geany  1.38
About: Geany is a text editor (using GTK2) with basic features of an integrated development environment (syntax highlighting, code folding, symbol name auto-completion, ...). F: office T: editor programming GTK+ IDE
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tagmanager Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for tagmanager:


file  tm_ctags.c [code]
file  tm_ctags.h [code]
file  tm_parser.c [code]
file  tm_parser.h [code]
file  tm_parsers.h [code]
file  tm_source_file.c [code]
file  tm_source_file.h [code]
 The TMSourceFile structure and associated functions are used to maintain tags for individual files.
file  tm_tag.c [code]
file  tm_tag.h [code]
file  tm_workspace.c [code]
file  tm_workspace.h [code]
 The TMWorkspace structure is meant to be used as a singleton to store application wide tag information.