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ptrarray.c File Reference
#include "general.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "debug.h"
#include "ptrarray.h"
#include "routines.h"
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struct  sPtrArray


ptrArrayptrArrayNew (ptrArrayDeleteFunc deleteFunc)
unsigned int ptrArrayAdd (ptrArray *const current, void *ptr)
void * ptrArrayRemoveLast (ptrArray *const current)
void ptrArrayCombine (ptrArray *const current, ptrArray *const from)
unsigned int ptrArrayCount (const ptrArray *const current)
void * ptrArrayItem (const ptrArray *const current, const unsigned int indx)
void * ptrArrayLast (const ptrArray *const current)
void ptrArrayClear (ptrArray *const current)
void ptrArrayDelete (ptrArray *const current)
bool ptrArrayHasTest (const ptrArray *const current, bool(*test)(const void *ptr, void *userData), void *userData)
static bool ptrEq (const void *ptr, void *userData)
bool ptrArrayHas (const ptrArray *const current, void *ptr)
void ptrArrayReverse (const ptrArray *const current)
void ptrArrayDeleteItem (ptrArray *const current, unsigned int indx)
static int ptrArraySortCompare (const void *a0, const void *b0)
void ptrArraySort (ptrArray *const current, int(*compare)(const void *, const void *))


static int(* ptrArraySortCompareVar )(const void *, const void *)

Function Documentation

◆ ptrArrayAdd()

◆ ptrArrayClear()

◆ ptrArrayCombine()

void ptrArrayCombine ( ptrArray *const  current,
ptrArray *const  from 

Definition at line 69 of file ptrarray.c.

References sPtrArray::array, Assert, sPtrArray::count, NULL, ptrArrayAdd(), and ptrArrayDelete().

Referenced by stringListCombine().

◆ ptrArrayCount()

◆ ptrArrayDelete()

◆ ptrArrayDeleteItem()

void ptrArrayDeleteItem ( ptrArray *const  current,
unsigned int  indx 

Definition at line 157 of file ptrarray.c.

References sPtrArray::array, sPtrArray::count, sPtrArray::deleteFunc, and ptr.

Referenced by stringListDeleteItemExtension().

◆ ptrArrayHas()

bool ptrArrayHas ( const ptrArray *const  current,
void *  ptr 

Definition at line 138 of file ptrarray.c.

References ptr, ptrArrayHasTest(), and ptrEq().

Referenced by anonResetMaybe().

◆ ptrArrayHasTest()

bool ptrArrayHasTest ( const ptrArray *const  current,
bool(*)(const void *ptr, void *userData)  test,
void *  userData 

Definition at line 121 of file ptrarray.c.

References sPtrArray::array, Assert, sPtrArray::count, and NULL.

Referenced by ptrArrayHas().

◆ ptrArrayItem()

◆ ptrArrayLast()

◆ ptrArrayNew()

◆ ptrArrayRemoveLast()

void * ptrArrayRemoveLast ( ptrArray *const  current)

◆ ptrArrayReverse()

void ptrArrayReverse ( const ptrArray *const  current)

Definition at line 143 of file ptrarray.c.

References sPtrArray::array, Assert, sPtrArray::count, and NULL.

Referenced by stringListReverse().

◆ ptrArraySort()

void ptrArraySort ( ptrArray *const  current,
int(*)(const void *, const void *)  compare 

◆ ptrArraySortCompare()

static int ptrArraySortCompare ( const void *  a0,
const void *  b0 

Definition at line 171 of file ptrarray.c.

References ptrArraySortCompareVar.

Referenced by ptrArraySort().

◆ ptrEq()

static bool ptrEq ( const void *  ptr,
void *  userData 

Definition at line 133 of file ptrarray.c.

References ptr.

Referenced by ptrArrayHas().

Variable Documentation

◆ ptrArraySortCompareVar

int(* ptrArraySortCompareVar) (const void *, const void *) ( const void *  ,
const void *   

Definition at line 169 of file ptrarray.c.

Referenced by ptrArraySort(), and ptrArraySortCompare().