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sTagEntryInfo Struct Reference

#include <entry.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned int lineNumberEntry:1
unsigned int isFileScope:1
unsigned int isFileEntry:1
unsigned int truncateLineAfterTag:1
unsigned int placeholder:1
unsigned int skipAutoFQEmission:1
unsigned int isPseudoTag:1
unsigned long lineNumber
const char * pattern
unsigned int boundaryInfo
MIOPos filePosition
langType langType
const char * inputFileName
const char * name
int kindIndex
uint8_t extra [((XTAG_COUNT)/8)+1]
uint8_t * extraDynamic
struct {
   const char *   access
   const char *   fileScope
   const char *   implementation
   const char *   inheritance
   langType   scopeLangType
   int   scopeKindIndex
   const char *   scopeName
   int   scopeIndex
   const char *   signature
   const char *   typeRef [2]
   roleBitsType   roleBits
   unsigned long   endLine
unsigned int usedParserFields
tagField parserFields [5]
langType sourceLangType
const char * sourceFileName
unsigned long sourceLineNumberDifference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file entry.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ access

const char* sTagEntryInfo::access

◆ boundaryInfo

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::boundaryInfo

Definition at line 59 of file entry.h.

Referenced by initTagEntryFull(), and makePatternStringCommon().

◆ endLine

unsigned long sTagEntryInfo::endLine

Definition at line 98 of file entry.h.

Referenced by getNestingLevel(), isEndFieldAvailable(), makeFileTag(), and renderFieldEnd().


◆ extra

◆ extraDynamic

uint8_t* sTagEntryInfo::extraDynamic

◆ filePosition

◆ fileScope

const char* sTagEntryInfo::fileScope

Definition at line 70 of file entry.h.

Referenced by copyTagEntry(), and deleteTagEnry().

◆ implementation

◆ inheritance

◆ inputFileName

◆ isFileEntry

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::isFileEntry

Definition at line 46 of file entry.h.

Referenced by makeFileTag(), renderFieldPattern(), writeEtagsEntry(), and writeXrefEntry().

◆ isFileScope

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::isFileScope

◆ isPseudoTag

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::isPseudoTag

Definition at line 53 of file entry.h.

Referenced by renderEscapedName(), renderFieldCompactInputLine(), and writeXrefPtagEntry().

◆ kindIndex

◆ langType

◆ lineNumber

◆ lineNumberEntry

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::lineNumberEntry

◆ name

◆ parserFields

tagField sTagEntryInfo::parserFields[5]

◆ parserFieldsDynamic

ptrArray* sTagEntryInfo::parserFieldsDynamic

◆ pattern

const char* sTagEntryInfo::pattern

◆ placeholder

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::placeholder

◆ roleBits

roleBitsType sTagEntryInfo::roleBits

◆ scopeIndex

◆ scopeKindIndex

◆ scopeLangType

langType sTagEntryInfo::scopeLangType

Definition at line 77 of file entry.h.

Referenced by getTagScopeInformation(), and initTagEntryFull().

◆ scopeName

◆ signature

◆ skipAutoFQEmission

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::skipAutoFQEmission

Definition at line 51 of file entry.h.

Referenced by uncorkTagFile(), and writeTagEntry().

◆ sourceFileName

const char* sTagEntryInfo::sourceFileName

◆ sourceLangType

langType sTagEntryInfo::sourceLangType

Definition at line 114 of file entry.h.

Referenced by initTagEntryFull(), and renderFieldLanguage().

◆ sourceLineNumberDifference

unsigned long sTagEntryInfo::sourceLineNumberDifference

Definition at line 116 of file entry.h.

Referenced by initTagEntryFull(), and renderFieldLineNumber().

◆ truncateLineAfterTag

unsigned int sTagEntryInfo::truncateLineAfterTag

Definition at line 47 of file entry.h.

Referenced by makeDefineTag(), makeFortranTag(), makePatternStringCommon(), and writeEtagsEntry().

◆ typeRef

const char* sTagEntryInfo::typeRef[2]

◆ usedParserFields

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