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navqueue.h File Reference

Simple code navigation. More...

#include "document.h"
#include <glib.h>
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gboolean navqueue_goto_line (GeanyDocument *old_doc, GeanyDocument *new_doc, gint line)
 Adds old file position and new file position to the navqueue, then goes to the new position. More...

Detailed Description

Simple code navigation.

Definition in file navqueue.h.

Function Documentation

◆ navqueue_goto_line()

gboolean navqueue_goto_line ( GeanyDocument old_doc,
GeanyDocument new_doc,
gint  line 

Adds old file position and new file position to the navqueue, then goes to the new position.

old_docThe document of the previous position, if set as invalid (NULL) then no old position is set
new_docThe document of the new position, must be valid.
linethe line number of the new position. It is counted with 1 as the first line, not 0.
TRUE if the cursor has changed the position to line or FALSE otherwise.

Definition at line 151 of file navqueue.c.

References add_new_position(), DOC_VALID, GeanyDocument::editor, editor_goto_pos(), GeanyDocument::file_name, GeanyDocument::is_valid, line, NULL, pos, GeanyEditor::sci, sci_get_current_position(), and sci_get_position_from_line().

Referenced by goto_compiler_file_line(), goto_tag(), msgwin_goto_messages_file_line(), on_goto_popup_item_activate(), and taglist_go_to_selection().