giac  1.9.0
About: Giac is a computer algebra system (C++ library).
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General Information
See giac homepage: (English) (French)

* The giac library and the Xcas program are released under the GPL license,
version 3 or above, as published by the Free Software Foundation, 
see <> or the COPYING file.
The copyright holders are
(c) B. Parisse, Institut Fourier, 2002-2014
    R. De Graeve, 2002-2014
except for:
a/ The first GNUification of the giac package (automake,autoconf) is
(c) Richard Kreckel, Universitat Mainz, 10/2000 and the complete
rewrite 10/2008 of the auto-tool files 
(c) A. Sheplyakov 
b/ The very first version of the expression parser was a modification from 
GiNaC expression parser
GiNaC Copyright (C) 1999-2000 Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
c/ The mathml/svg conversion is (c) Jean-Pierre Branchard, 2003-2004, later modified by F. Han
d/ implicit3d plot code by Paul Bourke and Cory Gene Bloyd in
e/ gl2ps code copyrighted by Christophe Geuzaine
f/ Fl* code part of FLTK
g/ Optimization, signalprocessing, graph theory code and manuals: 
(c) Luka Marohnić
h/ MicroPython (directory micropython-1-x) is 
Copyright (c) 2013-2019 Damien P. George,
i/ QuickJS is Copyright (c) 2017-2020 Fabrice Bellard, Charlie Gordon
License is inside each source file:
fenv.h libregexp.h libregext-opcode.h libunicode.h libunicode-table.h 
libbf.h list.h cutils.h quickjs.h quickjs-atom.h quickjs-libc.h quickjs-opcode.h
cutils.c graphic.c libbf.c libregexp.c libunicode.c quickjs.c quickjs-libc.c
j/ Numworks delta* firmwares and recovery are derived from Epsilon 14, (c) Numworks,, CC-BY-NC-SA  license ( Delta source code is available from
k/ Maxime Friess for numworks.js (Numworks webusb)

* Documentation:
  The on-line help is included in Xcas and giac/icas. The resposible
file is doc/aide_cas. It is released under the GPL version 3 or above
and is copyrighted by R. de Graeve, B. Parisse (English/French), M. Lopez de la Fuente
and X. Vidaux (Spanish), and A. Akritas (Greek).
  The English documentation is currently incomplete (help welcome!). A tutorial
is available in English, released under the FDL,
copyrighted by B. Parisse. A few information are also available in the
files giac_us.texinfo and giac_es.texinfo, both files are released under
the GPL version 3 or above and are (c) B. Parisse or M. Lopez de la Fuente.
  The French documentation is *not* released under the GPL. It is (c)
by Renee de Graeve. It can be freely distributed for non commercial purpose.
Other kind of redistributions require the consent of the copyright holder.

See the file "INSTALL" or look at the Install section of the info manual
(e.g. open doc/ with emacs command C-u C-h i)
If you are really in a hurry: 
install at least GMP, untar the archive, configure, make, make install, then run xcas