getfem  5.4.1
About: The Getfem++ project focuses on the development of a generic and efficient C++ library for finite element methods elementary computations.
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getfem_mesh_fem.h File Reference

Define the getfem::mesh_fem class. More...

#include "getfem_mesh.h"
#include "getfem_fem.h"
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struct  getfem::tab_scal_to_vect_iterator< CONT >
class  getfem::tab_scal_to_vect< CONT >
class  getfem::mesh_fem


 GEneric Tool for Finite Element Methods.


const mesh_fem & getfem::classical_mesh_fem (const mesh &mesh, dim_type degree, dim_type qdim=1, bool complete=false)
const mesh_fem & getfem::dummy_mesh_fem ()
template<typename VEC1 , typename VEC2 >
void getfem::slice_vector_on_basic_dof_of_element (const mesh_fem &mf, const VEC1 &vec, size_type cv, VEC2 &coeff, size_type qmult1=size_type(-1), size_type qmult2=size_type(-1))
void getfem::vectorize_base_tensor (const base_tensor &t, base_matrix &vt, size_type ndof, size_type qdim, size_type N)
void getfem::vectorize_grad_base_tensor (const base_tensor &t, base_tensor &vt, size_type ndof, size_type qdim, size_type N)

Detailed Description

Define the getfem::mesh_fem class.

Yves Renard
December 21, 1999.

Definition in file getfem_mesh_fem.h.