gcgi  0.9.5
About: GCGI implements NCSA's Common Gateway Interface along with the extensions to that interface defined in RFC2388.
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crypt.h File Reference

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unsigned char * generateKey ()
void encryptString (char *text, int size, unsigned char *key, char **ciphertext, int *ctlen)
void decryptString (char *ciphertext, int ctlen, unsigned char *key, char **text, int *size)
void generateStringHMAC (char *text, int size, unsigned char **hmac, int *hlen)
int writeKeyToFile (unsigned char *key, char *path)
int readKeyFromFile (char *path, unsigned char **key)
void printHexString (FILE *output, unsigned char *s, int len)

Function Documentation

◆ decryptString()

void decryptString ( char *  ciphertext,
int  ctlen,
unsigned char *  key,
char **  text,
int *  size 

◆ encryptString()

void encryptString ( char *  text,
int  size,
unsigned char *  key,
char **  ciphertext,
int *  ctlen 

◆ generateKey()

unsigned char* generateKey ( )

◆ generateStringHMAC()

void generateStringHMAC ( char *  text,
int  size,
unsigned char **  hmac,
int *  hlen 

◆ printHexString()

void printHexString ( FILE *  output,
unsigned char *  s,
int  len 

◆ readKeyFromFile()

int readKeyFromFile ( char *  path,
unsigned char **  key 

◆ writeKeyToFile()

int writeKeyToFile ( unsigned char *  key,
char *  path