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Scintilla::Selection Class Reference

#include <Selection.h>

Collaboration diagram for Scintilla::Selection:

Public Types

enum  selTypes {
  noSel , selStream , selRectangle , selLines ,

Public Member Functions

 Selection ()
 ~Selection ()
bool IsRectangular () const noexcept
Sci::Position MainCaret () const noexcept
Sci::Position MainAnchor () const noexcept
SelectionRangeRectangular () noexcept
SelectionSegment Limits () const noexcept
SelectionSegment LimitsForRectangularElseMain () const
size_t Count () const noexcept
size_t Main () const noexcept
void SetMain (size_t r) noexcept
SelectionRangeRange (size_t r) noexcept
const SelectionRangeRange (size_t r) const noexcept
SelectionRangeRangeMain () noexcept
const SelectionRangeRangeMain () const noexcept
SelectionPosition Start () const noexcept
bool MoveExtends () const noexcept
void SetMoveExtends (bool moveExtends_) noexcept
bool Empty () const noexcept
SelectionPosition Last () const noexcept
Sci::Position Length () const noexcept
void MovePositions (bool insertion, Sci::Position startChange, Sci::Position length) noexcept
void TrimSelection (SelectionRange range) noexcept
void TrimOtherSelections (size_t r, SelectionRange range) noexcept
void SetSelection (SelectionRange range)
void AddSelection (SelectionRange range)
void AddSelectionWithoutTrim (SelectionRange range)
void DropSelection (size_t r)
void DropAdditionalRanges ()
void TentativeSelection (SelectionRange range)
void CommitTentative () noexcept
int CharacterInSelection (Sci::Position posCharacter) const noexcept
int InSelectionForEOL (Sci::Position pos) const noexcept
Sci::Position VirtualSpaceFor (Sci::Position pos) const noexcept
void Clear ()
void RemoveDuplicates ()
void RotateMain () noexcept
bool Tentative () const noexcept
std::vector< SelectionRangeRangesCopy () const

Public Attributes

selTypes selType

Private Attributes

std::vector< SelectionRangeranges
std::vector< SelectionRangerangesSaved
SelectionRange rangeRectangular
size_t mainRange
bool moveExtends
bool tentativeMain

Detailed Description

Definition at line 136 of file Selection.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ selTypes


Definition at line 144 of file Selection.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Selection()

Selection::Selection ( )

Definition at line 193 of file Selection.cxx.

References AddSelection().

◆ ~Selection()

Selection::~Selection ( )

Definition at line 197 of file Selection.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSelection()

void Selection::AddSelection ( SelectionRange  range)

◆ AddSelectionWithoutTrim()

void Selection::AddSelectionWithoutTrim ( SelectionRange  range)

Definition at line 354 of file Selection.cxx.

References mainRange, and ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::SetRectangularRange().

◆ CharacterInSelection()

int Selection::CharacterInSelection ( Sci::Position  posCharacter) const

◆ Clear()

◆ CommitTentative()

void Selection::CommitTentative ( )

Definition at line 388 of file Selection.cxx.

References rangesSaved, and tentativeMain.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::ButtonUpWithModifiers().

◆ Count()

size_t Selection::Count ( ) const

Definition at line 237 of file Selection.cxx.

References ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::AddSelection(), Scintilla::ScintillaBase::AutoCompleteInsert(), Scintilla::BreakFinder::BreakFinder(), Scintilla::Editor::ButtonDownWithModifiers(), Scintilla::Editor::ButtonMoveWithModifiers(), Scintilla::Editor::ButtonUpWithModifiers(), Scintilla::Editor::ChangeCaseOfSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::Clear(), Scintilla::Editor::ClearBeforeTentativeStart(), Scintilla::Editor::ClearSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::CursorUpOrDown(), Scintilla::Editor::DelCharBack(), Scintilla::Editor::DelWordOrLine(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTK::DragDataGet(), Scintilla::EditView::DrawCarets(), Scintilla::EditView::DrawEOL(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTK::DrawImeIndicator(), DrawTranslucentSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::DropAt(), Scintilla::Editor::Duplicate(), Scintilla::Editor::FilterSelections(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::GetNSelections(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::GetSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::HorizontalMove(), Scintilla::Editor::Indent(), Scintilla::Editor::InsertCharacter(), Scintilla::Editor::InsertPaste(), Scintilla::Editor::InvalidateCaret(), Scintilla::Editor::InvalidateSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::KeyCommand(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTK::MoveImeCarets(), Scintilla::Editor::MovePositionTo(), Scintilla::Editor::NewLine(), Scintilla::Editor::PointInSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::PositionInSelection(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::RemoveSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::SelectionContainsProtected(), Scintilla::Editor::SetEmptySelection(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::SetSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::SetSelection(), Scintilla::Editor::SetSelectionNMessage(), Scintilla::Editor::ThinRectangularRange(), Scintilla::ScintillaGTKAccessible::UpdateCursor(), and Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ DropAdditionalRanges()

◆ DropSelection()

void Selection::DropSelection ( size_t  r)

Definition at line 359 of file Selection.cxx.

References mainRange, and ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ Empty()

◆ InSelectionForEOL()

int Selection::InSelectionForEOL ( Sci::Position  pos) const

◆ IsRectangular()

◆ Last()

SelectionPosition Selection::Last ( ) const

Definition at line 290 of file Selection.cxx.

References ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::Duplicate(), and Scintilla::Editor::MovePositionTo().

◆ Length()

Sci::Position Selection::Length ( ) const

Definition at line 301 of file Selection.cxx.

References ranges.

◆ Limits()

◆ LimitsForRectangularElseMain()

SelectionSegment Selection::LimitsForRectangularElseMain ( ) const

Definition at line 229 of file Selection.cxx.

References IsRectangular(), Limits(), mainRange, and ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ Main()

◆ MainAnchor()

Sci::Position Selection::MainAnchor ( ) const

Definition at line 208 of file Selection.cxx.

References mainRange, and ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::ButtonDownWithModifiers(), and Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ MainCaret()

◆ MoveExtends()

bool Selection::MoveExtends ( ) const

◆ MovePositions()

void Selection::MovePositions ( bool  insertion,
Sci::Position  startChange,
Sci::Position  length 

Definition at line 309 of file Selection.cxx.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::NotifyModified().

◆ Range() [1/2]

const SelectionRange & Selection::Range ( size_t  r) const

Definition at line 254 of file Selection.cxx.

◆ Range() [2/2]

◆ RangeMain() [1/2]

const SelectionRange & Selection::RangeMain ( ) const

Definition at line 262 of file Selection.cxx.

References mainRange, and ranges.

◆ RangeMain() [2/2]

◆ RangesCopy()

std::vector< SelectionRange > Scintilla::Selection::RangesCopy ( ) const

Definition at line 188 of file Selection.h.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::CopySelectionRange().

◆ Rectangular()

◆ RemoveDuplicates()

◆ RotateMain()

void Selection::RotateMain ( )

Definition at line 447 of file Selection.cxx.

References mainRange, and ranges.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ SetMain()

void Selection::SetMain ( size_t  r)

Definition at line 245 of file Selection.cxx.


Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::WndProc().

◆ SetMoveExtends()

void Selection::SetMoveExtends ( bool  moveExtends_)

◆ SetSelection()

void Selection::SetSelection ( SelectionRange  range)

◆ Start()

◆ Tentative()

bool Scintilla::Selection::Tentative ( ) const

Definition at line 187 of file Selection.h.

◆ TentativeSelection()

void Selection::TentativeSelection ( SelectionRange  range)

◆ TrimOtherSelections()

void Selection::TrimOtherSelections ( size_t  r,
SelectionRange  range 

Definition at line 334 of file Selection.cxx.

Referenced by Scintilla::Editor::HorizontalMove().

◆ TrimSelection()

void Selection::TrimSelection ( SelectionRange  range)

◆ VirtualSpaceFor()

Member Data Documentation

◆ mainRange

◆ moveExtends

bool Scintilla::Selection::moveExtends

Definition at line 141 of file Selection.h.

Referenced by Clear(), and MoveExtends().

◆ rangeRectangular

SelectionRange Scintilla::Selection::rangeRectangular

Definition at line 139 of file Selection.h.

Referenced by Clear(), Rectangular(), and Start().

◆ ranges

◆ rangesSaved

std::vector<SelectionRange> Scintilla::Selection::rangesSaved

Definition at line 138 of file Selection.h.

Referenced by CommitTentative(), and TentativeSelection().

◆ selType

◆ tentativeMain

bool Scintilla::Selection::tentativeMain

Definition at line 142 of file Selection.h.

Referenced by CommitTentative(), and TentativeSelection().

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