int  auxcount 

◆ nfs_user_root_create()

int nfs_user_root_create ( nfs_user_t newnfu)