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tm_ctags.c File Reference
#include "tm_ctags.h"
#include "tm_tag.h"
#include "general.h"
#include "entry_p.h"
#include "error_p.h"
#include "field_p.h"
#include "options_p.h"
#include "parse_p.h"
#include "trashbox_p.h"
#include "writer_p.h"
#include "xtag_p.h"
#include <string.h>
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static gint write_entry (tagWriter *writer, MIO *mio, const tagEntryInfo *const tag, void *user_data)
static void rescan_failed (tagWriter *writer, gulong valid_tag_num, void *user_data)
static bool nonfatal_error_printer (const errorSelection selection, const gchar *const format, va_list ap, void *data)
static void enable_all_lang_kinds ()
static gboolean init_tag (TMTag *tag, TMSourceFile *file, const tagEntryInfo *tag_entry)
static void update_python_arglist (const TMTag *tag, TMSourceFile *source_file)
void tm_ctags_init (void)
void tm_ctags_parse (guchar *buffer, gsize buffer_size, const gchar *file_name, TMParserType language, TMSourceFile *source_file)
const gchar * tm_ctags_get_lang_name (TMParserType lang)
TMParserType tm_ctags_get_named_lang (const gchar *name)
const gchar * tm_ctags_get_lang_kinds (TMParserType lang)
const gchar * tm_ctags_get_kind_name (gchar kind, TMParserType lang)
gchar tm_ctags_get_kind_from_name (const gchar *name, TMParserType lang)
guint tm_ctags_get_lang_count (void)


tagWriter geanyWriter

Function Documentation

◆ enable_all_lang_kinds()

static void enable_all_lang_kinds ( )

Definition at line 52 of file tm_ctags.c.

References countLanguageKinds(), countParsers(), enableKind(), and getLanguageKind().

Referenced by tm_ctags_init().

◆ init_tag()

◆ nonfatal_error_printer()

static bool nonfatal_error_printer ( const errorSelection  selection,
const gchar *const  format,
va_list  ap,
void *  data 

Definition at line 42 of file tm_ctags.c.

References format.

Referenced by tm_ctags_init().

◆ rescan_failed()

static void rescan_failed ( tagWriter writer,
gulong  valid_tag_num,
void *  user_data 

Definition at line 181 of file tm_ctags.c.

References TMSourceFile::tags_array, and tm_tag_unref().

◆ tm_ctags_get_kind_from_name()

gchar tm_ctags_get_kind_from_name ( const gchar *  name,
TMParserType  lang 

Definition at line 265 of file tm_ctags.c.

References getLanguageKindForName(), sKindDefinition::letter, and name.

Referenced by init_tag_from_file_ctags().

◆ tm_ctags_get_kind_name()

const gchar * tm_ctags_get_kind_name ( gchar  kind,
TMParserType  lang 

Definition at line 258 of file tm_ctags.c.

References getLanguageKindForLetter(), and sKindDefinition::name.

◆ tm_ctags_get_lang_count()

guint tm_ctags_get_lang_count ( void  )

Definition at line 272 of file tm_ctags.c.

References countParsers().

Referenced by tm_parser_verify_type_mappings().

◆ tm_ctags_get_lang_kinds()

const gchar * tm_ctags_get_lang_kinds ( TMParserType  lang)

◆ tm_ctags_get_lang_name()

const gchar * tm_ctags_get_lang_name ( TMParserType  lang)

Definition at line 232 of file tm_ctags.c.

References getLanguageName().

Referenced by tm_parser_verify_type_mappings(), and tm_source_file_get_lang_name().

◆ tm_ctags_get_named_lang()

TMParserType tm_ctags_get_named_lang ( const gchar *  name)

Definition at line 238 of file tm_ctags.c.

References getNamedLanguage(), and name.

Referenced by tm_source_file_get_named_lang(), and tm_source_file_init().

◆ tm_ctags_init()

◆ tm_ctags_parse()

void tm_ctags_parse ( guchar *  buffer,
gsize  buffer_size,
const gchar *  file_name,
TMParserType  language,
TMSourceFile source_file 

Definition at line 223 of file tm_ctags.c.

References NULL, and parseRawBuffer().

Referenced by tm_source_file_parse().

◆ update_python_arglist()

static void update_python_arglist ( const TMTag tag,
TMSourceFile source_file 

◆ write_entry()

static gint write_entry ( tagWriter writer,
MIO mio,
const tagEntryInfo *const  tag,
void *  user_data 

Variable Documentation

◆ geanyWriter

tagWriter geanyWriter
Initial value:
= {
.writeEntry = write_entry,
.writePtagEntry = NULL,
.preWriteEntry = NULL,
.postWriteEntry = NULL,
.rescanFailedEntry = rescan_failed,
.treatFieldAsFixed = NULL,
.defaultFileName = "geany_tags_file_which_should_never_appear_anywhere",
.private = NULL,
#define NULL
Definition: rbtree.h:150
static gint write_entry(tagWriter *writer, MIO *mio, const tagEntryInfo *const tag, void *user_data)
Definition: tm_ctags.c:158
static void rescan_failed(tagWriter *writer, gulong valid_tag_num, void *user_data)
Definition: tm_ctags.c:181
Definition: writer_p.h:29

Definition at line 29 of file tm_ctags.c.

Referenced by tm_ctags_init().