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read.h File Reference
#include "general.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "types.h"
#include "vstring.h"
#include "mio.h"
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enum  eCharacters {
  SPACE = ' ' , NEWLINE = '\n' , CRETURN = '\r' , FORMFEED = '\f' ,
  TAB = '\t' , VTAB = '\v' , DOUBLE_QUOTE = '"' , SINGLE_QUOTE = '\'' ,
  BACKSLASH = '\\' , STRING_SYMBOL = ('S' + 0xff) , CHAR_SYMBOL = ('C' + 0xff)


unsigned long getInputLineNumber (void)
unsigned long getInputLineNumberForFileOffset (long offset)
int getInputLineOffset (void)
const char * getInputFileName (void)
MIOPos getInputFilePosition (void)
MIOPos getInputFilePositionForLine (unsigned int line)
langType getInputLanguage (void)
bool isInputLanguage (langType lang)
bool isInputHeaderFile (void)
bool isInputLanguageKindEnabled (int kindIndex)
bool isInputLanguageRoleEnabled (int kindIndex, int roleIndex)
const unsigned char * getInputFileData (size_t *size)
int getcFromInputFile (void)
int getNthPrevCFromInputFile (unsigned int nth, int def)
int skipToCharacterInInputFile (int c)
int skipToCharacterInInputFile2 (int c0, int c1)
void ungetcToInputFile (int c)
const unsigned char * readLineFromInputFile (void)
unsigned long getSourceLineNumber (void)
char * readLineRaw (vString *const vLine, MIO *const mio)
void pushLanguage (const langType language)
langType popLanguage (void)

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◆ eCharacters


Definition at line 32 of file read.h.

Function Documentation

◆ getcFromInputFile()

◆ getInputFileData()

const unsigned char * getInputFileData ( size_t *  size)

Definition at line 291 of file read.c.

References File, sInputFile::mio, and mio_memory_get_data().

◆ getInputFileName()

◆ getInputFilePosition()

◆ getInputFilePositionForLine()

MIOPos getInputFilePositionForLine ( unsigned int  line)

◆ getInputLanguage()

◆ getInputLineNumber()

◆ getInputLineNumberForFileOffset()

◆ getInputLineOffset()

int getInputLineOffset ( void  )

◆ getNthPrevCFromInputFile()

int getNthPrevCFromInputFile ( unsigned int  nth,
int  def 

Definition at line 961 of file read.c.

References sInputFile::currentLine, File, sInputFile::line, NULL, sInputFile::ungetchIdx, and vStringValue.

Referenced by cppGetc().

◆ getSourceLineNumber()

unsigned long getSourceLineNumber ( void  )

Definition at line 262 of file read.c.

References File, sInputFileInfo::lineNumber, and sInputFile::source.

Referenced by initForeignRefTagEntry(), initTagEntry(), and readTag().

◆ isInputHeaderFile()

bool isInputHeaderFile ( void  )

Definition at line 216 of file read.c.

References File, sInputFile::input, and sInputFileInfo::isHeader.

Referenced by makeDefineTag(), and makeTag().

◆ isInputLanguage()

◆ isInputLanguageKindEnabled()

bool isInputLanguageKindEnabled ( int  kindIndex)

Definition at line 221 of file read.c.

References getInputLanguage(), and isLanguageKindEnabled().

◆ isInputLanguageRoleEnabled()

bool isInputLanguageRoleEnabled ( int  kindIndex,
int  roleIndex 

Definition at line 226 of file read.c.

References getInputLanguage(), and isLanguageRoleEnabled().

◆ popLanguage()

◆ pushLanguage()

◆ readLineFromInputFile()

◆ readLineRaw()

◆ skipToCharacterInInputFile()

int skipToCharacterInInputFile ( int  c)

Definition at line 972 of file read.c.

References getcFromInputFile().

Referenced by readToken(), readTokenFull(), and skipToCharacterInInputFile2().

◆ skipToCharacterInInputFile2()

int skipToCharacterInInputFile2 ( int  c0,
int  c1 

Definition at line 982 of file read.c.

References getcFromInputFile(), and skipToCharacterInInputFile().

◆ ungetcToInputFile()